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  1. I love Devin White and think he would help tremendously. I was in my mid 20's in 2006 and other things had my attention so I missed the combine/predraft stuff. How does White compare to Ernie Sims? I guess since he busted we should just move on from LB's as well.
  2. Just got a Bleacher Report notice that we cut Glover. Looks like Tracey Walker is going to be our guy. I thought he looked pretty good when given an opportunity to play. Might need to address in the draft or free agency.
  3. If you have the offensive line it almost doesn't matter if the defense knows where you are running...see above.
  4. Rams were by far the superior team. We held them for about 3 quarters until the flood gates opened. The game plan was working but not the horses to finish
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