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  1. ...and on 4th and one, the Lions kick a FG to take the lead in the 4th quarter.
  2. Did Suh play in this game, didn't see a single stat from him. And Stafford's nice numbers and health are what I like to see ... did he get hit at all in this game?
  3. It's the preseason. Didn't we go 4-0 in the preseason the year we went 0-16?
  4. PRACTICE/PRESSER NOTES Brady Hoke Kenny Demens Mark Huyge Denard Robinson Taken from mgoblog.com -- http://mgoblog.com
  5. I like any idea that gets Avila and Peralta in the top tier of our lineup, not the bottom third.
  6. Suh is putting the eyes of the refs on his back, and fear in the eyes of opposing QBs ... I'm cool with that.
  7. I doubt it. Hoke hasn't recruited much down there that I know of. RichRod would have gotten every 3* that wanted to come north:)
  8. I hope you're wrong, buddy .. wow, how I hope you're wrong.
  9. I have no problems with bringing back Young, and having an OF of Young, Jackson, and Boesch. Just as long as they go out and fix 3B and 2B, and get a new leadoff hitter and have Jackson bat 9th. If they can do that, I'd say it was a very successful off season.
  10. Nicely put, and about 15 years younger, two million dollars cheaper .. and most likely with better results.
  11. I'm glad we were able to sign him, that was really money well spent in the end, not to mention... Wait a minute ... my bad, wrong thread
  12. Haha, I'm the same way .. it's cool. I think it's 50/50 he'll be brought back next season. It's unfair to assume he'll be Peralta 2.0, though he could easily become Peralta 2.0. At least with Young, if brought back, it'll only be for the season.
  13. Do you think they'll release him tomorrow then?
  14. I like this, but you can't comment on an old thread without it getting bumped, so if you link an old thread, someone is going to post in said thread, which will bump it up. You only need one person, so then you'd have two threads on the topic. I see your point though, but like others, I do like nice bumps. I don't think anyone is making fun of Yoda, because it'd be unfair to do so ... really, seven years ago?
  15. No point in debating Michigan vs Michigan State ... we'll see when the game is played. Moving on... EDIT: and he didn't say MSU didn't have a better roster, he was only talking about MSU's offensive line.
  16. PRACTICE/PRESSER NOTES Al Borges Greg Mattison Practice Notes Taken from mgoblog.com -- mgoblog | Michigan football, basketball, hockey, and general what-have-you
  17. We'll see .. I think Michigan State's offense line is pretty suspect. Our DL could have an advantage there. That could prove more than terrorist attacks.
  18. Heck, if we're going to go for best case ... I say we bring back Delmon and he's an All-Star next year. Peralta 2.0
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