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  1. Holland has said he is a reliever from here on out. I guess they could tell him he would start, but sounds like that's how he understands his role going forward.
  2. Did you type this while sleeping?
  3. I think it is a steal without Goff. What if Goff did pan out, would it be so bad? I don't like his throwing motion, seems not to throw a pretty ball like Stafford did, but I can live with a few lame ducks if it adds up to a better overall team.
  4. Tanking is tanking, I don't care how you color it. Sure there are different circumstances, and obviously different players, GM's and Owners involved. That is a given, but when you lose for the sake of losing and assuring a high pick for this year and probably a few years to come, that is tanking. Astros did it, granted after being so bad they had to sell off...but they tanked.
  5. That guy who runs the Astros disagrees. They tanked a few years and of course built a team in the meanwhile. But they tanked.
  6. Avila said Demerette is strictly going to play in the outfield. Everything I saw from they few scouts that were interviewed about the trade said he was not a good infielder, even though he was originally a 70 infielder with his original scouting.
  7. gmoney, is that your guess or has this happened? I can't find any kind of news regarding this.
  8. Got to go see the Whitecaps tonight. I was really impressed with Christopher Proctor, I could not see how well he framed pitches, but he handled the ball pretty well until the wild pitches happened in the 7th. He threw out 2 runners, might have been three. He also really handled the bat well, 2/5 with a couple RBI tonight. Was not impressed with the 2nd Baseman tonight, Jeff Kenly, maybe it was 2nd game in WMi jitters, but he had 3 errors. He got to balls but could not gobble them up and wasn't able to transfer from glove to hand. He appeared to try too hard to make up for it at the plate. Lipcius looked good at SS. The starting pitcher has kind of a funky delivery towards home plate, a bit herky jerky, but was mowing them down, 6ip 3 hits 0R. Caps lost.
  9. Nah, I was referring to our current MLB roster. But in a joking way. I am not critical of the rebuilding process. If it is done correctly, I hope to see another great 6-8 years of Tigers baseball.
  10. They have been doing it all season.
  11. Lei, just had this same surgery 3 weeks ago, along with repairing two complete tears of the rotator cuff....recovery is miserable. When does it become less painful?
  12. Candelario becomes a .290 25 hr 100 rbi guy. Nick goes for 35 Hr, .320 100 Rbi, but most of that comes after the All Star Break with another team.
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