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  1. Very nice, all of them! Especially like the Billy Martin in action card signed.
  2. Porcello maybe, but his last couple seasons have been scary. For that type of role I might be more inclined for Leake or a Teheran rebound (FA's but not on the list above). Leake has been consistent with starts and IP with serviceable production. Teheran was also pretty consistent until this year. Walker is intriguing due to age and 2020 performance, though expecting a lot of innings is tough. Cool baseball card displays in the background.
  3. I haven't been paying attention for a while, but believe there will always be a strong market for Mantle. As generations pass, potentially things could dip, but I feel he's the gold standard in the vintage hobby. Those other guys are all-time greats and their vintage cards will continue to be valued, but with a wide range depending on grade. Even commons from the 50's should hold good value if they're high grade. I always found eBay to be a good temperature check of that sort of thing; completed sales as well as current listings.
  4. Borders are back, along with unnecessary shapes and patterns. I like borders, but not the extra noise. https://www.beckett.com/news/2021-topps-series-1-baseball-cards/ Edit: I'm liking the design more now. It's kind of crazy, but it works, and is pretty unique. The 70th anniversary logo is nice.
  5. Without looking it up, I think all standard road jerseys have the full city named. I think the current Tigers road jersey but with all navy script Detroit and number, and no piping would look nice, maybe on a slightly darker gray. And add this guy on a sleeve patch:
  6. I like the sharper D, especially on the navy ST/BP jersey, which I'd like to see be used as an alternate home jersey during the regular season. The Nike logo placement is a more material change than the D, in my opinion, though I feel it helps balance/fill the blank canvas somewhat.
  7. I like Cruz - decent combo of skills, switch hits, approach and production improved each year in college. Takes a walk, doesn't K a ton. That all might point to upside as an everyday player and a guy who was undervalued in the draft prospect rankings. When the Tigers talked about 'utility', I don't think they meant bench player, but more like a Tony Phillips multi position starter. Regarding no 20K guys, probably makes sense since they didn't release minor leaguers, and if the MiL contraction goes through, there will be fewer spots to place their existing younger prospects + this year's draft class.
  8. Miggy is still under contract in 2023 (last year). Agreed on Cameron over Jones. Reyes could be in the mix. WCastro (or maybe Cruz) over Quintana, at least at this point.
  9. If the mlb.com prospect rankings hold true, it's conceivable the Tigers could take 3/4ths of ASU's vaunted infield with their first 3 picks. Alika Williams SS and Gage Workman 3B following Tork. I'd be tempted by Blaze Jordan's power at #38 if he's still there. I know that's 2 RHH 1B on paper, but time should work that out between 1B, OF, DH, or if Tork really can handle another IF position.
  10. I'd take B. It's really Mize v. Bart since we'd have Wentz and Paredes in both scenarios. I preferred Mize over Bart leading into their draft and still do.
  11. Fewer MiLB teams/players could be a boost to independent leagues. Maybe more teams or more leagues, and maybe playing in the former MiLB ballparks. It's not the same as having MLB affiliation, but it's something. The Frontier League has a team near us. Their games are a fun experience and they seem to draw pretty well. I was thinking capacity differences could be an issue, but a quick search shows the I-league team here (Schaumburg, IL) seats 1K+ more than Erie.
  12. With this draft class, it may be too much to ask, at least plug-and-play, which ideally you would get at the top. There seems to be decent talent, but much of it unrefined and with limited bodies of work. A far cry from the past couple drafts, at this point anyway. It feels closer to 2017 than 2018-19.
  13. MLB has their draft during the season; the NBA should be able to do the same unless there's something I'm overlooking. They could hold back the contract-signing period until the season is officially declared over, or simply make draftees ineligible until the '20-'21 season. If this year's college seniors get another year of eligibility, that could be something, but college seniors don't factor much into the NBA draft.
  14. Ball Four is fantastic; deserving of all the high praise it receives. I also recommend The Bronx Zoo by Sparky Lyle, and The Wrong Stuff by Bill "Spaceman" Lee.
  15. Right, planning and training. The restrictions on training are likely a main driver in the Olympics' decision. MLB should be able to get up and running pretty quickly once given the go-ahead. They'll need to squeeze some revenue out of 2020, even in a short and unorthodox format.
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