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  1. I'm scheduled to get my first dose next week. First responder status makes me eligible and I want to set an example for my team when their turn comes.
  2. Not everyone was let go... Some guys were kept around.
  3. Just to be clear...it wasn't really a rumor. These are done deals 2-3 years in advance. Any language used by reporters to imply these are rumors or somehow uncertain are simply maintaining sources to preserve their job.
  4. My obsession these days has been Vitamin Sea Brewing out of Weymouth, MA. They were rated one of the best new brewers in the world in 2019 and they dramatically increased canning during COVID since they couldn't do on-site pours. Stocked up on their stuff right before Thanksgiving and I'm still working through that stash. Also still whittling down a large stash or Tree House, Alchemist, and Frost that I've picked up the last few months.
  5. My wife was interested in watching Treme on HBO. I watched it years ago but I'm rewatching it with her. So many emotions coming back with my initial post-Katrina deployment and then moving there three years later. It's honestly harder to watch now than it was the first time.
  6. Saying he is an ex-catcher is pretty generous...he was a terrible catcher and is now an ex-terrible catcher. They things you cite as traits that could reasonably help him transition to first base are exactly the things he was terrible at as a catcher.
  7. I think that justification for sending him to Mexico is largely fluff...he's played in Mexico the last several years during the winter, he's committed to his club there in much the same way as Dominican and Venezuelan players are committed to their LIDOM or VWL teams. It would be more of a story if they pushed him to the Dominican for the winter and pissed off his Mexican club.
  8. Good, my memory doesn't suck as bad as I thought.
  9. Interesting that De La Cruz is listed as an INF. I thought he had converted to the mound....maybe my memory is faulty.
  10. The irony there is they changed his swing when he arrived from Houston. He had found success after years of relative failure, the Tigers didn't think it would last so they changed it, and they broke him all over again. 🤦
  11. Jose DeLaCruz is criminally underrated in that graphic... Think much, much closer to the top ten, if not in it.
  12. I seem to recall a lacerated spleen from an incident in Double-A as well.
  13. If you're the Tigers, I think you make hard pushes for guys like Dahl and Mazara...take a gamble on the upside and appeal to them with considerable playing time available. Both are really talented players that are worth a shot...though lots of teams will take that shot.
  14. My wife and I were pretty fortunate on the workout front during COVID. My schedule only allowed me to ever get to class 2-3 days a week so I needed some stuff at home to fill the rest of the week. I had been building out my home gym over time and my wife had kind of capped it off when she got me a new C2 rower at Christmas last year. That with the treadmill, sandbag, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbell/plates, and a few other random things, and I can do just about anything I need. I've actually worked out more on a weekly basis the last nine months than any stretch in the last few years. We are in the process of buying a new house and we will be finishing the basement immediately after we move in. We have already planned out where we are putting in the right flooring for a gym space and installing a rig for pullups, squats, bench, etc.
  15. To my knowledge, Warp Speed construction efforts are focused more on the support materials and supplies needed to mass produce and distribute, not develop. Example, the projects I'm aware of more closely have barely even begun substantial construction and have not impacted the development timeline.
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