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  1. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I listen to her in my car from time to time when I'm driving around town. She does seem like she would be a pretty hard person to get along with. Seems pretty demanding.
  2. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    What is your thoughts on Laura Ingraham? Does anyone here listen to her radio show?
  3. IMO, as someone else stated, it is highly unlikely to happen. But if the planets aligned and this movement did have some teeth, the ONLY way I see this happening is if all the following happened: 1) Trump is re-elected in 2020 in another Electoral College vs. Majority Vote situation. 2) Absolute Civil War breaks out in California (and other deep liberal places in the country) 3) The vast majority of citizens of California DEMAND Secession from their leaders, and vote several times to make their opinions known. 4) Congress is still overwhelmingly GOP, and they know they are likely to gain some power by breaking up the liberal monopoly of California...even if it costs them a little in the Senate and House. Lot's would have to happen...it is HIGHLY unlikely....bordering on impossible.
  4. The reason I could see a possibility of Congress caving sometime in the future (it would take a long time), is if a large majority of California citizens feel like the country is moving in a vastly different direction then they are, and they begin banging the drums even more loudly for secession. So Congress makes a decision to stop this secession talk, and throws them a bone allowing them to split the state up. The catalyst that I could see making this happen...a Trump re-election in 2020. Although I see a Trump victory as a long shot, I thought 2016 was a long shot too. Also, if the economy keeps ticking upward, I think many people will vote for another term for Trump, simply not to kill what may appear to be a golden goose...even if they can't stand the man.
  5. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/california-clears-first-hurdle-to-breaking-into-three-states/article/2638928 This would likely give the Democratic Party more Senators and Representatives, but could potentially lose them some Electoral College votes. Even with the proposal of putting SF in the Northern Region, I could see conservatives wanting to get out of the other two regions if they propose more liberal leaning ideas, and moving to the north. I've heard that northern California has quite a few conservatives...although I don't know if that is true or not. Thoughts?
  6. Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    But we are comparing them to each other. It's hard to measure defensive stats, and it's pretty clear that Smith was even more a player than his defensive stats give him credit for. Although, I think Alan was an excellent hitter for being a SS and playing the bulk of his career in the 80's. I think Smith was an above average hitter. That is why I see them as being closer as an overall SS than many give them credit for.
  7. Daylight Savings Time whining

    I now live in the south where it is warm, but I did live for over 30 years in Michigan. I hated the fact that it was dark before I got home. I hated shoveling snow in the dark. There was nothing I'd do early in the morning that would require daylight, like I would do in the evening.
  8. Putting Tram and Lou in the Hall together?

    Sounds good. I'll pencil Trammell in as a B+.
  9. Rutgers vs Michigan - 10/28/17

    I'll take them for granted. I mean, they did lose to Eastern Michigan who is among the worst teams in the MAC this year. They've gotten a few wins the past few weeks, but even with this lousy offense at Michigan, they should beat Rutgers by 3+ TD's. That is why Peters starting should be an easy decision in my mind. I'm not at practice, nor do I see football the way that Jimmy and the boys see it, so I just assume they know better than me, but I think starting O'Korn this weekend speaks VOLUMES of their opinions about Peters. I'm not sure Peters will be able to shake that enough to stick around in Ann Arbor past January. Just my two cents.
  10. Rutgers vs Michigan - 10/28/17

    That porous OL shouldn't matter when playing a team like Rutgers though. Peters not starting has to be because Harbaugh does not see much potential in this kid. O'Korn is a senior, so there is literally no other reason to start him against a team like Rutgers, with the team already having two conference losses IMO. That is why I think Peters will be gone by January...even if he gets a few minutes of PT this season.
  11. Rutgers vs Michigan - 10/28/17

    Harbaugh was suppose to be a QB's coach though. (i.e. Luck and Kaep) Hopefully he is just taking his time in the development.
  12. Rutgers vs Michigan - 10/28/17

    I hope so! It would be nice to see Peters show some real potential this season. Especially if he can create some excitement in spite of the Oline and WR's not particularly playing that well this year.
  13. Rutgers vs Michigan - 10/28/17

    I'm REALLY bummed to hear this. It just confirms that Peters was WAY overrated coming out of high school (at least according to the Michigan coaching staff). If he can't beat out a senior (O'Korn) when the team has no hope for a B10 championship or playoff birth, after having been on the team for 18 months, then he must not have developed much. He was highly rated coming out of HS. I hope Dylan Mac is the real deal, otherwise Michigan could be in some REAL trouble at the QB position for years to come.
  14. Daylight Savings Time whining

    Not me, give me the darkness in the morning. I want to do things after I get home from work. Go outside for a walk with the kids, get an evening run, etc. I don't care if I drive to work in the dark.