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  1. Right, so you're talking something in the neighborhood of an extra $200-$250k to play with for the Tigers. That's significant. It gives them additional flexibility in the upper rounds to go get a guy like Meadows again, and it also gives them additional flexibility beyond the 10th round, where they've taken a much different tact the last few years and actually given some money to guys that historically would have gotten peanuts. They're giving guys in the teens and twenties $100k to sign out of college instead of a piddly bonus, and that extra $200k+ can allow them to go a little over the $125k slot beyond round ten to go get a draft-eligible sophomore or a JUCO kid that maybe they didn't have the luxury of doing last year or the year before. Not saying they'll execute it that way or that it entirely changes their draft execution, but it's not insigificant money to play with in the process.
  2. Larger implication than the pick numbers themselves is the increased bonus pool at each slot through the first ten rounds as a result of moving up.
  3. That's largely correct. The ethics rules/laws are designed to prevent conflicts, not just identify them after the fact.
  4. In fairness, the US Code and the CFR don't judge conflicts of interest on whether or not someone acted as their role required, or after the actions take place. A few examples of the wording used in the USC and CFR from my recent refresher training.... - (18 U.S.C. 208) It is a criminal offense for a Government employee to participate personally and substantially in a matter that COULD affect the financial interest of you, your spouse, your minor children, your general partners, any organization in which you are an officer or employee, businesses with whom you are negotiating for employment. - (5 C.F.R. 2635.402) A Government employee is prohibited from participating personally and substantially in an official capacity in any particular matter in which, to his/her knowledge, he/she or any person whose interests may be "imputed" to him/her has a financial interest, if the particular matter will have a "direct and predictable effect" on that interest. - (5 C.F.R. 2635.502) It is a regulatory violation for a Government employee to participate personally and substantially in a matter that COULD affect the financial interests of anyone with whom you have a "covered relationship." I'm not arguing any side of the Biden/Ivanka/Trump insanity, just merely pointing out that conflicts of interest are not judged on whether the decisions resulted in a conflict, but on the potential for a conflict to occur in the normal manner of business.
  5. It's just fancy code for "buying" a player from another team. I'm not familiar with any circumstances where the amount of cash is contingent on what happens with the player, unlike some other sports with conditional draft picks and such. In baseball, it is typically just a fixed amount.
  6. Just to be clear, the CT Tigers have been in Norwich the whole time, since they moved from Oneonta, NY. They didn't move again.
  7. It's interesting just how many of the modern era players that have hit 55+ doubles occurred in the 1999-2002 range, with a gap between that and Ramirez/Castellanos in the last couple of years. You only have two players (Carpenter and Roberts) in that interim stretch. I'm curious if there's something underlying there that saw a spike in that occurrence during that very limited stretch of time.
  8. I wasn't as encouraged based on my look in Connecticut. Some of the highlight stuff was necessitated by delayed reads and late breaks on the ball. I think he's a solid corner outfielder long term, but I don't think his early glove work in CF should give hope of more than that.
  9. Framing isn't just about fooling an umpire to get a ball called as a strike. It's also about properly receiving those pitches on the edges of the strike zone -- that are actually strikes in the first place -- to insure they are called strikes by the umpire. Improperly receiving those pitches can result in them being called balls at times. That's more a skill than the manipulation of a person.
  10. He's right, at least in part, on Burrows. The decision isn't as clear cut as most fans likely believe. He's shown more and more tendency toward a relief future, finishes the year on the IL, and there's other priorities for some of that 40-man space. It's not an obvious decision.
  11. Furthering this....one with a significant injury history throughout his minor league development (knee, back, shoulder).
  12. The reason there's been hype around Azocar over the years has been the twitchy, explosive athleticism and broad range of impressive tools. Plus runner, plus glove, flashes a double plus arm, the ball jumps off his bat. The thing holding him back had always been swing and miss....he still hacks a ton, but he's showing more patience and a better overall approach in two strike counts this year. I won't say its complete fool's gold. I do see him as a viable extra outfielder in the big leagues. As for this year's power surge, his home park plays well for HR, and he has hit 7 of his 10 at home. Combine that with some maturation in the approach, and there you have it.
  13. Woodrow is in no way, shape, or form the type of guy you worry about protecting. He's not really even a prospect.
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