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  1. There's been worse. Like some of the mid 70's...ok, maybe just as bad. But the main thing is, the rest of baseball is scoring more the Tommy Lee from Motley Crew at a porno convention. The Tigers have not caught up with the rest, in that offense matters these days..
  2. I thought he could have a bit of a revival season here late with the Tigers. Then I looked at his last few year's stats and thought....hmmmm, if he does it would surely be miraculous.
  3. Haha. Don't know if I got it from that but you are right. Bam bam sounded good for some reason
  4. Farmer was also dangerous. I believe in one week, he destroyed Al Cowens' jaw and broke another player's?? arm in 79'.
  5. Late to the party but Oscar Gamble is my favorite ChiSox playa.
  6. Over and out. This team is toast. And the only way they will get and odd ball win here and there is when they are lucky, the other team doesn't show up or Boyd pitches a brilliant game and they can score 2 or 3 runs.
  7. Right now he's performing at below replacement level. Which means he's less than the rest of the AAA team. Could they just send him to AA to work on his game and bring up a better replacement..
  8. Going 0-4 as a DH can take the steam out of you. Should probably only play once a week.
  9. Jay Buhner. Yeah, bit of a d**k but I loved his gung ho style. Also, Ken Phelps. He killed the Tigers as a power hitting left handed hitter. And if you ever saw his body type, you had to love the guy. Would make a great softball player.
  10. They're a triple A team minus one quality hitter who is not here for long. A mediocre AAA team at that.
  11. Haven't Seattle, like begun their rebuilt this year. I saw earlier they gave away a few starters but since then haven't kept up, because, well, they're Seattle.
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