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  1. Think about it like this though: If the Tigers finish with 121 losses, the modern record is 120 set by the '62 Mets, or the Lions finish 0-16, then Motown will get a tour stop from Jim Rome.
  2. Yeah, the making the All-Star game count towards WS home field advantage is really stupid. I think it was said best, can you see a Red Sox all-star roll over Pudge in the bottom of the 9th so the Yankees could have home field advantage. I DON'T THINK SO!!!! One side note question: Who is going to manage the NL squad? Dusty Baker or Felipe Alou? I know traditionally it is the manager from the team that went to the World Series, but now that Baker is in Chicago, will Felipe be the All-Star manager?
  3. I thought it was dumb to move the fences in. IMO a triple is the most exciting play in baseball, and COPA had more triples then any other park in baseball. Living in a NL city I get tired of the 3 and a half hour games that are played in Houston, Chicago, and Colorado. Give me a pitchers park any day, COPA, Pac Bell, Dodger Stadium, and Yankee Stadium.
  4. Trade Higginson to a contender. He deserves it, after having to put up with all the crap the last several years.
  5. bigjer

    How many?

    Seeing that none of the Tigers players have any trade value, except for Anderson, they will all probably be there in three years.
  6. Tigers are lucky they don't play Atlanta this year, then Fick and Smoltz can both beat the Tigers, just like Lombard, Easley, and Truby did on Saturday.
  7. They let their best hitting catcher leave town, when they didn't tender him a contract. I am talking about the answer to that trivia question, "Who hit the last home run ever at Tiger Stadium?" If you need help just look to the left under my name.
  8. I am so sick of the Tigers being picked apart by the national media. I think Illitch did the smart thing by bringing in Dombrowski, a proven winner. Mike has just got to stop spending money on his hockey team and start spending it on his baseball team. I realize the Tigers have a lot of bad contracts: Easley, Higginson, Palmer, just to name a few, but hopefully things will start looking up soon. I knew it was going to be a long year when Maroth was named the opening day starter. How long until Sparks gets his first start?
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