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  1. If that's the case my apologies .... Moderator feel free to delete the thread.
  2. Was when I posted ... I 'rewound ' the DVR before posting this ... Can't find it in net yet either .... Ugh
  3. Just saw this scroll across bottom of screen of MLB network show.... Anyone see this or hear this? Trying to confirm with other internet sources ......
  4. To some of you.... I said ' a little further off the grid' I get I wouldn't be off the grid with Netflix and internet .... Just trying to simplify life a bit ... I get how things are tracked via Netflix And other things.... I get 'off the grid' is in the wild in a cabin.... Was just looking for some advice To move on that direction and still be fair to The kids and family ... And catch tigers games.... Anyway thanks to those that provided some options..
  5. Gonna be a tough decision.... I thought maybe I get a little further 'off the grid' and cancel cable.... Keep Internet access and do Hulu plus or Netflix to keep kids happy..... Just no way around the live sports problem....
  6. Love the sarcasm .... Something I would probably say!!
  7. Been a member here for a long time and apologize if this being posted in this forum offends some as being placed in the wrong forum. However, as 2015 approaches i find myself wanting to make some drastic changes for myself and family. One big change is scaling way back on technologies and gadgets and cable... Getting rid of the iPhone and picking up a few more books and spending more time with family.... Sorry for the babble but my question to you as I take steps towards these changes as a die hard Tigers fan.... If I cancel cable TV ... What are my options for watching tigers / sports games live?? Must I keep Internet and go to a stream service ? Has anyone done this..... I appreciate the input and options.... Thanks again !!!
  8. I think some things will start to come out about fielder in the clubhouse ..... I think he was a cancer in the clubhouse and won't be missed at all.
  9. Why not Castellanos at short ??? With all our outfield 'options' and Peralta's lack of range and average dipping why couldn't Castellanos slide over from 3rd to short???
  10. Sending boys and girls to kill .... But be nice please. - Tommy's Vent Machine
  11. We finally have a sitter and looking for a small place to listen to some Indie rock ... have a drink and listen to some music without getting our ears blown off... Looking for some help... any ideas?
  12. Myself and my son were at the Tigers game on Sept 22 nd versus Baltimore. In a mad scramble for the Delmon Young 3 run home run ball in the left field seats...... we were lucky enough to snag the ball!!! A dream come true. A Detroit Tigers home run ball. I recorded the game at home but as soon as the ball goes into the stands the shot cuts away to Delmon Young and never comes back to the crowd. I have seen a million times when the kids comes up with the ball they keep the shot on the kid to show his excitement. Well, not this time. So, my question is, has anyone ever requested footage from a ball game ? Is that even possible? Im sure they recorded us getting the ball but just cut to a different camera to show Young running the bases. Any suggestions? I would love to get the footage to give to my son who has not stopped smiling since getting the ball. thank you
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