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  1. Thanks kpt for Hanging in there through this season. Hope to see this again next year.
  2. Rain is our only friend. The only friend is rain, my friend...until the end..
  3. As Lucy would say. "Of all the Bob Miller's, he the Bobby'est Miller.
  4. We're not very exciting any more. I mean the young guys are still trying but this is so painful to watch. Much more so than I thought it would be. Reyes is pretty good but I thought there might be a rising talent that intrigues here at the end of the season. I'm not seeing it this year...maybe next season??
  5. Never been really the same since returning from his injury. That mysterious one.
  6. He actually was one of their better hitters for the limited playing time. Tells more about how putrid the 75' hitting team was.
  7. I wonder how much money Miggy has made this year just on his off days(as a DH!).
  8. The Tigers line-up is like blowing in the wind. Or like spitting in the wind and having it come back and splatter you in the face.
  9. It's really subjective and can bend reality. What if the team picked up some great hitters in the long lay off between games and could just insert them at will to make a come back in the game..
  10. It's all in their head. If they would approach it like 'just going out in the back yard to play catch' it would probably be a lot different.
  11. I can't wait to find out. With a name like that, it must be worth at least 20-20.
  12. Nick enjoys hitting anywhere but Comerica. He will tell you.
  13. A bit above Miggy. A bit below the Aaron's and Robinson's. The only difference is the era's involved.
  14. Leading Tiger has 14 hr's. Twins have 9 players who have hit more..
  15. Twinkies playing some small ball out to a big lead. Since when do they score 5 and no hr's!
  16. Wow. What a discrepancy between offense and defense. Even worse than last year if possible. 2.7 yrd rush against Tulsa!. What will happen when they face a real defense?
  17. That's incredible. If my math is correct that's a home run every other game for a third of the season's games. I remember JD could have had a lot more RBI's but there weren't that many baserunners ahead of him on that team.
  18. Have the Tigers ever took on the characteristic of their ball park since Comerica was erected in 03'. It was built to support good pitching, defense and speed but the Tigers never fit that description. They had some good pitching for awhile but never much on the other two. Even now, they are terrible on defense and have little speed and no contact hitters. Just to find their m.o. is a mystery besides to accumulate as many players as posssible in the Mike I era. Now it's just a sad display of a different mix of minor league talent.
  19. Favorite Indian.. Jaun Primo, I mean Karim Garcia. Remember Primo was the doomed hot shot superstar hitter that took the Bobby Rayburn's number and wouldn't give it back. Wacko fan Robby Deniro had to take care of the situation in the movie The Fan'. Karim is a dead ringer for him. Hit HR up onto the concourse in right..one of the few to do it, and you just have to see some of his YouTube highlights of playing in Korea's baseball League. Superstar > karim Garcia.
  20. Why do Sunday's suck so much for the Tigers. Oh, I'm sure the line up has a lot to do with it. So does the pitching that has to make up for some usually good efforts on Friday or Saturday.
  21. There's been worse. Like some of the mid 70's...ok, maybe just as bad. But the main thing is, the rest of baseball is scoring more the Tommy Lee from Motley Crew at a porno convention. The Tigers have not caught up with the rest, in that offense matters these days..
  22. I thought he could have a bit of a revival season here late with the Tigers. Then I looked at his last few year's stats and thought....hmmmm, if he does it would surely be miraculous.
  23. Haha. Don't know if I got it from that but you are right. Bam bam sounded good for some reason
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