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  1. So many things went wrong for the Tigers in 2019. I know Josh Harrison got injured, and I believe he was 2 for 25 to start the season at the plate. I was disappointed, the consistency Harrison showed in Pittsburgh never materialized in Detroit.
  2. I became interested in Japanese baseball when former Montreal Expo Warren Cromartie signed with the Tokyo Giants in ‘83. It can be difficult waking up to watch games at 3:30am. I like to watch the games live.
  3. Steven Moya is now playing in Japan. At the time of this posting, Moya is hitting.281/10 HR/43 RBI’s. He’s been traded or DFA’d at least once. I hope he picks up his play, soon. In Japan, I’ve been told the GM’s put the foreign born players under a lot of stress and demand excellent effort every day. Foreign born players can make big money in Japan, however their is very little tolerance for an extended slump or poor defensive play. Japanese baseball is big on fundamentals. The Japanese teams start their spring training with snow on the ground.
  4. My mistake. I forgot about Travis Demeritte. Outfield competition is going to be a nice problem for the Tigers brass to solve. I would make JaCoby Jones a utility player. He has experience at SS and we can say goodbye to Jordy Mercer and Ronny Rodriguez. Keep Brandon Dixon, too.
  5. Playing everyday is giving him confidence. He definitely looks more comfortable out there, in 2019. Sending him to AAA, out of spring training ,was a good decision by the Tigers brass. Do the Tigers move JaCoby Jones to the LF or RF field in 2020? Christin Stewart could be the odd man out of a roster spot, if Daz Cameron has a good spring training in 2020.
  6. I feel terrible for Jordan Zimmermann. He pitched well and the team ERA has gone down in the two games against Tampa.
  7. The Tigers are gonna have to buy out Cabrera’s contract. There’s no way they can keep him, on the roster, another four years. I hated writing this but it’s true.
  8. So many feeble swings tonight. In the off season, I hope Ron Gardenhire fires Lloyd McClendon.
  9. Yeah, Rod Allen was only on the regular season roster for about 6 week and he did receive a ‘84 World Series ring. I believe infielder Doug Baker also received a ‘84 World Series ring. Baker was also on the regular season roster for about a month.
  10. In 1984, Did the players, called up in September, receive World Series rings? Scott Earl, Dwight Lowry, Randy O’ Neal, Roger Mason and Nelson Simmons. These players weren’t on Detroit’s postseason roster. I’ve never been able to find a complete roster of players who received a 1984 World Series ring. Thanks for any help.
  11. I really don’t mention politics very often, however many of us praise athletes too much. I just wanted people to know about the checkered past of Mark Thurmond, Dave Dravecky and Eric Show. I don’t believe anyone else, on this message board, would have mentioned this information. The subject of the JBS and three former MLB players is now closed.
  12. As a member of the San Diego Padres, Mark Thurmond was a member of the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society is a right wing political group. Former Padres Dave Dravecky and Eric Show were also members of the John Birch Society. I never had any respect for these three players.
  13. This team has already tuned Gardenhire and his coaching staff out.?
  14. LooseGoose; You assessment of Al Avila is probably correct.
  15. Detroit couldn’t attract Dallas Keuchel. Al Avila is now on a limited budget and Keuchel is going to want a four or five year deal. I believe Chris Tillman is a better short term option for the Tigers. I would offer Tillman 2 years at 7 million. Singing Tillman would allow the Tigers the opportunity to keep Alex Faedo and Matt Manning in the minors and not start their free agent clocks. Casey Mize is really making nice progress in his development. Could we see Casey in Detroit, after the all-star break, next season?
  16. Both Michael Fulmer and Matt Moore are already on the IL and Jordan Zimmerman may soon be joining them. At this time, former Baltimore Orioles starter, Chris Tillman, may be a possible free agent option for the Tigers.
  17. At this time, I’ve seen enough of Josh Harrison. Detroit should release him.
  18. Unfortunately, Marty Castillo has served time in prison, here in Florida. I’m unsure of the specific charges and I will not mention them on this message board. Marty was in the right place at the right time for the ‘84 Tigers. If my memory is correct, I believe Marty got 2 years of MLB service time in Detroit. Marty wasn’t on Detroit’s 25 man roster long enough to actually make much MLB money. In 1983-84, the rookie salary was about $63,000 before taxes. Marty was out of baseball by 1986. I hope he is now finding some stability in his life.
  19. Any interest in Justin Bour or Caleb Joseph?
  20. The Miami Marlins didn’t offer Derek Dietrich a contract. I’d love to have him in a Tigers uniform. Dietrich can play first, third, and the corner outfield positions. I believe he would be a reasonably priced free agent, and I believe he’s a better utility player than Niko Goodrum.If the Tigers sign both Dietrich and Goodrum, they can option Dawel Lugo to AAA for more development. I have no idea why Derek Jeter is dumping the Marlins roster. Jeter is rumored to be trading J.T. Realmuto, too.
  21. Any interest in Yasmani Grandal? I know the Tigers are now on a strict budget, however Grandal seems like he might be a reasonably priced free agent.
  22. I agree. Re-building effort or not, Manny Machado would be a great addition to Detroit ‘s lineup. It’s not gonna happen, however it’s nice to think about during the off-season.
  23. When does Prince Fielder’s contract come off the Tigers books? I know Fielder retired due to a neck injury. I’m sure insurance and the Texas Rangers are also paying portions of Fielder’s contract. I’m just not sure how all the accounting shakes out over time.
  24. Should the Tigers sign Many Machado or Justin Verlander? Machado will be a free agent after this season and Verlander will be a free agent after 2019. I would like to see Al Avila contact the agent for both of them. Ron Gardenhire, I believe, has the temperament to manage big league eagos. Right now, Machado is getting some heat for slapping at Jesus Aguilar trying to dislodge the ball. Yes, I believe Machado deserves a fine, however I wouldn’t hold that infraction against him for too long. We all know Machado can play the game at a big level consistently.
  25. Since leaving the Tampa Bay Rays, David Price has become a PUNK. He never embraced the trade to the Tigers. Price and Ausmus hated one another. In Boston, Price has had a confrontation with Dennis Eckersley. Eckersley was critical of Price and the Red Sox during a losing streak. Eckersley works Red Sox games as a commentator. He was just doing his job. It’s nice to see Eckersley being critical and not always in agreement with Red Sox nation.
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