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  1. In terms of Castellanos at 1B, my issue is that the things he struggled with as a third baseman wouldn't translate well to first base; things like judgments on balls to his sides, reading short hops, and generally making quick adjustments to the ball. Those are all things I noted when he was coming up on the infield. If those struggles continue, which I suspect they would given his extensive time away from the dirt, then any transition to 1B is going to be really rough. It may well still be worth it to try him at 1B to maximize his value and their roster, but I'm pretty skeptical it would work well.
  2. I've said this since Jones was acquired from Pittsburgh, his best bet to provide maximum value at the big league level was to maintain enough infield chops to play 3B, SS, and 2B on occasion, while also learning to play the outfield (which he's obviously done very well). That type of defensive versatility gives him inherent value to a big league club, particularly if there's 10-15 home run pop and some speed when he's on base. All that in spite of a low average and low OBP (which was fully expected). Unfortunately -- at least from my perspective -- he's an OF-only now, which decreases his overall value. Again, one man's opinion.
  3. I certainly wouldn't rule out that it could be an overall positive effect, but I pause for one simple reason. We're basically being told that he's going back to an all swing/approach that he used throughout his development. With that swing/approach, he didn't project to be a positive offensive contributor in the big leagues, so now we go back to it and we expect that projection to change? I'm not buying. I agree with your second statement....he's never looked the part of a viable big leaguer from an offensive standpoint, and a slight change now (regardless of whether it is back to something old, or it's entirely new) is highly unlikely to change that projection.
  4. The interesting part about this for me....in his minor league career, Jones struck out in 27% of his plate appearances. During his MLB time, he's struck out in 33% of his plate appearances, including a 30% rate last year when this was supposedly an issue for him. I don't view that 3% change in strikeout rate as an egregious change symptomatic of an overall problem with his swing or approach, but rather just the natural progression of his already high strikeout rate against the best arms in the world. So, in theory, Jones is going to return to an approach that saw him strikeout ~27% (ranged from 26-30%) of the time against inferior arms, all the while likely sacrificing some of his extra-base power. I'm not sure that's a trade-off that nets the team much positive value going forward. Its more likely to me that he's just always going to have a very high strikeout rate because he has issues with spin/pitch recognition and strike zone awareness, rather than he swings for the fences too much. He's just about the exact player he was projected to be as he came up through the minors.
  5. Correct, including the requirement for State cost share under Stafford Act declarations.
  6. The Federal disaster declarations are governed in large part by the Stafford Act.
  7. I must have been drunk when I wrote that up since you all know I'm not that optimistic! Seriously though, there's certainly more reason for optimism this year than in year's past when it comes to the status of the farm system. That said, there is still a general lack of depth. The list falls off into really young kids that are a long way off, likely relievers, and fringe players pretty rapidly once you get beyond the 6-7 range. There's no doubt that's a substantial step forward from talking about 1-2 viable prospects at the top in past years, but there is still a long way to go.
  8. Robson is a 4th OF, best case scenario.
  9. Long had TOS surgery. I don't see any reason to add him at this point....he was very fringy before the injury, and if he loses anything at all in recovery, he's toast as a real prospect.
  10. Just confirmed....available iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Podbeam
  11. I'm pretty sure it is, several in fact.
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