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  1. belcherboy

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    Mack is expensive, but I heard a commentator talk about how he is 11% of the salary cap. They also said he is among the most durable players of the past few seasons (determined by games/series missed). It was a no brainer decision by Chicago as this guy looks like he is firmly in his prime, and his durability so far as an NFL players indicates that he isn't likely to miss much playing time. Also, the Salary Cap liability likely changes in the next set of negotiations (although he can hold out). Still, I agree with you on the Lions.
  2. belcherboy

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    Patricia isn't going anywhere soon. The Lions stick with coaches...and really, they would have a tough time getting a good coach to come to an organization that would be willing to fire a guy after a year or two. Outside him doing something illegal or highly immoral, Patricia is likely here for 3 seasons. After watching Khalil Mack play in week one, I was second guessing the Lions passing on a chance to get him. Now that I've seen how bad we are (Mack would not have changed week one's results), the draft picks we would have had to give up to acquire him may be top 5 picks. So I'm glad we didn't, but boy would I LOVE to have him on the defensive side of the ball in Detroit. Too bad we have WAY too many holes fix than our pass rush.
  3. belcherboy

    They're not the Same Old Lions

    The problem is with it being the first game is that the next four games look even more difficult. @ 49ers Patriots @ Cowboys Packers The Jets, at least on paper, looked like the easiest game in the first five games. A rookie QB, and a team that won just 5 games last year. They looked amazing last night, and destroyed the Lions. Unfortunately it was 100% due to the fact that the Lions looked like the NFL version of the "Bad News Bears" last night.
  4. belcherboy

    Should Jim Bob Cooter Be Fired?

    I posted this in another thread. It may explain why Jim Bob's playcalling seems to be so easily defended recently:
  5. belcherboy

    Matt Stafford vs. Mark Sanchez

    I thought this was interesting: (Maybe it will explain why the offense has struggled several times under Jim Bob over the past dozen or so games)
  6. belcherboy

    Matt Stafford vs. Mark Sanchez

    I like Stafford, I really do, but I am growing frustrated with him. The last few seasons, in several games, it often felt like he was nearly non existent (or worse, he was a detriment). Then the fourth quarter would come, and he would be this world beating QB. It seems like a big bulk of his stats happen during the 2 minute drill. To have such lopsided stats towards the end of a game makes me think that many of the problems on the offensive side of the ball are due to Stafford (I mean, it's not like they have different players than the first quarter...although maybe the defense is worn down at that point). I don't blame him entirely, but it's hard to see such brilliance from him at times, and such poor play at other times...in the same game. By the time he ends his career (barring a career ending injury) I think he will end up in the top 10-15 all time in passing yards, passing TD's, and completions. He would be a lock for HOF IMO. So he has been very good for the Lions, even though the bar is set low for QB in Detroit. If last night is any indication of how the season is going to play out (we have a ridiculously hard schedule IMO), the Lions are likely to have a top 5 pick. I'm still not ready to move on from Stafford, but if they could get a high ceiling QB in that draft, I would not be too disappointed if they spent their top pick on him.
  7. belcherboy

    Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    Do you all think we will trade Miggy before the start of next season? I would think his salary and length of contract would hurt us from getting much in return, unless we agree to pay a big chunk of his salary. I think he still has a lot of value to a playoff contending team, but taking on a contract as long as Miggy's is, would likely keep teams from throwing too many assets to get him IMO.
  8. belcherboy

    Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    Can we go ahead and order the statues? I would assume that if a HOFer spent most of his career in Detroit, they would have a statue a CoPa. Just save the spot next to Trammel for Lou. I REALLY hope he gets in too. That would make my childhood dream complete.
  9. belcherboy

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I listen to her in my car from time to time when I'm driving around town. She does seem like she would be a pretty hard person to get along with. Seems pretty demanding.
  10. belcherboy

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    What is your thoughts on Laura Ingraham? Does anyone here listen to her radio show?
  11. IMO, as someone else stated, it is highly unlikely to happen. But if the planets aligned and this movement did have some teeth, the ONLY way I see this happening is if all the following happened: 1) Trump is re-elected in 2020 in another Electoral College vs. Majority Vote situation. 2) Absolute Civil War breaks out in California (and other deep liberal places in the country) 3) The vast majority of citizens of California DEMAND Secession from their leaders, and vote several times to make their opinions known. 4) Congress is still overwhelmingly GOP, and they know they are likely to gain some power by breaking up the liberal monopoly of California...even if it costs them a little in the Senate and House. Lot's would have to happen...it is HIGHLY unlikely....bordering on impossible.
  12. The reason I could see a possibility of Congress caving sometime in the future (it would take a long time), is if a large majority of California citizens feel like the country is moving in a vastly different direction then they are, and they begin banging the drums even more loudly for secession. So Congress makes a decision to stop this secession talk, and throws them a bone allowing them to split the state up. The catalyst that I could see making this happen...a Trump re-election in 2020. Although I see a Trump victory as a long shot, I thought 2016 was a long shot too. Also, if the economy keeps ticking upward, I think many people will vote for another term for Trump, simply not to kill what may appear to be a golden goose...even if they can't stand the man.
  13. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/california-clears-first-hurdle-to-breaking-into-three-states/article/2638928 This would likely give the Democratic Party more Senators and Representatives, but could potentially lose them some Electoral College votes. Even with the proposal of putting SF in the Northern Region, I could see conservatives wanting to get out of the other two regions if they propose more liberal leaning ideas, and moving to the north. I've heard that northern California has quite a few conservatives...although I don't know if that is true or not. Thoughts?
  14. belcherboy

    Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    But we are comparing them to each other. It's hard to measure defensive stats, and it's pretty clear that Smith was even more a player than his defensive stats give him credit for. Although, I think Alan was an excellent hitter for being a SS and playing the bulk of his career in the 80's. I think Smith was an above average hitter. That is why I see them as being closer as an overall SS than many give them credit for.