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  1. Breyer is 82, Thomas is 72, Alito is 70. At least one of those three will be gone in the next 4 year. I’m guessing there may be a 50-50 chance all three will not be on the court in 2024
  2. The constitution does not name a number of justices. It is left up to the legislature to decide. The last change was in 1869. FDR toyed with adding a couple but didn’t, it wasn’t popular with his party
  3. While they are at it statehood for DC and Puerto Rico
  4. If McConnell pushes a nominee thru (even during Lame Duck) what’s to stop Democrats (if they control both houses after Jan 1) to go ahead with threats to pack the court by adding two more justices. Or go as far as setting term limits or a retirement age for justices?
  5. Looks like he had a big gig reprising his greatest hits in Wisconsin instead. Gotta keep the customer satisfied
  6. I’ve noticed around here both the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and the Jamestown Foundation has put added emphasis on the role of Africans/Slaves during the period. It seems to be well done. The Jamestown Foundation President was instrumental in the founding of the Wright Museum in Detroit, also with the reworking of the Museum of the Civil War at the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, they’ve also added the Appomattox Battlefield as Part of the museum project.
  7. They may not have field offices but there are folks out there texting me on a regular bases to either vote early or help in recruiting.
  8. Trump has been promised the first contract for a hotel/golf resort
  9. This looks like a good starting point https://thebulwark.com/what-a-post-trump-conservative-coalition-could-look-like/
  10. It’s like the Health Care plan that was promised a month ago and infrastructure proposals. Remember Trump is a snake oil salesman. That’s what he will deliver, magic beans.
  11. I’m seeing some of this sentiment from family members
  12. I guess there was no profit or marketing opportunity in doing so
  13. We had a mess of stuff from the 1996 Democratic Convention in a box that stayed in storage forever. It all got tossed when we did the most recent move.
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