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  1. I will be in Clearwater on the 29th with my wife for the Phillies Tigers game and flying solo for April 2nd in Lakeland for the game against the Yankees. Can't wait to be back! Sean
  2. I am pretty pumped about Spring Training this year. We are spring breaking at Maderia Beach and with the later start of MLB this year, I get to go to a game or two. My wife hooked me up with tickets vs the Phillies in Clearwater on the 29th and I just scored a single seat for the Tigers vs yankees on April 2nd. I am planning on an early arrival for that game. I was thinking of getting there by 9 am. Its been a long time (like 5 years) since I have been to Lakeland. Can I still watch the back fields for practice? Huey, how is it getting in for batting practice? Thanks! Sean
  3. I procrastinated too long for Greektown, but I was able to get a room at the Marriott RenCen for Saturday night. Bonus I am going to turn my tickets from the Red Sox rain out in for the Tigers vs Indians game on Sunday. Will the people mover be running after the concert is over? I think there is a Tigers game the night of the concert as well.
  4. Thanks for the response and I am sorry I didn't mean to post it here. Could one of the moderators please put it into the bar and grill section? Thanks, Sean
  5. I am going to the Zac Brown Kenny Chesney concert on August 20th and I am looking for a hotel near Ford Field. Any suggestions? Greektown Casino is booked up already (at least I can't get it to go through online). Thanks in advanced! Sean
  6. If the game is rained out and postponed till the next day (April 9), will my tickets for April 9th still be good? I bought tickets for the 9th because its my birthday. Any thoughts???
  7. looks like he has been on a steady dose of Viagra.
  8. At the trade deadline, I would try to move downinthezone for a bag of used balls and a three week old can of chew. How is that, Mr. Optimism?
  9. Bree went to my high school. Her and Lloy Ball (classmate and three time Olympic volleyball player) are our famous High School Alums! Seen her in person a couple of times at the bar, not too shabby!
  10. tater, I didn't mean to imply his versatility (or ability to be used as a utility player) was the reason he was resigned. I was saying it is the reason he stuck with the Tigers, unlike Boesch, Thomas ... I think its also the same reason that we see Kelly and Raburn. My hopes would be that later on a 3b stud comes along and DD says "you know what, lets pick him up. We can move Inge around to play SUPERSUB". Or we could trade him. 5.5 million is not a bad "lease price" on a player like Inge. I really think his knees were the reason for his slower start this last season.
  11. I believe the reason that Inge has got to stay around (longer than most) would be for the fact that he could play many positions (catcher being first) and found a home at third, even after Carlos and Miggy were tested at these spots. I would hope that he could return to that role in the future (roving utility player) and we could replace the third base position with something better, that is when something better comes along. Do you, that are so opposed to this move, think that DD resigned Inge because he has a Brandon crush? He and his staff are more qualified to make these decision than you and I. I have the utmost confidence that they exhausted most of the options and came up with the best solution. My personal opinion is that Brandon will be fine. He was starting to hit the crap out of the ball when he broke his hand (bad luck). And lets not forget that he was recovering from a knee surgery in the offseason (which I know from experience takes a while to get "it" back).
  12. That was one of my favorite wins in the history of Purdue. Turner and Johnson, all I can say is wow. I thought we needed a big game from our seniors, and Grant came through in a huge way and Kramers defense on Turner (last 5 minutes) and his block sealed the deal.
  13. I feel pretty confident about Purdue's chances with OSU. Diebler is hurting (game time decision). Kramer is healthy this time around (played sparingly on a bad peg last game). Lewis Jackson is back and if he can repeat what he did against Iowa, then he will be an asset to the Boilers. Granted he is a foot smaller than their guards, but he is a match-up problem for them due to his speed. If the bucks have to put PJ Hill in to slow him down that will be a blessing for the Boilers. Purdue needs to do something about Evan Turner. I expect defense by committee (Kramer, Grant, Moore, Barlow, and Jackson) with Kramer guarding him first so he doesn't get off to a fast start. If the Boilers can contain Turner (thats a big if) then I think they will be successful. Purdue has to be spitting nails still from their last meeting. The Purdue seniors have never won at OSU (the only place they haven't won). They will want this game in the worse way. Expect big games out of Kramer and Grant. Thats my 2cents, take it for what its worth from a Purdue grad.
  14. I will be in Orlando 25-29th. I will attend the Tigers vs Braves on the 26th (Disney) and the Tigers vs Yankees on the 27th (ducking out of a conference isn't all that bad of a thing is it?).
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Just bought two.
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