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  1. I think as Lions fans we are All Done with Losing! This team is not good a d there is nowhere to go from here but to blow it up! Bob Quin blows, name 1 draft pick this year that is productive..I didn't ask for 2, just 1 draft pick that is outperforming where he was drafted..Hockenson blows, he is below average..He can't catch in traffic to save his life, he is not a good blocker..Gets dominated by speed rushers, and safety blitz..And we picked him at 8! We picked him at 8! ..And Tavai..He is complete Joke! He can't run sideline to sideline, he never gets home on blitz..because he is slow. He can't open field tackle or stop the run...But no Devin Bush wouldn't look good here..Let's take a guy that doesn't make any plays.. Again thanks for Losing, and get out of my life! Quin, Patricia..and whoever else
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