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  1. I'm on Chase, Sewell and Pitts in that order. Fields being from Ohio State, and I've heard a couple things about how he isn't a hard worker, makes me want to avoid him. If those 3 aren't available and if they can't trade down i would be ok with Slater, Parsons or Waddle. Possibly Lance if the Lions have scouted him and like him, although that would be my last option. Taking a QB with #7 basically sends a bad message to Goff and has the highest possibility of failure. That would be a tough way to start the new regime. But if the Lions really like one then i guess they have to.
  2. Without double checking myself, almost all of the names on this list aside from the first rounders, Meadows and Workman are college guys. Just saying that Chaad and Plies really haven't changed their MO of taking the best player available with top 40-ish picks and then from rounds 2-7 taking older players.
  3. I know I'm the low guy on Miggy but he needs to hit or it's time to move on. They would probably convince him to spend a lot more time on the IL and then part ways after the season if Chris signs off. Using the DH to get guys not playing every day some at bats is good for the team. Hopefully he will get it going and prove me wrong.
  4. Boston signed Carr and Detroit wanted McAdoo as compensation. So they worked out the trade, and of course it wound up being the number 1 pick overall. Boston traded the pick to GS for the #3 pick and took McHale. GS took Joe Barry Carroll, a 7 foot center from Purdue. JBC had an underachieving career marked by weight control issues that earned him the nickname Joe Barely Cares.
  5. The data the have is from too small a sample size to draw any conclusions. Hitting on Golladay and not drafting any other WR's high skewed the results in Quinn's favor. I'm sure if given enough time he would have proven to be just as inept at drafting WR's as he was at other positions.
  6. Casey Mize is the Tigers best starter this year and has an era around 3.75. Torkelson struggles to start the year in A ball and everyone panics. The starting pitching overall is around league average. The bullpen is horrible, aside from Norris. Cabrera is so bad he is told he won't be back next year. Final record 71-91.
  7. Nobody is against spending during a rebuild. Whether it's taking on bad contracts in order to get a prospect, or spending on 1-2 year deals. What doesn't make sense is signing a top free agent to a long term deal for a team that is going to lose 95 games.
  8. Really interested to see how Mize does. Hopefully he is working through some spring training mechanical issues.
  9. I will be watching the high round draft picks like Meadows, Quintana, Dingler and for an international prospect to breakout. It's hard to see a path back to relevance if we keep missing in the draft and internationally.
  10. Mize graded out as having a plus fastball, elite splitter and good/plus control. Few pitchers have an elite pitch but Mize also had a 60 grade FB and control. Probably closer to Max Sherzer than Verlander
  11. They simply don't develop players like successful organizations. Part of that is drafting 21 and 22 year olds almost exclusively after the first round, instead of 18 year olds, and part of it must be a flawed player development program. Plus avoiding high dollar international players and bringing in a min van full of 5'9 140 lbs shortstops every year. This goes back decades really. The Tigers haven't had hardly any true development successes since the Campbell days. Granderson? Fryman? Higgy? Not very many and none recently. They can't even develop a reliever despite a massive emphasis in the draft to find some. Skubal was a highly thought of arm with an injury history who dropped and they went above slot for. They deserve credit of course but he wasn't really someone they developed. The rest of the recent successes in the DD era are high dollar draft picks or Andy Dirks/Matt Joyce types. I see they are changing their approach to the international, which is nice. But they are still sticking to college players in rounds 2-5 in the last couple of drafts. This is an important year for the organization. The past couple of drafts and international classes need to start yielding results. If they don't see much progress and if the young pitchers don't develop, and they are of course highly unpredictable, we could be looking at 2-3 years more rebuilding.
  12. I'm in. Haven't done a points league in a while.
  13. I think Nunez at 1st and Candelario at 3rd will be an upgrade over Goodrum at 3rd. They will play the hot hand of course and i'm sure there will be several changes throughout the year.
  14. If I'm Hinch, I'm not sure I'd even want Cabrera on the team. He's got a young team and he's trying to get them to work hard, play the game hard, and play as a team. If Miggy shows up out of shape, is jogging to first base on grounders, and yucking it up with the other team they should just cut bait.
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