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  1. There is a lot of work going on. A couple things in the Ledger I want to point out. 1. No more artificial field. 2. The scoreboard that will be ready for 2017 would have been ready for st 2016 but someone forgot to order it.
  2. Who would you start this week at QB? Drew Brees Tom Brady
  3. Very nice words Jim, I agree with every thing you said. My thoughts and prayers go out to Robie and the family. The last time I saw Roger he had a smile on his face and a beer in his hand. I will miss my friend.
  4. Roger has been in the hospital for 25 days now and there still doing tests. They found spots on his lungs and the biopsy's have been inconclusive. I'm asking people to have Roger in their thoughts and prayers. I miss seeing my friend at the ball park.
  5. I think he is batting a buck 30. Were going to need him to heat up to help the team out!!!
  6. He still can't hit a curve ball:cheeky:
  7. Jim, Happy belated birthday! Hoping to see ya at the park this summer.
  8. T.V. guide says it is live at !:00 pm. Hope this is true!!!
  9. The last couple of years we have had several people with cancer come to the stadium. They tell me this relaxes them as they keep busy? I really do not know why this helps but they say it helps.
  10. Ron Myers has in the past been named as a possible successor. I think he would do a fine job there. A lot of people would be glad if he got the job!!!!!
  11. Roger, He is washing away all the beer you spilled last year:silly:
  12. Saw him play in Lakeland. Has a good bat. Not a good fielder. Needs to get better with his foot work, not smooth, slow. More of a DH?
  13. Jim, I'd like to see you out there. You to Roger. Kevin
  14. SNL just not funny the last few years!!
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