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  1. Take it FWIW, but Dombrowski was just on MLB Network with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. He said Tigers had zero talk with the Dodgers about Kemp, and the Tigers are not interested in trading Scherzer. They want Scherzer to be a Tiger for a long time. He also mentioned that they're basically set with positional players and the #1 focus now is adding another middle reliever.
  2. I never thought it would happen, but I'm so glad Bondo is back. Slider looked as good as I had remembered it.
  3. I recall Rod Allen mentioning this numerous times earlier in the season.
  4. This thread is a train wreck but somehow better than the first one. Look man, I'm not gonna be a dick, but most of this is pretty far fetched. And, honestly I don't understand the hate Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland get around here. Do you people that complain about them have any recollection of the 14 or so years prior to Dombrowski's arrival? Do Randy Smith, Buddy Bell, Phil Garner, Luis Pujols, ect ring a bell? For the love of God, I actually like being relevant in MLB again and having a shot at making the postseason every year. Do I agree with every single decision Dombrowski and Leyland make? No. But that doesn't mean they aren't doing a good job. The fact is Dombrowski turned this organization around from a perennial laughing stock to a team that has a realistic chance at competing for a playoff spot year in and year out. Leyland is the best manager we've had since Sparky Anderson. Again, not saying a whole lot, but I think Jim is a solid manager. It's as if people forget the years 1988-2005. I know Dombrowski joined the Tigers in 2002, but it only took him a few years to turn a team that was a disaster into a pennant winner. And on the whole, I think Jim Leyland has done a fine job. You don't just go firing people when you don't have a better candidate ready to replace them. 2010 was supposed to be a rebuilding year, and despite that the Tigers are right in the thick of things. Shouldn't Dombrowski and Leyland get some credit for that?
  5. Those were some big flies! I see you, Cabby. On to the second round!
  6. Two of the walks Boesch drew were on 3-2 counts, the other two were 4 pitch walks. The first of which he was behind 0-2 before working the count full and walking. I'm not so sure the Orioles pitchers were trying to walk Boesch, they just sucked. Oh yeah, and this Boesch kid is pretty good!
  7. I dont even remember starting this...but 7 years later it gets bumped lol
  8. Wish I woulda known about that. I paid full price back in March.
  9. The most amazing to me, is that Oscar Salazar has been starting regularly in the outfield for the San Diego Padres.
  10. Everyone is getting their wish. MTS rejoice! LINK
  11. And who are you going to replace them with? And to play devils advocate, we also can't field a team full of average to below average defenders and expect our pitching to carry us with no help behind them. I agree that we can't give away 9 outs every night, but we also can't give the other teams extra bases and extra at bats all the time either.
  12. Honestly, I dont think we'd be better off with a guy like Robert Fick catching rather than Laird. Laird is one of the best defensive catchers in the league. I don't know how to quantify the ability to handle a pitching staff and defense for a catcher compared to there offense. There's no denying that Laird's offensive output is horrid. Everytime he comes up I know hes gonna pop out or strike out. Sucks, but he is what he is. The real problem lies in the fact that the 7-9 as a whole are a blackhole offensively. If at least one of Inge and Everett/Santiago were producing league average offensively at their positions consistently Laird's offense wouldn't be that big an issue. Granted it would still be terrible, but at least someone in the bottom third would be picking up the slack a little.
  13. His defense and handling of the pitching staff are the only thing keeping him on the roster. I get the feeling the organization feels defense at the catcher position is more important than offense, and I tend to agree. Don't get me wrong watching Laird bat pisses me off just like everyone else, but at least he's solid behind the plate. And there's really no better alternative in the minors.
  14. The OP is so far off base. First off, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that Verlander was actually at 97 pitches after 7 innings. Why would anyone not send him out for the 8th? He wasn't even at 100 pitches yet, he's your ace, and as everyone else has said he can handle a workload throwing over 100 pitches. He has really good stuff and other than Milton Bradley nobody was really making good contact off him. I was hoping Leyland would leave him out for the 8th, he did, and unfortunately it didn't work out. As for Perry, working the 8th inning the next day. Again, I have no problem with the decision. Perry, and the bullpen as a whole have been outstanding all season. Its not like he was out there walking guys, so despite getting hit hard I think Jim was right to leave him in. Would have liked to see him get pulled maybe after the single when it was 4-3. But sometimes you gotta let the young guys work through it. I fail to see how a reliever not getting the job done is the managers fault. The manager isnt the one throwing the pitches, and its not like Jim brought in Brad Thomas to close out the 9th in a one run game. Perry has been a very reliable set up man. Sometimes you just have bad luck. There's ups and downs during a 162 game season. At least the Tigers are only 2.5 games out of first right now and are heading back home. Time to get another win streak going! I see nothing wrong with what Jim Leyland did in the Seattle series. A couple tough losses, that the Tigers will bounce back from.
  15. Some questions that would need to be answered for me to determine who helped their team more: -How many of the runs given up by pitcher A and pitcher B were earned runs? -Were any of the runs given up inherited runners that the reliever who came in allowed to score? -How was the defense behind both pitcher A and pitcher B? And not necessarily in terms of errors, but were there balls hit that should have been outs that were not. For example a pop up where there is miscommunication between the SS and CF that falls in, but should have been caught, and is not ruled an error? Or the official scorer gives a player a hit on a play that probably should be ruled an error (happens from time to time). Did either pitcher get bailed out by some "web gems" from his defense? Based purely on the amount of runs given up Pitcher B appears to have pitched better, but without knowing the answers to these questions Pitcher A could have theoretically pitched a better game than Pitcher B despite the difference in total runs allowed. What if their pitching lines looked like this: Pitcher A: 7 innings, 4 hits, 0 walks, 4 runs, 0 earned runs, 12 Ks (team won 6-4) Pitcher B: 7 innings, 12 hits, 3 walks, 2 runs, 2 earned runs, 3 Ks (team lost 2-1) Would this change people's answer on who helped their team more? Just some things to think about.
  16. Kinda surprising. Hopefully Scherzer can figure things out down in AAA. Me thinks Santiago plays 2B for the meantime, and Guillen will play some 2B when he gets activated from the DL in order to keep Boesch's hot bat in the lineup.
  17. 4 more hits tonight including a huge 2 run triple. The kid is absolutely mashing right now.
  18. I might be in the minority but I really like Everett. The guy is awesome to watch defensively and is as good as they come at the SS position. He doesn't hit all that well, but at SS I'm cool with trading some offense for defense. The guy is a wizard out there.
  19. Ughh.....I am not happy about this at all. I have the same feeling I had when we traded Travis Fryman. Pisses me right off, and then we throw Edwin Jackson in a deal too. WTF.
  20. I'm ready to puke myself. I know all this crap is just rumors, but I'll be irate if they trade Granderson or Cabrera. Honestly, I don't want to trade Jackson either, because I don't think our rotation is very good without him. I just don't see why the Tigers would want to get rid of Granderson or Cabrera though.
  21. I'm late to the party, but I love this trade. Now lets get a bat!
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