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  1. If half of his free agent signings played for the Rams that will be a bad sign.
  2. The Athletic had a couple of articles from scouts on the talent rankings in the NFC and it was brutal for the Lions. They broke it down by position and on defense the Lions were last at almost everything. A couple of comments: Flowers - good effort guy, overpaid Tavia - Can't move, slow Okudah - had NO idea what he was doing, OSU corners are like that, has talent though Jones - 2 down run defender, slow Harmon - decent centerfielder, doesn't like to mix it up in run game Collins - slowing down, effort is inconsistent Walker - slipped last year, not a centerfielder The offense wasn't much better. I beginning to think they should just trade Stafford and start over, which will mean a couple of more 3-5 win seasons.
  3. And neither one signed for the franchise tag and was then traded.
  4. Those were a little different situations, the Dolphins are getting just one year. Hopefully someone will offer a first because that would be a no-brainer deal.
  5. I would think a first rounder for one year of a top WR you are paying full value for will get far less than a first rounder. A third would be my guess.
  6. Who are they fooling with that tactic?
  7. A Phil Niekro story. He was discovered playing American Legion ball back in the mid 50's. A Yankee scout came up to him after a game and told him he was interested and Phil directed him to his father who then invited the scout over to the house to talk. The scout did a brief presentation of the training he would receive, where he would report, and that he had a chance to pitch in the big leagues if he worked hard. He then pulled out a contract and said how does $500 sound? Phil's dad thought about it a minute and said "that's a lot of money, how long will I have to pay it?"
  8. Rather than move a prospect up the spectrum until the Peter Principle is reached I wish they would just develop guys at the position(s) they profile best at. I think trying to make a third baseman out of Tork is a waste of time and he should be developed as a LF'er and first baseman. Same with Castro, he doesn't seem likely to ever be more than a below average SS, just keep him at second. Don't let current team needs affect how your top prospects are developed. They wasted a lot of time yanking Castellanos around and it seems they undervalue defense overall.
  9. Bill James is one of Allen's biggest critics as I remember saying he was a selfish player who didn't care about winning. From all I read Allen had his faults. He was late to games, was a drinker, and would skip spring training some years. Of course the racism he endured during his early years in Philadelphia may have shaped his attitude. He was for the most part well liked by teammates though.
  10. I agree, but for whatever reason he hasn't had an impact on the defense. Given how unsuccessful Patricia's scheme has been, there may be a few guys on the current defense that have more value than it currently appears. They need speed as others have said, but it wouldn't surprise me to have a competent d-coordinator come in and with a few moves have a league average unit next year. They lack impact guys so I don't expect a top 10 defense, but good enough to win some games with an average or better offense.
  11. They didn't plan on Okudah being basically sub-replacement level, I'm sure they thought he would be at least average by the end of the year. Whereas taking a QB with Stafford in place would not be helping the 2020 team at all.
  12. The Lions didn't need a QB, they did need multiple d-lineman, linebackers, a guard and a corner. If they had taken a QB at 3 they were basically punting on this year which was never going to happen, not with Quinn still there. You can argue they should have but then they should have fired Quinn before the year.
  13. OTOH if he comes here and wins he wins he will be hailed as a miracle worker by not only Lion fans but any NFL fan that is aware of this organizations history. It won't take a superbowl either, just a couple of winning seasons, maybe a division title and a playoff win or two. He will be mentioned along with Scotty Bowman and Chuck Daley as one the best coaches in the states history.
  14. No idea if it is true but I read on another board that DM was banged up and missing practices and got the old can't win the job from the sidelines tough guy treatment. Then they told him Milton was starting and he walked.
  15. Why on earth Mattison was not retained as defensive coordinator when Harbaugh took over is a mystery. The day he left the wheels started to come off the defense. Now they have issues all over the place. They haven't recruited run stuffers on the dline, the linebackers have regressed, and they lack corners who can cover. Which is kind of a problem when you don't know how to teach zone.
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