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  1. No do not sell the team! I am a Lions fan 365 days a year.. But for selfish reasons...I am a huge Lions Fan on one particular day. Thanksgiving day. It is legacy and tradition to ***** about the Lions on Thanksgiving Day. It is birthright, it is tradition, to know two things on Thanksgiving day. 1. I will over eat. 2. There is a 77.3% chance the Lions will lose this day. Every 4th year when they do win, the turkey tastes better, the Pumpkin pie tastes sweeter. Why do the Lions play every Thanksgiving? Because Ford family/Ford Motor company are a big NFL league sponsors. Take that away that sponsorship/sell the team, and the Lions will stop playing on Thanksgiving. Dumb move. The Lions playing on Thanksgiving is my Superbowl. Because I have resigned myself that they will never make the actual Superbowl in my lifetime. So, do not mess with Lions Thanksgiving tradition! Hope springs eternal to me that eventually by dumb luck the Ford Family will hire the right GM-Coach combination, and a culture change, and a few deep playoff runs or by divine intervention, a Superbowl appearance will happen. No do not sell the team! Overeating and Lions bitching is my Thanksgiving day birthright. It shall not be taken away. Bruce Martin, Muskegon, MI
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