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  1. It seems they've never liked Weinhardt as much as his numbers said they should. I imagine there's a reason for that. I hope he makes it but their treatment of him says bad things about his chances.
  2. Not as bad as the Bourquin pick at least. It'd be neat if the money saved went to some Latin American signings. Not that I expect it.
  3. Sickels seems to throw together stuff based on a 15 second observation of a player's stat line...just like I would. I just don't have the audience. He doesn't actually do any analysis or any scouting, and my impression is that he's not that well connected anyhow.
  4. Given St-Pierre's history this is concerning.
  5. Dunn is terrifying. He's exactly the guy I want hitting behind Cabrera, but if the Cubs are willing to let him play first we're probably screwed.
  6. It's hilarious that this thread still exists. I gotta check to see what I had to say. I know I didn't like the deal but I'm not sure of the degree of the hissy fit I threw. Edit: Boooooo. Looks like I wasn't around when it happened, and didn't post on it. Glad we still have these old threads though.
  7. Hopefully Castellanos uses some of his bonus money on food.
  8. Ugh. Well, thanks for telling me. Wish it had been better news. Nothing on Stohr?
  9. Hey, I haven't really been keeping up, so could someone update me on the following guys? Tyler Stohr Austin Wood Cody Satterwhite Was it ever determined what was up with Satterwhite? Seems like there were mixed signals about whether he was done for the year or not. I don't recall hearing anything major was wrong with Austin Wood. Stohr...not ringing a bell. TJ?
  10. Maybe it's a terrible business decision but that doesn't mean it's a terrible decision. Who are we to claim to know better what's right for the kid than he himself does?
  11. Saw Jade Todd only pitched 1/3 of an inning. Anyone know what happened?
  12. Thanks, Tony. Good info, especially the stats you were able to come up with on the GCL. Sounds like he's worth keeping an eye on.
  13. What do people know about Alexander Nunez?
  14. It's just too easy to cross the river and see MLB in Detroit, IMO.
  15. Ah, gracias Sr. Mark. Confesor is a kinda hilarious name.
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