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  1. MLB had Cruz rated at 126. Meanwhile SS Casey Martin (30) is still on the board. I don't know anything about either of them, but there have been a lot of lower ranked SS coming off the board before C. Martin
  2. I was thinking that too. Just add a 'Y' at the end and you've got a hockey knick-name. Which worked for most except Kris Draper, because Drapery is something else all together. We could use the VMart knickname algorythm and call him STork... or Spork
  3. 46 year old Nolan Ryan beating down Robin Ventura is my favorite Texas Ranger. Or, if you're an American history buff, Charles Goodnight was my favorite Texas Ranger.
  4. If the consideration paid for an older, more expensive Greinke was greater than that paid for JV, the subtext is that Houston values Greinke more than JV. The JV I'm aware of would notice and be rankled. Maybe not publicly, but he is so competitive I think it must have crossed his mind.
  5. Is it just me, or did Arizona get a better haul for Greinke than we did for Verlander? On the surface it appears the Diamondbacks got more and better prospects for Greinke even though Greinke is 2 years older than JV was at the time of the trade and Houston in picking about $4M more a season for Greinke than they did for JV. If I was JV, I'd be insulted. Did AA get fleeced?
  6. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff. What did you have to go through to get this set up? I like Dickerson a lot. He's easy to listen to. I've just about had it with Jim Price. I suppose I could turn him into a drinking game and do shots every time he says, "the art of pitching," or "mortal combat"
  7. Looks like Shef is taking a page from the Manny Ramirez publication, "Being talented means never having to say your sorry." I heard it said last week on a local radio show (in Richmond VA) by a "baseball insider" (whose name I can't remember) that Shef has already cleared waivers. The Tigs have 5 guys whose best posistion is DH (IMO Thames, Shefield, Ordonez, Guillen and Cabrera). If they can clean that up a little, it can only help.
  8. Interesting....the statistical correlation between the 2 stats (OE% and OPS) is 0.97.
  9. Thanks for the Ichiro number. I think it would help establish the true usefullness of your formula if a broader array of player rankings were made available. Like I'd be interested in seeing values for offensively successful teams like the Red Sox,Twins and Rays as well as less successful teams like the Royals and Mariners. I'd like to see if there is a correlation between OE% and a teams' success offensively. I define offensive success by runs scored by the team. I think the only way you can win support for your formula, without disclosing it, is to publish the values for a significantly larger population of players. Especially if you don't want to disclosure the formula prior to, what I assume, will be the publication of your work in a commercial arena. If I may speculate on the formula. It looks like the formula values the probability that a plate appearance will cause a run to be scored. For example, it seems to me that your formula values home runs above all else because the event of a a home run is a certainty to create a one or more runs scored. I'm also guessing singles and walks are far less valuable because of a far lower probability that the event of a single will cause a current base runner to score, or the single hitter himself to score later. I think you are onto something, but the only way to get people in your camp, IMO is a larger published player pool of OE%. Keep up the crusade and thanks for the discussion.
  10. I agree. I've concocted better formulas out of grapefruit juice and Nyquil. But his formula is available for review and discussion to advance the cause.
  11. I would be interested in seeing Ichiro's OE%. I'll admit it's not very important, but it would be interesting to see how you're formula blows up the value perception of singles hitters. My guess is that the formula would also be unkind to Wade Boggs and Tony Gwynn.
  12. So who is the backup CA? Before the season is over, I'm sure we will be glad to have an extra bullpen arm, but I'm concerned about the backup CA. Maybe they can put Vance Wilson and Mike Hessman in a transmorgrifier and make one
  13. I'm afraid that Pudge will be rejuvinated in NY and make it look like a bad deal for Detroit. However, if he stayed here, I sense he might have been a growing malcontent. He was no angel in his last days in Texas. As far as our CA situation, I wish they could stick Guillen behind the plate and let Inge do his business at 3B. How much worse could Carlos' knees get? He could just stand up the whole time and invent an entirely new form of catching. Farnsworth is a good pitcher and had his best year in Detroit. He's a welcome addition in a fragile bullpen.
  14. Since when did columnist start campaigning heavily for utility players...I smell some nepatism.
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