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  1. At least the announcer didn’t just keep his mouth shut and exposed the refs bs
  2. Wow, don’t even give us a ******* chance!!
  3. Ok seriously.....why the **** are we playing so far off the reciever!!!
  4. Coming away with pretty much only field goals is going to do us in again plus the refs
  5. We aren’t getting the ball back 😞
  6. Even if the lions did challenge you know the refs would not overturn and eff us some more
  7. Patricia could’ve challenged that
  8. I will say at least he didn’t lose the ball on the way down like our receivers lol
  9. Thank the refs for that score packers, absolutely sickening
  10. Please just one third and long stop please
  11. It was not 3 steps, I’m a lions fan but people on this board are blind homers. Lions lost the Kansas game too the refs didn’t eff us over
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