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  1. briankrebs ‏@briankrebs 58m58 minutes ago Heads up to anyone thinking of upgrading to Windows 10: MS will share your WiFi network w/ your contacts http://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/07/windows-10-shares-your-wi-fi-with-contacts/
  2. According to MLB gameday Worth throws a 70mph knuckleball. I wonder what the minimum fastball speed is.
  3. This is why I am ok with the fact that Austin Jackson doesn't dive.
  4. What happens if Max has a minor injury/ailment all year and tries to pitch through it but is ineffective? Insurance won't give him squat. imo, this is the real risk that Max should be protecting himself from. But he and Boras are smart enough to know that.
  5. I agree with Hennings column today which says the Tigers should use the money saved by the Fielder trade to extend Cabrera. They will keep Scherzer for one more year and then let him walk because he will be too expensive - he will cost more than Verlander's contract and the Tigers simply can't afford that many superstar contracts. So I don't think the Tigers will trade Porcello. They will need both Porcello and Smyly in the rotation in 2015. Edit: I doubt the Tigers will trade Scherzer because they are trying to win the World Series in 2014.
  6. I think you are misunderstanding trickle-down. In that theory, the wealthy get taxed less so that they spend more on goods/hiring, etc and money flows down. But Obama is taxing the wealthy more, which means there is less free money to trickle down. So this is the expected result. As goverment grows, middle class shrinks. Pretty simple.
  7. Dmitri Young. For how he kept playing until a contract vesting option kicked in, and the very next day he was too "injured" to play for the rest of the season. Plus other off the field stuff that was much worse than what Delmon did, imo.
  8. In fairness to the Lion's draft decision - concussion awareness in the NFL is vastly different now than what it was when they drafted him in 2010.
  9. Don't forget about receiving yardage.
  10. I'm sure you realize that this article has nothing to do with economics. They may have followed a different path to get where they are now but they have arrived at the same place. Making money by furthering the political liberal/conservative rift.
  11. Krugman is a lefty version of Rush Limbaugh. Nothing more, nothing less.
  12. Good grief, Stafford might have 300 yds by halftime. That's on the road against a pretty good defense. (I shoulda drafted him in FFL).
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