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  1. I can't remember who it was but somebody said he didn't like to get too close to him because Thomas was so ugly it caused his uniform to wrinkle.
  2. Nathan was old, but he was coming off a great year. He just took a step back and got a bit unlucky as well.
  3. Avila has done a horrible job. The farm system is top heavy, with nice prospects thanks to top ten picks, but after 6 it falls off dramatically. Guys like Cameron, Faedo, Meadows, Perez, Rogers, etc are just not good prospects right now. Maybe one will break out, but not likely. For all of the prospects we received for Verlander, JD, Wilson/Avila, Kinsler, Upton and Greene deals, only Parades is looking like a decent bet right now, who really doesn't have a high ceiling. He hasn't hit on any latin amerericans recently. His top 5 prospects include 2 number 1 overall picks, a number 5 overall, a number 8, and Skubal who was a nice find. If there is some attrition in the top 6, and odds are there will be, this rebuild has a few more years left in it. Avila/Chad/Plies have to go.
  4. Zimmerman should have to earn his spot on the team just like anyone else. His contract shouldn't enter into the equation at all. The only reason you would keep him on the team is for him to pitch well and hope some other team would take on the contract and trade for him. And if he isn't one of the best 13 or whatever pitchers in camp that isn't happening, so it's over.
  5. I remember going to my first game in the late 80's and Harold Snepsts was the only Red Wing without a helmet. His mustache effectively protected him from any potential head injury.
  6. I have family members, college educated, that insist that "the media" has blown this entire covid 19 out of proportion to make Trump look bad and get democrats back in power. The media has been grossly exaggerating the infected and death numbers, and really this is very similar to a normal flu season aside from the affects on the elderly. And the correct course would be to isolate them and the rest of the economy go back to normal. I point out that far higher numbers of people from all age groups are passing away from this? And no it's the media trying to scare us, it's all normal. Don't believe the numbers "they" give you. They deny hospitals are at capacity in hot spots as well. You can show them video and and they still don't believe it. Some of these Trumpers are like a cult, you can give them absolute proof and they still deny it.
  7. When they start spending will be timed around when the young core that they are assembling are in the majors and producing, not before. So spending for 2022 is probably the best case. I would guess for 2023.
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