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  1. Much like Winger's "Pull," Warrant's "Ultraphobic" was extremely underrated, mainly because of the music scene when it came out. I always hoped he could have stayed sober long enough to put out some more solo work, of course that will never happen now. So very sad
  2. Yeah, I DVR'ed it and probably watched 20% of it fast forwarding through most of it. For me this season went from one of the best to one of the worst in the matter of a few weeks. Horrible final performance night. I look forward to tonight just because we get to see some of the other contestants perform again. I guess if I was forced at gunpoint to pick one I'd go Lauren. I just don't see the excitement about Scotty. He sounds like 50 million other country singers.
  3. If they do that will be on Wednesday night. The only one I've heard confirmed so far is Jack Black singing with Casey.
  4. I guess it was just me but I thought Scotty butchered the Kenny Rogers classic "She Believes in Me." I think if you went by performances than Lauren probably won the night. Haley didn't have a great night but she is by far to me the most talented of the three. Of course, as we have seen throughout the season, this show isn't about talent as much as it is about what the kiddies like.
  5. I used to be a big fan of Mickey's Snack cakes back in the day. Not sure if they are even around anymore. Loved the Banana Dream and the Iced Angel Food cake they had. My favorite now is probably the Mrs. Freshley's Banana Pudding Cakes.
  6. I agree with your analysis, especially the part about the husband and wife team. Not sure how they snuck in there. That girl who did Nirvana reminded me of Lisa Loeb at times.
  7. I'm a sucker for singing talent shows so I thought I'd check this one out. Not sure what to think yet although I do like the premise. Some really great singers though. Beverly McClellan is by far my favorite. Amazing performer. e832IfnObKk 4Nh64YgLBmU UVyTOT32KCk
  8. In a fair world the final would be Haley, Casey and James. Unfortunately I think Scotty has way too big of a fanbase and he will be in the final no matter.
  9. I agree with you. I like his voice, it reminds me a lot of James Blunt, whom I like. He too is/was a polarizing figure as a lot of people hate his voice as well. uWeqeQkjLto
  10. This is almost impossible for me. I have so many I have to admit when I first saw the thread title "Hello Operator" came immediately to mind so that is definitely a good choice. I'll add one of my favorites from their last album. yC1nKRIljHY
  11. I agree with you on Casey. I love the guy and the show would definitely not be as good without him. I was hoping he would have brought that stand up bass out and played a jazzier version of "Smells like Teen Spirit."
  12. For some reason I keep calling Pia Toscano "Pinky Tuscadero." I may be the only one but to me Stefano Langone was the only great performance. I take that back Jacob Lusk may have been up there as well. I absolutely hated Casey this week though.
  13. While I am a lame-O, garbage ingesting Bon Jovi fan (1984-1995) from way back I have to agree with you. I was a little disappointed with the pick.
  14. Durbin reminds me of Sebastian Bach. Would love to hear some Skid Row on AI
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