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  1. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    The big picture???
  2. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    This scenario is amusing, if nothing else
  3. I’ve always thought teams should be punished for tanking. To me the fairest way to run a competitive draft was to reward teams that played well enough but fell short of making the playoffs. The best team out of the playoff receives first pick, second, third, fourth, etc. playoff teams draft in reverse order after the worst team picks...
  4. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    The girls supposedly peed on a bed used by Obama when he visited Russia. He was delighted. Makes you wonder the real reason they had to redo the White House this Summer Maybe I should have read to the end of the thread
  5. Self Driving Cars

    On the other hand i believe my 6 year old grandson will never have to drive a car, let alone ever own one. Changes in the industry will make ride sharing and vehicle sharing more common and affordable
  6. Self Driving Cars

    It may take at least 10 years to get some of us geezers to relinquish control of our vehicles. My wife has a new vehicle with a few interesting bells and whistles (to me). I like the blind spot warnings on the side mirrors, the lane change warnings can be a bit annoying, but they do remind you to use blinkers. I’m also impressed with the radar sensors in the cruise control. Bit, I’m not ready to trust the morons who are on the freeway with me to allow the car to have full control.
  7. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    I’m starting to think Jr is the one compromised. Melinia is the person responsible for the leaks
  8. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    More cracks in the wall
  9. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I’m wondering if that isn’t more of an expansion of the Richmond suburbs. I haven’t looked returns from outlying areas like Henrico to the west and Ashland to the north but Chesterfield is the next logical direction for the region to expand. It’s close enough to Petersburg, which should be strong Democratic to take some of that migration as well. Anyway,it does seem to follow the trend of many suburban areas
  10. Hollywood attempts to change history

    In every office you pretty much know who the scumbags are. The same goes for Capitol Hill and state houses. Rumors circulate and percolate before any charges are ever made. I still believe in innocent until proven guilty, but it is getting harder to be skeptical. After all we’ve all sat thru those sexual harassment videos, hundreds of times
  11. Hollywood attempts to change history

    Names please. Both sides of the aisle so we can drain the swamp
  12. Political Pot-pourri

    Of course if you are attacked by your next door neighbor during a lawn care dispute you are SOL
  13. Hollywood attempts to change history

    In the same boat except I go back to the late 70s. Way too much drama. I keep telling my wife I’m way too old to be retrained by someone else