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  1. The kid was 17? Isn’t that about the age where they get their Rumspringa or wild time?
  2. That is why if Biden is the nominee it is important on who he chooses as a running mate. I’m fine with him being a one termer. By 2024, Pelosi and Schumer should be ready to retire. The same with MCConnell, not that a new generation of polls would make that much difference. But there is a glimmer of hope for a reset. Besides by then we will probably learn that Pence was the REAL Russian stooge all along.
  3. Virginia’s Primary is March 3, Michigan is March 10. You will get to vote before we do Still a long way away for both to make final decision
  4. When one of the most expensive and hardest to get theatre tickets in recent memory consists entirely of Rap music (Hamilton), the genre has gone mainstream
  5. Once again proving that the current structure of the Trump/McConnell Party does not believe in democracy. If I was running for office I would push that very hard
  6. It’s was a bumper sticker comment that was bound to stir up the opposition. Just about as bad as Howard Dean’s scream
  7. Beto shot himself in the foot after his guns comment
  8. Saw this and just had to post, pretty much how I feel about Biden
  9. Klobuchar from all accounts is a good campaigner and is good one on one. Being from Minnesota and a moderate also helps in Iowa. I think Pete might be better one on one as well
  10. I have reservations about a “business man” holding an executive office. I’ll take his money. Steyer seems best suited to run annoying ads against Trump And McConnell
  11. There are no Sam Ervin’s in the Senate either
  12. Especially once you factor in the cost of stand alone internet service in some places
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