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  1. my wife - it was to get around a sicilian name thing involving a toad of a MIL
  2. he is in an insane world of debt due in large part to insurance companies but really the link name and story title is one of the most ridiculous i've ever seen - he is in huge debt due to medical care costs for liver failure - without the "American health care" he would quite literally already be dead. Did that not occur to you?
  3. its good to be the emperor - they have access to the best prostitutes - even the best moscow prostitutes
  4. i see that you are totally ignoring the fact that oblong sat next to biggs at a white sox game last year! what do you have to say about that?
  5. if you go back and read what i wrote you will see that i did not say he was unintelligent - and my comments were not based simply on how he spoke - and they were not based on my disagreement with him - i do disagree with him - you may disagree with the specific reasons i put down for not being impressed with his intelligence but it is embarassing (for you) to pretend i did not say things i certainly did say continuing - the president elect clearly is attacking a civil rights icon - he even admits that - at least he makes the argument that his attack is justified since he felt attacked in the first place (the bully defense) - but to hear you suggest he has not attacked a civil right icon is just to listen to moon-speak (TM both with and without the explanation mark!) finally i see you bring color into the discussion again - much as i would expect of a racist nazi!
  6. i have to conclude that you do not know what the word disingenuous means also the opposite of not very smart is not "dumb" - it covers the broad range of average as well
  7. yes - however many people assume that surgeons - and neurosurgeons in particular - are particularly brilliant
  8. new coke sucked but coke zero is a revelation
  9. without a shred of sarcasm i would call it the marketplace - or free enterprise - or capitalism
  10. Ben Carson never struck me as a very smart man based on his vocabulary, language and reasoning. I hang around with quite a few Dr. and they uniformly insist (and have for decades) that you are making a mistake if you assume that you have to be smart to be a medical doctor - smart helps but you just have to be focused and driven. And surgery does not attract the best and brightest. Granted - most of them are not surgeons - but a few are.
  11. sure I use to casually spout off about foundational shifts in the federal government with literally no relevant knowledge but these glasses make me look smart don't they?
  12. of course we can devise it - we've got one example that works - and we got about 10 examples that work which we can look to it comes down to insurance companies fighting it and punching hippies - just because you can devise nice things doesn't me you can have them
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