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  1. Most of us figured it out 4 years ago. With TurtleFace Mitch and company we knew even earlier Republicans have no agenda other than filling their and their buyers coffers
  2. But, but, but. The Trumpers don’t have any dirt on this Zebley guy
  3. “Read my lips..” Went from the high of Persian Gulf I to recession.
  4. Likely or registered voters https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/
  5. And the gravy on that napkin was the only thing that “trickled down”
  6. Probably thinks that health care for 9/11 first responders is Socialism but handouts to Oligarchs is true capitalism
  7. He is the very model of a very stable genius
  8. I refuse to vote for anyone who weighs more than William Howard Taft
  9. From the artice The last time a citizenship question was among the census questions for all U.S. households was in 1950. That form asked where each person was born and in a follow-up question asked, "If foreign born — Is he naturalized?" In 1960, there was no such question about citizenship, only about place of birth. In 1970, the Census Bureau began sending around two questionnaires: a short-form questionnaire to gather basic population information and a long form that asked detailed questions about everything from household income to plumbing. The short form went to most households in America. The long form was sent to a much smaller sample of households, 1 in 6. Most people didn't get it. Starting in 1970, questions about citizenship were included in the long-form questionnaire but not the short form. For instance, in 2000, those who received the long form were asked, "Is this person a CITIZEN of the United States?"
  10. That is now covered by a different yearly survey. See my link above
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