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  1. So the Tigers get the 6 pick after second round ends?
  2. Does anyone know how revenue sharing works and how the Tigers qualified for it last year?
  3. Last year when I paid I had issues with the website so I called my agent and he was suppose to pay for all of it. When my tickets came opening day wasn't there, I called and he said I didn't pay for opening day. He asked me if I wanted them, I laughed and he said some people didn't want them. I think it is their way of opening up some opening day tickets. Long story short they have always listed my opening day separate because the seats are always different.
  4. I think they charge the buyer a $5 conv fee to print the ticket too, I'm pretty sure they make $30 in your example.
  5. I didn't say Jackson was better. There was a point where we had far too many guys that we couldn't do anything with in regards to sending them down if they were struggling which is no longer the case and some how all the trouble Dombrowski has gotten him into was rebuilding his entire roster, building a superior team while cutting his payroll by $25million in just 2 yrs.
  6. I have 2008 - $137, 2009 - $128, 2010 - $129, 2011 - $105 I guess you are missing the point. Sure they spent the money, the move wasn't made to save as much as it was to reallocate. Going forward they have a younger, cheaper more flexible roster.
  7. Right which means the payroll was 115 plus 13+ for sheffield for a total of 128+. Just cause they cut him doesn't mean they were off the hook.
  8. But did he say they were GOOD major league ready? He's probably run 10 RPs through here since he said it. Like I said thay are the most unpredictable position on the team. It's not just about talent, its mental makeup and other intangibles you can't really explain. How Benoit could pitch like he did last year is a perfect example, did he show any indication before that that was coming? The fact that Cleveland built their pen the way they did more than proves my point. Seeing how they've performed, don't you think they'd have been harder to get?
  9. IMO bullpens are luck, the same guy who is lock down one year can't get anyone out the next. Get them any which way you can because they are far too unpredictable. I'd prefer Cleveland's way but I can't say it will work again. I hated the Valverde/Benoit signings for that very reason but I can't complain about the results. Matt Joyce was turned into Jackson/Coke/Shlereth/Scherzer but we did get an all star game appearance out of it before he was flipped. Lets not act like Joyce is more than what he is, how's he doing in the last 2 months? He has had a very Boesch 2010 like season, hasn't he? Are you dismissing the Peralta trade? That was last year.
  10. I read it as it was market rate, not other guys made bad mistakes too. In 2005 you had to pay around $180k for a 1200 sqft bungalow, in 2011 you can get that same house for under $100k. Was the guy in 2005 stupid or could he have lived in a box until 2011 knowing the price was going to be cut in half in 6 yrs?
  11. Didn't think they were overslot? Thought Tigers didn't draft any good/expensive players this year.
  12. If just look at BA rankings, we got Betemit a former #8 prospect on the top 100 for 2 International FA.
  13. Actually, go look at the Boston drafts, I don't think they have been better. BaseballAmerica.com: All-Time Draft Database The Tigers farm gets rated low because there top picks don't stay in the minors. The lists of players that are in this thread omit Jurrgens & Joyce who were all stars this year and we traded them for all stars. Baseball America's rankings are full of high draft picks. The Tigers high draft picks don't stay in the system long. They are on the MLB team or traded for players on the MLB team. Show me another team that had a player finish in the top 5 for ROY 3 times in the last 5 yrs.
  14. Anyone have any access passes to the Tiger club/den? My family is coming to town and I'd like to take them in there. I had them last year but they didn't give them to the partial season ticket holders this year. PM me if you can help me out.
  15. I think that had more to do with the negotiations than the pick.
  16. 2011 MLB Park Factors - Runs - Major League Baseball - ESPN
  17. The biggest repeated misconception out there. Check this board if you want proof. Half of the people on here hated the pick because they went "cheap" with a guy who couldn't cut in at a bad college. Then they almost didn't sign him. I will repeat again, even though it doesn't seem to sink in, the Tigers paid Verlander @ #2 less than they themselves paid for the #3 pick in the prior draft (Kyle Sleeth), hell they paid him LESS than Eric Munson who the drafted at #3 Five years earlier. Just keep repeating it though. Mis information is a good thing I guess. And before you go search article that make the same claim. I've seen them, they don't agree with the facts. I can show you articles that say the 2003 Tigers were 1 game short of being the worst baseball team in history too. But that isn't true either.
  18. Did you read the article? It incinuated that lineups like ours with the great disparity produces better than expected results than more balanced lineups. I thought I read the Tigers are targeting pitching at the deadline.
  19. This year the Tigers have the #10 payroll in MLB and are in 8th place overall, they have the #6 payroll in the AL and are in 6th place, they have the #3 payroll in the AL Central and are in 2nd place. The year they went to the World Series they had a lower payroll than they've had since. Their highest payroll in the Dombrowski era was their worst record 2008, post world series when Illitch opened his wallet. I'd say it is the complete opposite, he DIDN'T benefit from the open wallet.
  20. Or if Verlander wins the AL Cy Young and Cabrera wins MVP. He would have found both Cy young winners and the MVP. Not bad for a guy who doesn't know what he is doing.
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