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  1. Cleveland Spiders https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Spiders
  2. I've told this before. We spent a week in Maggie Valley a couple of years ago scoping out possible retirement locations. My uncle told me a story about a small college town not far from there that they visited a few years before, pretty much for the same reason. They stopped at a local restaurant for lunch. My uncle asked the waitress how she liked the area. She said it was fine except for the "Halfbacks" folks that move to Florida and South Carolina and then end up in Western Carolina. That seems to be pretty much the mindset of the area.
  3. I was looking at a story about a toy store in Plymouth that got put on the "naughty list" by. group that is protesting the mask policy in Michigan. The group that was instrumental in the protests in Lansing. I checked out their website. They are outing businesses that require masks, but say that they will not do a "hero's list" to protect the owners of business they like out of fear of bad publicity. Cowards....
  4. Outside of the Triangle and maybe Asheville, I would assume North Carolina is extremely red
  5. According to the Chicago Second City website O’Hara replaced Gilda Radner in 1974 when Gilda left for New York. When she first auditioned for the Toronto troupe Joe Flannery told her to keep her day job as a waitress.
  6. The second half of this statement is the sticking point. Before the NRA became a big business lobbying group that was their primary function. Outside of quickie courses on how to get a holder’s permit (which is about as effective as the training for a third or first class radio operator license 50 years ago). There is no real training.
  7. They were also touting that they’ve added a few more channels (from the Viacom Family) that I don’t watch.
  8. Interesting timing, just as Trump gets the vice turned tighter. Tapes of Biden start trickling out https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/for-months-trump-allies-hunted-for-tapes-of-biden-in-ukraine-now-theyre-turning-up/2020/06/30/f3aeaba8-a67b-11ea-8681-7d471bf20207_story.html The Kremlin Playbook at work again
  9. They come from the same state (state of confusion) so unless the GOP can change the US Constitution overnight that might leave Jr and Jared since Jared seems to run everything anyway
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