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  1. My wife and I were pretty fortunate on the workout front during COVID. My schedule only allowed me to ever get to class 2-3 days a week so I needed some stuff at home to fill the rest of the week. I had been building out my home gym over time and my wife had kind of capped it off when she got me a new C2 rower at Christmas last year. That with the treadmill, sandbag, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbell/plates, and a few other random things, and I can do just about anything I need. I've actually worked out more on a weekly basis the last nine months than any stretch in the last few years. We are in the process of buying a new house and we will be finishing the basement immediately after we move in. We have already planned out where we are putting in the right flooring for a gym space and installing a rig for pullups, squats, bench, etc.
  2. To my knowledge, Warp Speed construction efforts are focused more on the support materials and supplies needed to mass produce and distribute, not develop. Example, the projects I'm aware of more closely have barely even begun substantial construction and have not impacted the development timeline.
  3. The vast majority of Operation Warp Speed is funding and fast tracking build out of facilities to support production...mostly secondary facilities that produce components like viles, syringes, etc. That's the largest part of Warp Speed, not the development of the vaccine.
  4. I've known Nathan personally for years...I don't think this is a new take for him. That said, I don't know how much of that he's expressed on Twitter versus how much I've heard offline.
  5. Super smart dude. I've talked to him quite a bit over the years, including back in his minor league ops days with the Mariners.
  6. I absolutely remember... I was out to dinner at a restaurant in NYC with about ten friends, trying to get the score to come up on my phone. I couldn't get service, was frustrated and knew it was late in the game, so I stood up and walked out without saying a word, dinner still on the table. I walked down the street to the first bar I found, went in, ordered a beer, and then turned around to the TV with the game on...I turned around as the pitch was delivered and Maggs hit it out...chugged my beer, went back to the restaurant and finished the meal with my friends.
  7. For reference, I went back and looked at my pre-2008 rankings....I had Joyce 13th and Clete 20th at that point.
  8. I can't speak to the decision directly, but frankly he's just not that highly rated, even in the org. Despite some of the prospect coverage fawning over him, he's a glove first org guy that will bounce to a variety of levels -- just like Toledo last year -- when they need to fill a hole, because good defense plays at every level with minimal adjustment needed when you're in a pinch.
  9. Jose King is still around. He's had trouble adding strength to his skinny frame and can't consistently drive the ball. His glove is adequate at shortstop. He'd be better served gaining versatility and adding good speed to a roster where he can handle both middle infield spots and across the outfield. Barring some unforeseen physical and offensive growth, he's a speedy little org guy.
  10. It is? His .231/.286/.308 line suggests something substantially in the other direction. Steering clear of the stats if you'd like, I've seen little from actually watching the games that his bat is actually ready at this point. That said, I am also willing to acknowledge that I've probably been quite a ways on the low end for him the last two years....he's a fringe big leaguer for me, and that's where I've been at for a while.
  11. I don't think the park in Lowell meets the minimum capacity expectations of the Eastern League/Double-A, and there's not much room to expand at that location.
  12. First time traveling somewhere out of the northeast since COVID started....I've been pleasantly surprised by the seriousness of people where I'm at in Texas. Masks consistently worn, no whining, solid protocols in place most places, etc
  13. I'm on my way to Texas as I type this...another deployment.
  14. One of the girls woke me up early this morning, so I took advantage and went to play at the beach.
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