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  1. This is, of course, the correct stance on this matter.
  2. Joe Jimenez had a college commitment, floated too high of a bonus demand pre-draft, went undrafted, and signed as a free agent that summer (for <$100k, for that matter). He never rescinded his college commitment. My understanding is it can be done, but for whatever reason rarely occurs.
  3. The Tigers have always had a few sidearm guys floating around....the current iterations include Decaster, Blackwood, Lescher, Schreiber, etc. They've done that for years and typically had about one at every level of the org. They're useful to have around, largely effective in relief roles throughout the minor leagues, but rarely overly projectable at the big league level.
  4. I'll admit to being intrigued to watch the process and outcomes. The org has rightfully been hammered for their inability to develop prospects for the last decade or two, pitchers included. I don't have any reason to think that trend has radically changed, but if you had told me three years ago that they would successfully take Matt Manning, break him apart, start from scratch, build him back up through a dismal first full season, and have a Top 50 prospect in all of baseball by the time he was old enough to drink, I wouldn't have believed you. I'm not necessarily optimistic they will pull it off with Meadows, but they've done it with at least one premium talent -- granted, a pitcher -- in the last two years, so who knows.
  5. Relievers with silly numbers sure are fun to follow, but Decaster is nothing close to this level of prospect. He commands a below-average fastball well from a low to sidearm slot, the breaking ball can be good at times, and he competes his *** off on the mound. He's solid but unspectacular and doesn't profile as a high-leverage guy.
  6. Kreidler should stay at the six, so there's your middle infielder.
  7. Funkhouser was sent back down to Lakeland for a rehab stint today.
  8. See, this is where I won't jive with folks, not just you. I talked about this on the podcast last week, and its certainly not the end-all, be-all in terms of making a decision on Bleday, but you can't simply ignore it either. Look at the history of Vanderbilt position players taken in the first round....Jeren Kendall (brutal start), Dansby Swanson, Pedro Alvarez (meh), etc. in the most recent era....it's not much better if you expand past the first round. Swanson could be bucking that trend a bit as he's trending up this year. If you want to talk Vandy pitchers at the top of the draft, I would agree you're likely getting a quality player from that school. Position players, they're not a factory for successful big leaguers. Like I said, that's never the sole reason to avoid a player in the draft, but it has to be at least a passing part of the calculus, and should at least keep you from making an assumption that the best player from a Vanderbilt team must be good.
  9. I don't think picking Greene would say indicate anything of the sort. If he's the best player on their board, picking him would simply indicate a commitment to taking the best player available; which in baseball is nearly always the correct answer in the top rounds.
  10. That's a bit of revisionist history. Sanchez had dealt with injury/durability concerns his entire minor league career, was considerably overweight throughout, and profiled best in the bullpen. You trade that dude everyday.
  11. I'm not sure I'd count that chicken yet.
  12. Mize pitched Monday in Hartford.
  13. After watching him yesterday in Hartford, yes, yes, he is.
  14. In terms of Castellanos at 1B, my issue is that the things he struggled with as a third baseman wouldn't translate well to first base; things like judgments on balls to his sides, reading short hops, and generally making quick adjustments to the ball. Those are all things I noted when he was coming up on the infield. If those struggles continue, which I suspect they would given his extensive time away from the dirt, then any transition to 1B is going to be really rough. It may well still be worth it to try him at 1B to maximize his value and their roster, but I'm pretty skeptical it would work well.
  15. I've said this since Jones was acquired from Pittsburgh, his best bet to provide maximum value at the big league level was to maintain enough infield chops to play 3B, SS, and 2B on occasion, while also learning to play the outfield (which he's obviously done very well). That type of defensive versatility gives him inherent value to a big league club, particularly if there's 10-15 home run pop and some speed when he's on base. All that in spite of a low average and low OBP (which was fully expected). Unfortunately -- at least from my perspective -- he's an OF-only now, which decreases his overall value. Again, one man's opinion.
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