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  1. Even the announcers can’t believe how pathetic the playcalling is lol. Is Patricia phoning it in or is he just really this stupid?
  2. Lions organization is trash
  3. Stafford flailing around like a little lost child and falling down untouched ?
  4. For being known as a great defensive mind patricias lions defense is god awful
  5. Watch the lions never even get the ball back lol
  6. I said Matt is one of the worst qbs with great stats in nfl history, not that he’s one of the worst qbs in general
  7. Stafford is one of the worst quarterbacks in nfl history with worthless padded stats
  8. Lions suck they really really suck, oh say can you see how much the lions suck
  9. More terrible play calls and dumbass players doing dumb things on the punt ?
  10. Stafford choke job air mail pass to golladay against a small corner not even giving his reciever a chance...what else is new?
  11. Chiming in to say I see the lions are still making tons of mentally stupid plays against a subpar team lmao!! Stafford is a dumbass
  12. How do the lions continue to leave guys wide open in the flats in the red zone in obvious pass situations, omg and then Barkley is wide open again the next play! I didn’t realize just how bad our defense is it’s actually abysmal
  13. If this wasn’t the giants the lions would lose
  14. Just look at how easy Stafford falls down with a chance to ice the game ?
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