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  1. 5 spots open if anyone is interested in joining. Draft is tomorrow at 10 pm. League id# 28460 Password# baseball Thanks
  2. I don't think he has to treat the media like his buddies, but a little respect would be nice.
  3. He basically said Beck was asking leading questions and was trying to start sh*t. Beck asked a perfectly legit question and Leyland went off on him. I personally believe a lot of Leylands antics to be an act. I think he likes to play up to the crusty reputation he has towards reporters. It will probably continue until one of them call him out for his "act".
  4. I like Bedford a lot. I just don't understand why they wouldn't have him signed already if there was a mutual interest. That's what makes me believe it has to be somebody still coaching one of the playoff teams.
  5. Yeah, at this point it has to be either Trgovac, or Hoke. I can't see any other reason for the delay. Unless he is talking with Mattison.
  6. I haven't heard anybody mention Greg Mattison. He has Michigan ties and after Baltimore getting bounced from the playoffs he could be available.
  7. Doug Karsch said he is hearing "whispers" Bedford could be the new DC. I would like this a lot. Player Bio: Vance Bedford - University of Louisville Official Athletic Site
  8. Perhaps to pick up the Miles family?
  9. Michigan calling a team meeting tomorrow a 5 pm??/ Supposedly that is what Tom Beaver of scout.com is reporting. HMMMM
  10. The fact that he has one more year of Tampa money coming, and his oldest son is going to be a high school senior next year may keep him out of coaching for one more year. The fact that he reportedly took interviews with U and Michigan leads me to believe he is at least intrigued by a college job.
  11. I hope they are right. My wish list looks like this 1) Gruden 2) Miles 3) Mullen
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