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  1. Dave, those customs are very nice as always. Looks like a 2/5 release date for Series 1 according to Beckett. Couldn't find a Tigers checklist but it will probably be lackluster. Series 2, and especially Series 3 (Update) could be very appealing with Tiger prospects.
  2. Not certain, but I think $1.99 for a retail pack. I find the "hanger" boxes the best value, and they're also spared the pack-groping by auto/patch hot pack searchers. I believe the Opening Day brand still carries a $0.99 tag. It's been a while since I've bought - could be off by a dollar on each of those.
  3. Yep, having 2-3 equals to choose from would be both a blessing and a curse in a way, but it will probably come down to that. If all is truly equal, for the Tigers I'd go hitter, too. What I meant was if Hancock does separate himself as BPA, that would be my pick despite org needs. If the draft was today, I wouldn't bark about any of those 3; they all seem very legit.
  4. BPA regardless of position. Come June if that's Hancock, take him. The abysmal state of the org position player talent/depth should not factor, IMO, at 1-1. From Jan-Jun, it seems like pitching shifts (ex. Singer, Faedo) a little more than hitting (ex. Bart, Madrigal, Rutschman), so we'll see. Either way, the Tigers should have some good options.
  5. Sure about that? Perhaps I'm over-valuing the Rule 5; everyone has an opinion. My intent is not to imply it's a sure-fire treasure chest. The Tigers, sadly, are in a position where the potential reward (against long odds, yes) could outweigh the cost (minimal) or risk (none, really). They need to add more talent, and the Rule 5 could - could - be an avenue to do that, along with others.
  6. Not over-valuing, but it's not worth dismissing. Fact is, some Rule 5 players have panned out, some very well. Long odds, yes. They gave Agrazal an MLB roster spot and really, what separates him from guys like Garcia, Sharp, Bailey, even Brown who wasn't drafted. MiLB option(s). On the 2020 Tigers, who cares about that. They could have added multiple players and worst case you're out 50K per after an extended audition. Even if only 1 works out, it was worth it. Terrible teams should load up on the Rule 5.
  7. I wish that trade was a non-starter. Time to book some therapy just thinking about it again.
  8. 24 starts seems a little aggressive. And 136 hits in 117.3 innings seems pessimistic based on his MiLB track record. It's hard to be down on the Garcia pick; certainly more intriguing than say, Garrett or Stumpf. Reading more about Sharp post-draft, I kind of wish they'd gone that way. Though pre-draft I wanted a high risk/reward position player like Javier or Ruiz. Reyes is showing some promise; I would have repeated that course. Honestly, with the low net cost of the Rule 5 and the lack of roster talent, they should have picked 4-6 guys with hope that 2-3 might materialize.
  9. A*****o S***n. Can't type out the full name, still too painful.
  10. Has a Fleer Ultra, Upper Deck, Stadium Club kind of look. But I feel that way about most of the borderless Topps. Pretty much on par with the past few years, not great, not terrible. I could do without the fragments at the top of the name ribbon, and the gray-out on the left side. Many of the recent years have had similar non-baseball-relevant touches, mostly distracting.
  11. Understood; I just don't value winning a few more games next year unless it's on the strength of long term pieces. I suppose if I thought the Tigers could successfully draft and develop later picks, and position players in general, I might feel differently. Not rooting for a tank explicitly, just rooting for more long term talent. I don't have faith in the current regime, so I guess I'm rooting for them to win a few lotteries (i.e. luck into it with high picks).
  12. The only reason I'd be looking at low-to-mid cost veterans would be as potential trade chips next summer. A temporary lift to not as bad isn't worth slipping back in draft and waiver position. Winning 5-7 more games next year with short-term fixes wouldn't be less painful than this year and wouldn't do anything positive for the future. And the Tigers aren't at a stage where signing someone like Bumgarner multi-year makes sense. Nor would signing w/the Tigers at this stage make sense for him.
  13. Derek Hill, Kingston Liniak, Daz Cameron, Pedro Martinez Jr., Eliezer Alfonzo to name some others, not all draftees. But every team has them. Seeing the MLB kids' success with the Blue Jays, and Tatis in SD always makes me think of Martinez and Clemens especially, and hope they'll develop similarly.
  14. I'd keep some additional pitchers, Guzman, Elvin, Wilkel, over many names on the current 40-man roster. Teams could look at them as 1-year bullpen stashes and then return to a starter's path. Robson, also, I'd rather protect at the expense of some on the current roster. A team could see him as a 4th-5th OF for next year.
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