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  1. Ball Four is fantastic; deserving of all the high praise it receives. I also recommend The Bronx Zoo by Sparky Lyle, and The Wrong Stuff by Bill "Spaceman" Lee.
  2. Right, planning and training. The restrictions on training are likely a main driver in the Olympics' decision. MLB should be able to get up and running pretty quickly once given the go-ahead. They'll need to squeeze some revenue out of 2020, even in a short and unorthodox format.
  3. The ex girlfriend is married to Kate Upton. No problem whatsoever with that.
  4. Starting with the 2010 draft, including supplemental picks, the Tigers have had 10 first-rounders and 4 were position players. More recently, the 4 post-DD first rounders are looking good (though still TBD) in Manning, Faedo, Mize, and Greene and I feel that merits some faith they'll do okay with 1:1. Interesting that DD's last Tiger draft yielded Burrows (and Stewart) in the first. Lots of mocks annually have Detroit taking RHP's but many also point to a supposed love for SEC and Vandy players. Yet, Burrows (HS RHP) went 2 picks before Walker Buehler (Vandy RHP). I feel like the Tigers org need for hitting, plus the SP strength, will have them taking Torkelson or Martin unless an SP like Hancock or Lacy clearly vaults over them, which is probably unlikely. Gonzalez would likely need both Torkelson and Martin to collapse to get past them. I'm in the best available player camp regardless of hitter/pitcher, and that still seems to be Torkelson/Martin.
  5. Wow, that's an awesome haul! Very nice Dave and Dave!
  6. By August 1st, Garcia is the closer, set up by Turnbull and Norris. Candelerio has a nice bounce-back season in Detroit, and Cameron in Toledo.
  7. Correct, .797 is below .800. Trust I didn't post about Myers because I recognize the name. It's philosophical. Explore every avenue for building the talent pool, not just the traditional ones. The SD names mentioned aren't Gore level of course, but maybe a bit better than mid-range, including their #5. And if the salary-dump player has even a sliver of ability, the risk becomes even more reasonable. Myers was -0.3 WAR in his down '19 but averaged >+2 the three previous years. At 29yo, I feel it all adds up to a worthwhile consideration.
  8. Myers' name cropped up again today on MLBTR related to Boston. Apparently SD wants them to cover 1/2 his salary (nets to $10mm/yr for 3 years) and they'll attach a decent prospect. No word on what they want in return, but if they're only looking to dump salary, I feel the Tigers should be all over that. Payroll is low; that's a reasonable expense for 3 years to gain a prospect back. And I don't really feel it's far-fetched that Myers could actually be a decent player again. He just turned 29, has some power and speed, some defensive flexibility. He hasn't lived up to his prospect billing, but last year he came off an injury year in '18. At 10/3 and his age, the floor isn't super low, on top of gaining a prospect.
  9. For those thinking it wouldn't be a deterrent, how could it not be? A WS title is probably the most treasured achievement a player can achieve, short (maybe) of HOF. I'm not saying it would prevent the possibility of something similar down the road, but how could it not deter/discourage? It also sends more of a message that MLB takes it seriously. Based on the outcome so far, there's nothing to discourage similar activity except for the public and peer backlash, which is something, but not as severe as pulling the rings.
  10. Agreed. If you cheat on an exam, you don't keep the score. And you probably get expelled from the course, if not the school altogether. Vacating the WS title is probably the strongest reasonable deterrent moving forward, and impacts all who were involved, whether they're still with the Astros or elsewhere. I really can't think of a reason why they shouldn't forfeit the title. As this drags on, it makes MLB and Manfred look worse and worse. For thinking a memo would have stopped this, for the delay of their "investigation" and the soft punishment. And what the h is happening with the Boston "investigation"?
  11. I can't see the Tigers finishing behind the Orioles this year. They're probably bottom-five, but five might be more likely than 1. I'll predict 63 wins.
  12. Saying and doing are two different things. They traded one guy. Obviously it was a huge move, but additional action is still TBD. A full tear down could have included trading other vets for picks (even if in the "50's") and maybe buying out Reggie. Picks in the 50's can pan out, even if long shots. Look at the number of guys having an impact this season who weren't even drafted.
  13. I got caught up watching some of his highlight clips, which of course is misleading because they're highlights. Seems to have good skills, though, and at 6'8" it's nice to imagine. Boom or bust, probably.
  14. I wonder how many guys have played on the Tigers 3 separate times, not counting MiLB assignments. Looking at Ausmus' stat line, it appears he only played for them twice - seems like they traded him back and forth more than that.
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