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  1. You assume Oliveros will be affective at the MLB level, and for six years no less .. wow. This is the sort of reaction to prospects being traded that I was talking about. You list best case for a guy -- six years of steady relief, and just assume you'll get just that.
  2. We can't worry about this series, only beating the Twins -- right now. Our weekend series against Cleveland, at home, is a huge series.
  3. Danny O'Brien called the Michigan coaches today to see if he had an offer he could commit to... TomVH, via twitter, said he'll talk to Danny after the meeting, see where everything stands. Sam Webb, on the recruiting roundup this morning, said he talked to Danny while at the BBQ, right before they took the picture with all the committed kids -- the one Chris Wormley joined, and thus, committing to Michigan. Webb said Danny told him - "it's tough not to be in that picture" - and obviously not too tough, cause he didn't jump in, but he did make it known that he's thinking that way. I still think it's a two team race with Michigan and Tennessee, so we'll see here soon. I'd rather get Danny O'Brien than another WR. With only four spots left, it's going to be tough to turn kids away.
  4. The MSU and OSU games are hard to call right now, too many questions. How will Ohio State look by the final week, and of course, how will Michigan look in that final week? With MSU, one intriguing match-up is their offensive line versus our defensive line. I like Michigan State, and I think they could have another stout season, but things could go wrong, if their OL doesn't hold up.
  5. 19 returning starters, the most in the Big Ten, should help Michigan with the transition. The defensive line has a chance to become very good, and looks like they might actually have depth.
  6. I can tell you two prospects it's not, and those are the only two that would make this a bad move.
  7. Hey, just let it go .. he won't post here anymore, no reason to kick him out the door. Back to recruiting .. it's funny, we have had so much news weekly with recruits, now there's going to a break. The Notre Dame game will be the next huge recruiting date to watch out for, much like the BBQ.
  8. If it's worth one game, with how close things are .. that might be enough.
  9. I like this, and Dirks can play all 3 spots .. so I like that bench option.
  10. Who are you going to sit though? Sorry, that doesn't make much sense.
  11. Okay, so Boesch, Young, and Jackson - that's our starting OF, Raburn at 2B ... Maggs on the bench? I like that.
  12. z5F1z6Stcp0 INTERVIEW WITH CRAIG ROH. Craig Roh Media Day Interview | MGoVideo INTERVIEW WITH TAYLOR LEWAN. Taylor Lewan Media Day Interview | MGoVideo
  13. I understand that, but that's the thing ... you hear about all these guys as being the next -- someone great, and it's rarely ever the case, let alone the talent level. For instance, any trade we make around this time makes people mention John Smoltz for the billionth time, and it's absurd. It's doesn't always work like that.
  14. Can anyone verify these texts I am getting. Just got two, one said that Dombrowksi said you'll see Maggs tonight ??? The other one said that the official roster move will be made in an hour ???
  15. No, my phone is blowing up with texts from back home. It said - 3:45 press conference! If anyone has any updates on this, us out of Michigan folk would love any.
  16. They have to be. They were never going to bring him or Guillen back anyway. It's time to win - NOW!!
  17. I think prospects in baseball have taken on a life of their own .. all they talk about is their upside. That's nice, but not every player reaches their "best case scenario" .. there are just as many BUSTS!
  18. Just got a text saying there is a press conference in 10 minutes.
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