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  1. i really want to know if this organization is seriously thinking about making the WRONG side of history. it seems like it was their mindset since spring training. we knew they would be trash but this is historic! i almost WANT to see 121 losses. if losing 121+ games gets EVERY single coach unemployed, then it is worth it for it to happen. McClendon is a stinking pile of horse manure not a hitting coach. Rick Anderson is a horrible pitching coach. Gardenhire is the worst possible manager the Tigers could have gotten.. if 121 losses is what it takes to make ALL of these coaches go away and NEVER come back, then i guess i will be fine with it. its going to happen. it is really difficult to see this team win 10 more games in the final 2 months. either way, i am not going to condemn any of the players. it is 100% the sorry coaches fault and also when Mr. I died, this team died along with him. unless his spoiled rotten kids sell this team, this is only the beginning of world record shattering futility.
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