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  1. He's right, at least in part, on Burrows. The decision isn't as clear cut as most fans likely believe. He's shown more and more tendency toward a relief future, finishes the year on the IL, and there's other priorities for some of that 40-man space. It's not an obvious decision.
  2. Furthering this....one with a significant injury history throughout his minor league development (knee, back, shoulder).
  3. The reason there's been hype around Azocar over the years has been the twitchy, explosive athleticism and broad range of impressive tools. Plus runner, plus glove, flashes a double plus arm, the ball jumps off his bat. The thing holding him back had always been swing and miss....he still hacks a ton, but he's showing more patience and a better overall approach in two strike counts this year. I won't say its complete fool's gold. I do see him as a viable extra outfielder in the big leagues. As for this year's power surge, his home park plays well for HR, and he has hit 7 of his 10 at home. Combine that with some maturation in the approach, and there you have it.
  4. Woodrow is in no way, shape, or form the type of guy you worry about protecting. He's not really even a prospect.
  5. Kody Clemens, not Kacy. He was a high-round draft choice in 2018 that they've already pushed to High-A.
  6. Solid catch-and-throw catcher with good feel for the game, particularly for his age; easy contact; no juice; good bloodlines.
  7. He "disrespected" Trump and Trump is always the victim. Duh!
  8. Because Kreidler can defend at a premium position and has some offensive potential. Packard is very limited defensively, and based on my limited look in Connecticut this year, I'm not sure the swing is going to play against high-velo arms and the sequencing he'll face at higher levels. I'm pretty skeptical of Packard at this early stage.
  9. The bolded portion is 100% correct, in my opinion. When I updated TigsTown's rankings for the mid-season, I only had 6-7 players in the Top 20 that I could reasonably project to 50 OFP/FV. Maybe that's changed with the addition of someone like Wentz, but not appreciably enough to get to the type of 50 OFP/FV types that Pipeline is suggesting.
  10. I just asked something similar in the TigsTown Slack....is he just going nuclear on competitors right now? Is he bored?
  11. On top of that, and this is pure hindsight being 20/20 B.S. from me, but had he signed as a first rounder after his junior year, he would have been in a Dodgers system that has had a fantastic run of developing arms....
  12. What about the adversity that comes from choosing not to sign as a first round pick after your junior year of college, going back to school and pitching poorly, then taking a slot deal in the fourth round the next year? What does that kind of adversity do for you?
  13. I'd be thrilled to be wrong.
  14. The numbers are certainly adequate for Paredes, given his age and level of competition, but I will say that some of the scouting data -- both my in-person looks and conversations with other evaluators -- doesn't really support those numbers continuing to project against Major League arms.
  15. I respect that he's self aware, but from a fan following perspective, he has been a notable prospect at various points of his career. TigsTown ranked him #28 (2011 as a 17-year old in the VSL), #14 (2012), #12 (2013), #26 (2014), #57 (2015), then he slipped more to the "just missed" group in 2016, 2017, and beyond. At that point, he had seemingly stagnated in the Lakeland/Erie range and was now 23-24 years old with minimal projection. It wasn't just TigsTown either. BA ranked him #17 in 2012 and #28 in 2014. From the day he was signed, he was considered a plus athlete, solid speed, great bat-to-ball ability, and above-average defensive potential....without much power, it's a really tough profile to make work, but that's also one of those difficult profiles that a guy gets a shot when he's 26 or 27 years old and all of a sudden he sticks for a couple of years. Edit: Going back and looking at my old stuff further, even Baseball Prospectus had him ranked....#10 in 2013 and #10 in 2014.
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