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  1. Does he know about this new thing called dentists?
  2. King is just a no hit good fielding SS. There are plenty of those guys out there. I can't find any info about him
  3. I think having Skubal and Mize on the opening day roster may have helped them in their development. Or at least waiting for the 2 weeks or whatever for service time.
  4. It does kind of make 162 games about as meaningless as anything that has ever existed in sports history. You are going to see pitchers make a lot less starts over the course of the year. Players are going to be sitting a lot. Why would you keep your regulars out there when it doesn't really matter? Pennant races are going to be nonexistent. In the future worrying which bad teams creep into the #8 spot really won't be that interesting. The Rangers at 78-84 would have made the playoffs and they were 5.5 games ahead of the #9 team. I remember when hockey had 21 teams and 16 of them made the playoffs. That was about as stupid as anything ever.
  5. Some free agents are signed with the idea that they are going to be fringe players or maybe they will catch fire or provide some sort of leadership for the younger players. You need these kind of guys, and not everyone is going to be a stud. What did you expect from Jody Mercer when he was signed? I think he provided exactly what everyone thought he was going to provide. He wasn't going to make the all star team, he wasn't going to be a league leader, he wasn't going to single handedly take the team to the playoffs. He provided professionalism and leadership, something that the team needed. Not everyone is going to play like Mike Trout. I can't stand Avila, but most of the guys he has signed has been about what was expected of them. You aren't going to sign Ivan Nova and get a top 10 pitcher. You are getting a guy who will give you innings and hopefully keep you in the game. The fact that he got injured is disappointing, but 1/3 of the league's pitchers get hurt every year.
  6. Hinch is done in MLB. No one in their right mind would risk hiring that guy when there are hundreds of other guys you can bring in that are interchangeable. Lloyd will get the boys hitting again. Hopefully, he moves Cabrera out of the #3 hole. We have the worst #3 hitter in baseball. I get that they are going to play him, but if he has to play, can he at least be moved down to #6 or 7?
  7. Nothing wrong with the argument. You just don't agree with it so you try to belittle me. It's fine. I wouldn't expect you to get the premise.
  8. True, but had the Tigers pitcher knew they were ahead he would have just gave up the runs in the half inning after they took the lead.
  9. Technically, that was the only lead they actually had today.
  10. I think an interesting system would be the team with the best record that missed the playoffs should get the #1 pick. Reward teams that are trying to make the playoffs instead of franchises like Detroit who just put a nearly unwatchable product out on the field for 7 or 8 years.
  11. These hitters decided enough is enough. No way are you going to beat us 19 straight times! The bad news: Alexander is on the mound.
  12. The Mize situation is just a bad look for the Tigers. it paints Illitch in a really bad light. Keeping him down at the beginning of this season is understandable but screwing him over by keeping him down another season is not the best way to treat your new ace. Why would you expect him to go out of his way to help an organization led by Illitch and Avila or want to stay with an organization that treats their players like that? Do you think the Yankees or Dodgers would do this kind of stuff? At worst, he's the 2nd best pitcher in the organization. If you were the #1 draft pick in the next draft, would you want to sign with the Tigers after the way they treated Mize? Baseball is the one sport where the #1 pick has some leverage.
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