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  1. During spring training I actually started to believe we might get a 2016 miggy this year but....he’s washed and I wish he’d retire
  2. This feels like a throw away game and against the twins missing there best players no less smh
  3. See I was negative and good things happen, I say something positive and funk give up a tank job
  4. I hate when miggy gets taken out early just to miss his bat when it inevitably heads to extras
  5. Funkhouser actually has solid stuff if he could stop walking people he might be a good piece imo
  6. A 2 hit game is definitely a variation from his usual. He is solid defensively consistently though
  7. Greiner with a surprising homer, maybe this team is really starting to break through a bit while the talent is still getting some experience
  8. Castro is nice and candy is locked in rn but the bullpen will give this game up per usual. Nice to see the positivity but I’m just a realist
  9. And then schoop and miggy follow with pathetic at bats
  10. Yapp, yapp, yapp strikeout lookin, miggy your an idiot
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