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  1. For those old enough to remember when conservatives decried judicial activism
  2. Thank you Amy and company for creating more Super Spreader events https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/supreme-court-relieves-religious-organizations-from-some-covid-related-restrictions/2020/11/26/305f0094-2fa6-11eb-860d-f7999599cbc2_story.html
  3. Roger Stone and Paulie Manafort are next
  4. I thought Trump was only pardoning turkeys on Tuesday. There is still Roger Stone to receive his Donnie award
  5. According to their website you can get a pre law degree there as well as a criminal justice law and practice degree. Her LinkedIn page show her getting her law degree from the University of Richmond. One other note about Colorado Colorado Christian, I saw a Lee Strobel Center. I remember him from his days at Willow Creek Church in Chicago. Just my own opinion but he was not my favorite pastor there.
  6. Speaking of Libraries, any update on the progress, lawsuits, etc of Obama’s in Chicago? Everything thing seems to have stalled. There are a ton of archives on line but no actual building that I know of. If there are any Trump archives they would be pictures with a lot of people. Any written records from inside the White House would probably all be black lines of redaction
  7. Not surprising. Just add it to the lists of investigations that should be on the House’s docket. Including insider trading by members of his administration and Congress.
  8. It will be a steak restaurant in Trump Tower
  9. From Bridge Michigan Republican lawmaker calls for mask mandate Michigan House Rep. Tommy Brann (R-Wyoming) joined with West Michigan physician Rob Davidson to call for the state Legislature to pass a law requiring masks to be worn indoors and in crowded areas outdoors. Brann cites the 50,000 new cases the state recorded last week, many of which came in west Michigan, and dwindling hospital capacity as reasons for the mask mandate. “The public health facts in West Michigan are changing rapidly and for the worse. Our family members, friends, and neighbors are becoming sick and dying at unprecedented rates, and our community hospitals are reaching a breaking point,” Brann said in a statement. The move from Brann breaks from the rest of the state’s Republican Party, who have opposed mask mandates along with many other COVID-related restrictions. A conservative leaning state Supreme Court also struck down Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency powers 5-4 in October. “Bipartisan mask rules are cropping up around the Midwest from North Dakota to Iowa to Ohio — we applaud every elected official who steps up to the plate to protect their communities on this issue,” Davidson, who serves as the executive director of the Committee to Protect Medicare, said.— Mansur Shaheen https://www.bridgemi.com/michigan-health-watch/coronavirus-tracker-what-michigan-needs-know-now
  10. I’m seeing that a lot of the big retail chains have been spreading out their Black Friday sales. Just in case I’m going nowhere near the local outlet mall this weekend
  11. For posterity, the Hunter Biden Memorial Computer Repair Shop...
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