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  1. Lions RELEASING Ebron??

    You realize it was an April Fool's day joke, right?
  2. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Folks dying for a position player need to hope Kelenic shows out this spring...massive upside.
  3. Political Pot-pourri

    This is a massive problem, and one I have witnessed first-hand as a Federal employee in a highly technical organization. There's a minimum level of technical competence required at the supervisor level -- a minimum level that does not necessarily increase with increasing responsibility -- but there is an increasing requirement for leadership/management skills. The smartest technical person is not necessarily the best person to lead and develop the technical group moving forward. I've seen commands dictate that leadership/management characteristics be rated higher during the selection process, even going so far as to put it in writing as organizational policy, but it still comes down to the previous regime of highly-technical folks making the decisions to follow that guidance. Organizations -- like mine -- that have committed the sin of simply promoting the most highly qualified technical person to the leadership and management position must endure years of focused and deliberate effort to correct the problem.
  4. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    The myth of VerHagen's slider....he's never had one since college; it was the big knock on him then, and remains so today. They'll keep trying, which I applaud, but the dude just didn't have the ability to spin the ball.
  5. Political Pot-pourri

    There you go again, misconstruing the article and talking out of your ***, in general. While some classes of Federal employees are evaluated every two to three years, the vast majority are evaluated annually, with mid-round reviews each year, as well. Those that are rated less frequently are done as a result of some unique law/authority that I am not familiar with. On top of that, 99.7% are not rated as "doing great"...they're rated as fully successful, which by CFR and OPM guidance, means they are rated at least a 3 on a 5-point scale. Or a 2 on a 3-point scale. To achieve that rating, employees cannot be rated as "Needs Improvement" or "Fails" in any one of their primary/critical performance objectives. Employees with even one rating as "Needs Improvement" or "Fails" on their review then receive that rating overall. Following such a rating, performance improvement measures can be taken. Now, if you want to argue that the average Federal supervisor has lost the "sack" or senior-level support to rate appropriately, and as a result average ratings have crept up over time, I wouldn't necessarily disagree with you. Similarly, if you want to argue that the average Federal supervisor doesn't hold true to the process and conduct mid-point evaluations or have the honest dialogue necessary to improve performance, then again, I wouldn't necessarily disagree. However, that's not what you're arguing at all, instead you're just arguing through your grossly colored lens of the world. There's work to be done to improve overall Federal employee performance, and more important, accountability. I don't necessarily agree thatbl it is accomplished through pay-for-performance, but maybe it is. Personally, I would much prefer senior level leadership and supervisors are held accountable for executing the performance evaluation process that already exists. If you start there, maintain accountability throughout the leadership chain, and then look at potential tweaks to the overall process, you'll have a better chance of meaningful long term change for the better.
  6. 2018 Spring Training Thread

    Burrows and Faedo will probably see a handful of innings each, and I could see Perez getting some relief innings here or there.
  7. Just finished watching the Unabomer series...exceptional stuff. I really enjoyed the entire thing. Also saw an article recently that they may be heading toward a Season 2 of the series....some other manhunt at that time (Boney-Ramsey, etc.), which Fitz also worked, while having Unabom in the rear view mirror. The producer noted in the interview that there was a lot of stuff happening all at once....Unabom, OJ, Boney-Ramsey, Menendez, all on the heels of Ruby Ridge, etc. Not sure how I feel about a Season 2 here, but if it's well thought out and executed as well as the Unabom series, it might be very interesting.
  8. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    I do. There's plenty to like, both with the bat and some potential with the glove, but he's light years away. There's also a strong possibility the glove doesn't cut it and he's forced to another position, at which point the bat won't support a big league projection. He's interesting to keep an eye on at this stage, but he's got a massive amount of risk.
  9. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    It's an interesting question....consider McMillan probably hasn't caught more than 40-50 legitimate games in a season so far, and Morgan's probably in the same boat. There's an entire school of thought out there about catcher development that includes an "innings limit" similar to what organizations employ for young pitchers; just because of the physical demands of the position and the overall physical development of these young players as it relates to such a demanding position. There are organizations that deliberately build a catchers workload over the course of 2-3 seasons, just like they would a pitcher. In the case of Morgan and McMillan, it's more a matter of whether or not you feel Morgan is ready for Lakeland and/or McMillan is ready for West Michigan. If you feel both are ready for those assignments, then you mitigate the playing time problem by splitting them up out of spring training and giving them a more veteran caddy to help ease the burden of catching every day. If they're both only ready for West Michigan -- at least at the end of spring training -- then you're looking at more of a job-sharing arrangement or holding one player back in EST; both of which have pluses and minuses. Frankly, at this early stage, their offensive development is just as critical as their defensive development, so ABs while DHing are not a bad thing this early in their career.
  10. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    Barring a terrible showing this spring or some regression from either Greiner or Rogers, I'm projecting them to Toledo and Erie, respectively. I would expect, at a minimum, that one of Norris and Pena will be kept to fill out the catcher spot in Toledo. I expect another catcher will probably be signed at the MiLB level in the next couple of weeks. If I had to project rosters right now, I'd suggest they look like this: Toledo - Greiner and Norris/Pena Erie - Rogers and Norris/Pena Lakeland - Perez and one of the Longley/Zeile/Policelli/Athmann crew West Michigan - Morgan and McMillan Tim Remes will most likely fill -- though he could be "replaced" in the role -- the roving backup catcher role where he gets shipped out from Lakeland for 3-10 days stints here and there when an extra catcher is needed. They've routinely filled this with one of their veteran org catchers like Remes, Alvino, etc. There's a very reasonable chance the club wants McMillan getting everyday ABs in West Michigan, and if they want the same for Morgan and the DH spot isn't suitable (you're going to have Burdeaux, Pearce, Bortles, Salter, Rivera, Rosa, etc., all vying for extra DH ABs in West Michigan), they could push him to Lakeland if he has a strong spring. That said, McMillan also has to demonstrate he's ready for full-season ball to start the season. He could easily start in EST to gain experience, in which case Morgan would be backed up by another from the Longley/Zeile/Policelli/Athmann crew, or possibly Andres Sthormes. If they opt to push both Morgan and McMillan, I'd expect their backups to be Arvicent Perez and some option from the other pile of catchers in the low minors, respectively.
  11. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    Compared to what an A-ball catcher has experienced on a regular basis? Absolutely. Without signings like Pena, Norris, etc., they would skip past the upper-level catchers and have to invite all the A-ball guys like Arvicent Perez (granted, he's pretty polished), Athmann, Morgan, Escobar, etc., that just haven't seen that caliber of arm on a consistent basis. Their inexperience in that realm can impact the quality of training the pitchers are able to achieve during the spring sessions, and while it may be good for the catchers developmentally, you can't do that consistently throughout the spring at the expense of your pitcher's experience. All that said, there's a good chance both Norris and Pena break camp as members of the organization. I would be surprised if the Tigers had them both in Toledo with Greiner and Rogers both in Erie, but you could end up with a Greiner/Norris pairing in Toledo and Rogers/Pena in Erie to start the year.
  12. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    The Tigers have historically signed several MiLB free agent catchers that appear to fit on the AAA and AA rosters. They also typically get NRIs to spring training, along with guys like Greiner, Rogers, Perez, etc. At the end of camp, many of those MiLB signings are let go....having largely been signed to provide extra catcher bodies in camp; catcher bodies developed enough and refined enough to handle premium arms during camp -- both in game and on the practice mounds. Bottom line, I wouldn't read too much into the signing of those guys and how it relates to the placement of Greiner and Rogers. They'll place those guys where the need to be as priority prospects, then fill in around them, not the other way around.
  13. Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    He won't be ready for 2020, but don't sleep on Seth Moulton. I've been impressed with his early work.
  14. Project the 2018 Tigers

    Reads and routes can be developed, to an extent. For me, Castellanos lacks the fundamental instincts to play adequate defense at any position. He's never demonstrated an aptitude or feel for developong defensive skills, whether at 3B or in the OF, and that's a massive red flag with me. When I see that characteristic in a player, I'm not projecting them to improve much with the glove at any point in their developmental cycle, and even less so at the point Castellanos is currently at in that cycle. He's just not built and/or wired to succeed with a glove on his hand.
  15. Project the 2018 Tigers

    Just to clarify, that was a general "you" and not a specific one directed at you.