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  1. You guys are crazy. Get out of here. That’s a face that belongs talking about his latest walk-off home run, his all-star game MVP, or the most recent World Series victory. And his Mother is a saint! Leave that lady alone. She raised our future WS MVP. Leave the hotness up to whichever model he falls for when he’s shooting a commercial for the latest video game.
  2. I'm personally hoping that there being little smoke on the Cespedes front is indicative that they're going to try to negotiate a contract with him following the trade deadline. It seems like that's the only reason they wouldn't try to part with him and get something back for him before free agency. And as a number of people seem to agree on, I'd like to see him stick. The Martinez-Cespedes corners are awesome as hell.
  3. Frink

    Joba is back.

    I am PUMPED about this. Like others have said, it's about throwing $h!t at the wall and hoping it sticks. This year, for the first time since we started contending again, I feel like we have enough feces to make a solid bullpen.
  4. If they sign one more decent reliever with big-league experience, I am going to feel damned good about that bullpen. I'd like to see enough people to cover our *** when Nathan sucks out of the gate and at least one of Hanrahan or Rondon is not ready. And still have an arm or two that might be decent waiting in AAA.
  5. We held on to the new reliever, Alex Wilson. We also held on to Moya. I'm obviously in the group that is bummed about the Simon trade, but I'm still generally happy with today. We improved defensively, offensively, and the bullpen. We took from the rotation a wee bit, took from the bench, and took a little from the farm. I think it's a more well-rounded team than it was yesterday. We still need an experienced big-league reliever, though. And I'd like to see Hanrahan stick around after the rule V.
  6. Yeah, that's what I meant, sorry. The bench doesn't matter -that- much, but the end of the 1-2 loss to Baltimore that wrapped up the season was a fine reminder that it CAN make a difference.
  7. I sure hope not. Keep Davis for platoon with Gose, and for the bench. The bench is another thing Dombrowski neglects.
  8. I'm sure he cares. It just feels like it's an after-thought for him, to me. I would've been interested in Neshek or Gregerson. I would've been interested in Duke. I'd still be interested in a number of guys out there, none of which we have been connected to. And I can't understand why you wouldn't at least poke your head in and check on Andrew Miller. More recently, I'd like them to keep Alex Wilson. That'd be nice. I'd be happy with a freaking middle reliever. In fact, I think that's what they need (while I think Nathan is done, I'm happy with the idea of Soria stepping in) a few of.
  9. Please keep Alex Wilson. Please.
  10. My *** is going to be a little chapped if we get a reliever and immediately swing him elsewhere. Could a general manager care less about a bullpen than Dombrowski does?
  11. I'm not saying they're even close to the same pitcher or anything like that, but remember how Fister was a relatively-unheralded guy who was traded to us after putting up moderately-successful numbers in limited time in the big leagues not so long ago? I'm not bummed about this deal.
  12. There's a difference between being "your top SP prospect" (debatable, anyway) and being worth worrying too much about, too.
  13. Guess: this sets us up for a deal with Boston.
  14. Rosenthal saying the trade is complete.
  15. They're saying Robbie Ray may be involved. Meh, whatever. Get rid of all of the traces of that deal. I only rue that this will prompt a bunch of people to say, "so we traded Fister for x. Real nice.", which pisses me off because I don't want to hear about that stupid deal any more.
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