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  1. The Miami Marlins, of course, have to bat the pitcher regularly. This year, their pitchers are 24-for-200, with just two extra-base hits, both doubles. Yet the Marlins have scored more runs than the Tigers, and have a higher team Batting Average and On-Base. The Tigers are apparently not very good.
  2. Green wasn't nearly as bad as Falls. I never came across a single piece by Joe Falls that I considered worth the time to read it. The guy I missed when he left Detroit was Mike Downey, and I was far from alone in that. Could still read his stuff in national publications, but it was great having him cover our local sports for a while.
  3. Apparently it's not difficult. Even Astute Al and Ron Illadvisedhire can pull it off.
  4. Let's hope that she's better at cooking and cleaning.
  5. If the bimbo tag fits . . . . Don't forget that she's the one who made all of the fossil fuel that so many people are worked up about.
  6. Maybe, but with the Tigers already playing so many guys who don't belong in the Majors, they may not have anyone that it would make sense to call up. On the other hand, why should they start making sense now?
  7. I use FUP, a mathematically sophisticared and statistically sound alternative to FIP. It is the ratio of the number of games that the reliever F's up to the number of games that he doesn't.
  8. The 2014 Rangers used a record 64 players. The 2019 Mariners are apparently ikely to break that record. If I counted correctly, the Tigers have used a paltry 53 players so far this year.
  9. He can still be high, or even first, on the Major League single-season list. Stats compiled in both leagues in a season count for a Major League record. 60 doubles would put Castellanos in a tie for sixth-most doubles in a season. He can't set an AL or NL record this year, but he can still set an MLB one.
  10. No, he'll be on the Major League list for doubles. Babe Ruth hit some of his 714 home runs in the National League.
  11. He needs to settle down. He's trying to explain everything, no matter how obvious or trivial. But I've heard worse.
  12. Cabrera can show him how to put on major weignt.
  13. One article that I read said that he had a stutter and when he said his last name it sometimes started out Cuy-Cuy . . . ; and that led to his nickname. There was a bar in Harrisville called Ki Cuyler's that opened after he died. It burned down last year. One source says that the building was actually his home. I used to go to Harrisville quite a bit, and spent some time in that bar.
  14. No. No matter how bad he is for the rest of his career, his counting stats alone will easily get him in on the first ballot. Plus there are the two MVPs, the many years in which he was Top Five or Top Ten in the MVP voting, and the Triple Crown. He'll probably be at least close to a unanimous selection. Most of the voters won't have the privilege that we do, of watching him play ever more poorly day after day.
  15. What will become of Miguel Cabrea is that he will go ever deeper into the sewer in his performance, but take a big load of cash with him. In one game -- his Major League debut -- Travis Demeritte has a 0.2 WAR. In 95 games, Cabrera has a -0.3 WAR. But look on the bright side. We have only 4.35 more years of the Miggy Show to endure.
  16. So Castellanos can go into free agency as a DH who only bats against lefthanded pitchers. I'm sure that he and his agent will find a bunch of teams lining up to bid big on that kind of commodity.
  17. Are there ever lesser prospects than the ones Al Avila settles for?
  18. Al Avila's Analytics Department has proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with geometric logic, that there is no correlation between good pitching and winning. And also that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox did exist.
  19. Sometimes you're the guy with the fleecing shears, sometimes you're Al Avila.
  20. Exercise caution, Motown Sports members. This guy looks pretty sketchy to me.
  21. Forget about moving Boyd. The new big trade chip is last night's winner Jordan Zimmermann.
  22. Wert wasn't good, but he wasn't horrible (88 OPS+ as a Tiger). He was practically Mike Schmidt compared to his teammates Dick Tracewski (51 OPS+) and Oyler (49).
  23. After spending quite a bit of the season above their Pythagorean Expectation, the Tigers are now right on it at 30-71. How they got there: March: 2-2 April: 11-12 May: 9-18 June: 5-20 July: 3-19 Every day in every way, they're not getting better and better.
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