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  1. Trevor Bauer seemed to know the Astros were cheating all along. He also alleges that Verlander and a few other Astros pitchers suddenly improved their spin rates through various cheating methods. I think I believe him. So much for Mr. Integrity Verlander.
  2. I think he is okay with it. Remember, it benefited him. He is a great pitcher, but I don't think he is some moral high tower.
  3. Why wouldn't you cheat? In 2012, the Tigers should have cheated. The penalties that MLB handed down amount to a slap on the wrist for the organization. A $5 million dollar fine is nothing for MLB teams (I read somewhere that the Astros would have paid around $7 million in bonuses to those lost draft picks), especially after all the extra revenue from WS merchandise. The loss of draft picks...not a huge deterrent. And if you are the team owner, losing your manager and GM isn't that harsh in exchange for a world series title. You get to keep the banner, the trophies, the rings.... I don't know if the Tigers would have won the series, but it wouldn't have hurt their chances. I do know they didn't win the world series as things turned out. So DD and Leyland get fired a few years later. They would have lost 2 years of 1st round draft picks. Technically be the 15 and 16 seasons, but I put down 14 and 17 too. The team sucks anyway, would the organization been in any worse shape without any of these guys? Gladly trade away all these guys, get rid of Leyland and DD and a $5 million dollar fine to win the WS. 2014 draft picks Derek Hill, Spencer Turnbull 2015 draft picks, Beau Burrows, Christin Stewart 2016 Matt Manning, forfeited for Zimmerman. 2017 Alex Faedo, Reynaldo Rivera It's like the guy that steals $50 million dollars, gets to keep it but has to pay a $5 million dollar fine.
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