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  1. But, his emails
  2. When the Tigers hosted the All Star game in 2005 I attended a party for the media. After wandering around for a while I ended up on a bench to wait for my wife. This little old man sat down beside me, we exchanged pleasantries and he left. As he was walking away I realized it was Earl Weaver. If I would have known I would have told him that I was a Pirate fan in 1979
  3. At least he didn’t take a knee
  4. Go back to your Russian masters and learn some math and history. In 1980 when Obama would have been eligible for conscription no one was being called up. Meanwhile our dottering president to be was getting deferments and bragging about it in 1970. Unless you have invented a way back machine Mr Nobody
  5. Interesting thread on immigration and the rust belt. The thriving communities seem to embrace immigrants. Especially since they are the job creators
  6. Meanwhile Trump and Price continue their best efforts to make sure the ACA fails.
  7. I have dealt with a couple of retired Ford manager types on community orchestra and band board of directors. Complete jerks. Everybody is wrong except them. And if you happen to be female, forget it
  8. Color me skeptical. McCain has been known to flip before. The fact that his governor opposes the bill makes me optimistic. The governor of Alaska has also come out against the bill. I just don't trust Turtle and company until after a real vote
  9. Trump and his bots doth protest too much about the Russian probe. If it was a true nothing burger they would keep their mouths shut and let it play out. But the we all know that liars and braggarts can’t keep their mouths shut
  10. In my experience people who brag about how well they are doing financially are usually not doing that well. The real rich guys keep it under wraps, the rest are posers.
  11. I’m old enough to remember when automakers were crucified for taking private jets to DC
  12. Saw a parody account here Kim called Trump “Madman across the Water”
  13. Too bad he lost money under Obama
  14. I embrace capitalism, but not if it is controlled by kleptocrats Besides, you can't take it with you
  15. I am so happy for you