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  1. Now everything is so automated it would be doubtful anyone is even in the building. We had musical clocks on my first gigs, usually a gold (old) out of the top of the hour news, current hit, recurrent, country (what would have been considered a crossover) etc. still used records. Played the first one in the box for each category. We had a bit of leeway on what we played. The real fun was trying to do segues in the same key.
  2. So they were so thankful for receiving such a gracious gift from the state or whomever they sent the Governor a quarter million dollars. What did he do with it, did it go into the state coffers??? And what about Naomi
  3. I’ve been mulling over this the past few day. We should tie changes in the minimum wage to the cost of living. Much like we do to Social Security. I like this idea as well
  4. So it was just a coincidence the Gov of Fla received a $250,000 check after a bunch of ultra rich people received vaccines?
  5. I don’t care if it’s one dose of ten thousand. It’s still bribery or at least buying favors. But than again that’s SOP if you are a member of the Trump party (Remembering the old Johnny Carson bit... ”Would you sleep with me for a $Million ?” Yes ”Would you sleep with me for $50 What do you think I am? That’s been established, now we’re negotiating a price”
  6. My brother in law hails from Smith Island. A bunch of crabbers who couldn’t afford a cool name. Unfortunately most of his old homestead is under water now
  7. Treason does not deserve bail. He’s probably considered a flight risk
  8. I just got into it with a relative over this...... Really tempted to put this on my page
  9. If it gets postponed watch for April 19, the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, also anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord marking the start of the Revolutionary War. Or they could just be blowing smoke.....
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