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  1. I'd keep some additional pitchers, Guzman, Elvin, Wilkel, over many names on the current 40-man roster. Teams could look at them as 1-year bullpen stashes and then return to a starter's path. Robson, also, I'd rather protect at the expense of some on the current roster. A team could see him as a 4th-5th OF for next year.
  2. Teams might be looking at Norris as a reliever.
  3. They're paying Ross 5.75MM and Moore 2.5MM this year. Fulmer is worth whatever his salary is next year to see if he can rebound.
  4. My collecting has been idle for a few years, but I was curious to see what 2019 looks like. I didn't find checklists yet, but not much anticipation for the Tigers team sets. Kind of like the 2000 +/- era. https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2019-topps-series-1-baseball-cards https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2019-topps-opening-day-baseball-cards
  5. Dave, those customs are fantastic, and that is indeed a very nice haul!
  6. Preston Tucker was DFA'd yesterday, and fits that profile.
  7. It's too similar to 2017 and 2016, IMO. '16 was okay to introduce no borders, but they should vary it a little more from year to year. Topps has become Upper Deck, where it can be tough to identify a card's year by looking at the front. I can't decide if the thing on the bottom left is a Fruit Roll Up or a Hot Wheels track, and the right side reminds me of the movie Pixels. There is less wasted space with the front design than the past 2 years, so that's a big plus.
  8. Jimtb, that's fantastic! Terrific auto and card!
  9. I consider his '88 Topps a Tigers card since it says "Now with Tigers" on the front, although it's a Cubs card in every other way. He's pictured in a Tigers uniform on the Tiger Fridays page: http://www.milb.com/content/page.jsp?ymd=20150126&content_id=107532400&fext=.jsp&sid=t582&vkey
  10. All it takes is one team willing to pay big or overpay. Shelby Miller brought Dansby Swanson plus. Jeff Samardzija brought Addison Russell plus. R.A. Dickey brought Noah Syndergaard and Travis d'Arnaud. If a haul can't be found now, try again in July. That may be what AA was talking about, an incremental process.
  11. At $9.99 per card, fewer is a good thing There were lots of Bryants, Seagers, Storys, for sure and towards the end, Gary Sanchez. But there was a fair quantity of Tigers. I have 10, plus this Fulmer (unsigned version) when it arrives. That makes 4 Fulmers alone, and I skipped a 5th which was a multi-player card. All told I think I skipped roughly 5 Tiger cards, but most/all of the Topps Now cards can be found on eBay, in many cases for the same price or less, since people bought at the quantity discount. I do like them, but there's buyer remorse on some of the cards because of the price. My initial plan was to keep up with the full Tigers run, but $9.99 on some of the non star or non rookie cards got to be a bit much. I'd rather have Bryants than some of the ho-hum Tigers that I bought. That said, I'll probably eventually throw good money after bad and finish off the team run.
  12. Did any of you pick up one of the Topps Now Fulmer autos? They are limited-run and all sold out now. I didn't pull the trigger yesterday when they were still available, but there are still a couple hours to buy one of the non-auto cards. https://www.topps.com/collectibles/trading-cards/topps-now.html
  13. Release date 3/16. Couldn't find a checklist yet, but my favorite Tiger card from this set is back.
  14. Official release date today 2/3, they may have hit some Target shelves earlier this week. Dave, in addition to your checklist, there's Maybin 156 and Salty 306. It says they're listed on their former teams, though. The new unis usually don't make it until O.D. and the factory team set.
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