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  1. It's pretty simple when you look at it like that. And you have the option of bringing him back next year. Could this be Peralta 2, the sequel?
  2. At least he's in town. Must be weird to fly in with your team, to be told you're now on the other team.
  3. I am completely shocked. I doubt we just release Ordonez, but we'll see ... confusing at best.
  4. I think the offensive line unit of this team is key. If they can come together nicely, make space for Baker, protect Cousins .. it's an 9+ win team easily. If they can't, I think they could end up at or somewhere around 7-5.
  5. When Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are on your team, you're going to be a pass attack. A good running game can compliment that.
  6. It's okay. I know you were trying to be quick on the draw there, just a little slow this time. You'll get there.
  7. Nice picture. I actually like that, thanks. What TV show is that from?
  8. Yeah, I posted it in the National Recruiting Thread yesterday. Are you really this slow?
  9. You brought up Brady Hoke's dominance instate, I didn't. That was you, right?
  10. Makes sense, and the depth chart will be an issue against Michigan, but they're very much in it.
  11. Seriously .. shut up. You guys wouldn't stop posting in the Michigan threads, so I'll post over here. As always, you guys starts stuff then back off and claim it's my fault. Oh, and get use to having us around.
  12. No more you guys can post over there but we can't post here, sorry .. those days are gone. We'll see, but more people than just Sam Webb say Michigan has a good chance.
  13. I have a question to the College Football Expert - Hongbit! I'm just trying to understand you here, cause I like chips ... and chips on shoulders are always fun. So could these "chips" help Michigan in possibly pulling an upset in their own right, or this only a tool that will be used and bantered about as a way to illustrate how Michigan will lose as many games as possible?
  14. Come on, you kept saying "um fans this" and "um fans that" .. not sure how else I'm supposed to take it. We're going to lose that game because we don't know this team .. it's a bunch of ********. I'm not sure what the jab about the recruiting **** was for, but your the one who acts like an expert.
  15. Yeah, well, you know who has .... Brady Hoke, and he's the one coaching the game. Not me. So you're saying I might lose if I were playing them in NCAA 2012 ... ouch, you burned me good there.
  16. That's the dumbest argument I have ever read .. what, we might lose to San Diego State because I have never seen them play, that's your point you're trying to make? UM will be ready, & that's all that matters. Honestly, I expect more from the head troll .. come on.
  17. That's funny. Oh, and you should be .. especially since Michigan is right there. Not sure where you get your information from, but it's not a two team race - ND/MSU, sorry.
  18. This is the kind of trollish nonsense you post these days, and it completely blows my mind. Seriously, we just hired Brady Hoke ..... who was only the head coach there last year! Yeah, we get it. What I love most is how you truly act as if you know this team, and it's all negative -- shocking, it's classic. And yet people try.
  19. There are four or five 5th year seniors I can easily see not being brought back .... it happens. That said, I just hope UM gets the 26 best prospects possible!
  20. It's way too early for specifics. Who knows what each team has, especially since not every team returns all their starters. Every team has question marks -- some huge, not just Michigan.
  21. Medical scholarships and not renewing 5th years are going to happen to get to 26, so that's coming.
  22. He was caught being shady and lying, period. That's not "most" coaches, sorry. Oh, and was there more that just came out the last few days? So much coming out, it's hard to keep up.
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