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  1. There is a state rep who has already announced a challenge https://www.wxyz.com/news/michigan-congressman-facing-primary-challenge-after-backing-impeachment
  2. I rewatched EP 5 last night before the final. I was taken back by the duality of the Hound-Mountain fight and Ayra's struggle on the streets during the dragon attack. Everytime the Hound was hit, Ayra went down as well.... Extremely well done. There is a part of me that wished the series would end when Drogon fley away with Dany.
  3. I don’t think this will end well https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/05/need-cash-now-you-can-sell-the-equity-in-your-home-to-investors.html
  4. A potential favor for Eric Prince. Putin says good boy good thread
  5. Another somewhat weird race. One of the horses bumped its rider out of the gate (the fault of the starter in the gate area) and ran with the horses most of the race. He was on the far outside but still in a place where the outriders could get to him. Meanwhile War of Will had the rail to himself the entire race. If he hadn’t been interfered with in the Derby we might have been looking at a Triple Crown in two weeks. Meanwhile the battle over Ownership of Pimlico continues. The track is outdated and it looks like the race may be moved to Laurel Park, MD after next year.
  6. Does it take a brain surgeon to operate an eight thousand dollar dish washer?
  7. Some of the worlds biggest crooks and scumbags are millionaires
  8. I’ve head similar stories about exchange students that needed to be rehoused. The host families basically used them as domestics.
  9. It’s personal responsibility until they are deemed responsible. Then the excuses come pouring in.
  10. I’ve been fight sciatica the last 6 weeks or so. Only painful in the morning right now, once I get moving I’m ok. The only thing that helps is a long walk. Now that we’ve finally hit spring I’m getting hopeful it goes away
  11. I still have nightmares about an old apartment we rented in the early ‘80s. It was in a building built in the 1920s, the management company waived the security fee if we painted it ourselves. One bedroom had four layers of paper on the walls. It took me close to a week to remove them.
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