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  1. Maybe he's waiting out Belichick so he can take the reins of the Patriots. And just winning more Super Bowls for the heck of it. Robert Kraft would probably throw a ton of money at him, plus give him a list of the best massage parlors.
  2. Yep. Diggs hasn't done anything this year. And the guy the Lions get with the fifth-round pick won't do anything, either, but he'll do it more cheaply than Diggs. Maybe a lot more cheaply bagging groceries or washing cats.
  3. If he wants to, he can make plenty of money in no-pressure gigs like commercials and broadcasting. Or spend more time with his supermodel wife or other hot babes. I don't see him trying to shovel away the ****pile that Harbaugh will leave here.
  4. Now they should be fired. The insincere public apology under pressure is an unforgivable sin, one of the worst features of modern American life. Far better to respond to critics the way Kid Rock does: "Kiss my ***."
  5. With the 31st-ranked defense in the league, the Lions don't have a lot of defensive players that will be missed if they're shipped out.
  6. Yeah, they've improved all the way to last place in the NFC North. And thirty-first in the league in Total Defense with the Rensselaer Rocket Scientist at the helm.
  7. I find it difficult to believe that he that he took the occasion of his team's winning the pennant to make some cryptic dig about domestic violence to female reporters. If that's what he intended, then he's an idiot. But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  8. Sending a message that he was glad the Astros acquired Osuna (who was good for a 176 OPS+ this year) and won the pennant that night despite Osuna's rare blown save? Horrors! How dare he! To the Sensitivity Training gulag with him! The Perpetually Offended Posse of the Indignation Industry rears its ugly head once again.
  9. The Wacky Khaki and Company s***show continues. I hope for not much longer.
  10. I don't doubt that home run rate is a lot more volatile than strikeout rate. Anibal Sanchez led the league one season with 0.4 home runs per 9, and the next year was at a minuscule 0.3. Then he followed those stingy seasons with three years in which he gave up home runs faster than the Lions can fall out of playoff contention. (Rates of 1.7, 1.8, and 2.2). Still, I wonder how many 28-ish pitchers who've been 6-8 Ks-per-9 guys throughout their careers suddenly go the 11-12-per-9 range and stay there. It will be interesting to see if Boyd can keep whiffing batters at that kind of clip in 2020.
  11. Fair point. There are GMs who make the mistake of seriously overvaluing a guy based upon a good performance or significant improvement in a small sample and make godawful decisions as a result. We ourselves may have had a couple of guys like that. And yes, that is an astronomical hone-run-to-fly-ball percentage, so it was likely at least as much of a fluke as the increase in his strikeout rate may have been. He's not a terrible pitcher, by any means, and even as an average starter he would probably draw interest from a fair number of teams. I just think that with the overall dearth of talent on this club, the fact that he stands out among the many guys who are terrible may have led some people to think that he's more valuable than he is.
  12. I think that the idea that Boyd is a highly coveted and very valuable trade chip who can bring us a sweet return is some sort of mass delusion. He'll be 29 in February, so there's a strong chance that this year he was as good as he's ever going to be. His Career ERA is 4.92, and his Career ERA+ is 92. And this season his numbers were not hugely better, at 4.56 and 105. Plus he surrendered the most home runs in the American League and second-most in the Majors, in just 185 innings, for a frightening Home Runs Per 9 of 1.9. Among pitchers with enough innings to qualify for the ERA title this year, he was 53rd in the Majors. Not exactly Top-of-the-Rotation territory. His Strikeout Rate did take a big jump this year. After several years in the 7s and 8s, his rate increased to 11.6 in 2019. And that might seem to bode well for him going forward, but even so his ERA+ went up only three points from his 102 of 2018. And while a one-year jump that large may mean that he has suddenly figured out how to miss bats, it may also be in significant part a function of the ongoing increase in strikeouts across baseball, or a fluke. I'm inclined to suspect fluke, but even if he really is a K machine now, the rest of his game is far from an elite level. He is, overall, a close-to-average starting pitcher, and nothing more.
  13. I was in Section 108, and Larry Herndon caught the final out right in front of me and then ran like L for the safety of the infield. And I myself was running on the field just a few seconds later. Got some turf from the spot where he made the catch, and planted it in my yard. What a team, what a season, what a day. I remember it like it was yesterday. Hard to believe it's been 35 years. Regarding the burning car, at one point I was close enough to toast a marshmallow on it, if I'd had a marshmallow instead of a strip of sod on my shoulder. I never again washed the home jersey that I wore to the game.
  14. Hey, Sparty: That 38-0 score seemed familiar somehow.
  15. But his and Cabrera's salaries are preventing the altruistic, civic-minded Ilitches from "developing" more parking lots for the benefit of the citizens of Detroit.
  16. I'd been laboring under the happy delusion that Zimmermann's contract ended this year. Your post caused me to check and discover that he and his 6.91 ERA still have another season at a cost of 25 mil. Noooooooooooo!
  17. I do NOT snooze and snore after I pig out on the food that other people paid for and prepared. I stay awake so I can watch football and drink my relatives' beer and booze. You got me on the burping and farting, though
  18. There aren't many guys on the 25-man that are worth protecting.
  19. I take back all the bad things I've said about Harbaugh. He has built a team that is clearly better than Illinois and Rutgers. What more can I ask for?
  20. I did. With Illadvisedhire at the helm, they sorta looked worse this year than before he took over.
  21. While the postseason generally involves teams with good pitchers, it also generally involves teams with good hitters. While some guys do especially well in their small-sample postseason appearances, when the best face the best, some of them aren't going to fare as well as they usually do. Plus, although Kershaw is still good, he is a ways past his peak.
  22. I know, because I watched the Tigers play this year.
  23. Illadvisedhire is fatter and has whiter hair and whiskers than Ausmus. Could come in handy at Christmas.
  24. Michigan's offense blows. Patterson was hugely overrated (he isn't anymore, as everyone now knows that he sucks), and Gattis is in way over his head as the coordinator. The famous Don Brown's defense is a dud, too. It looks decent today only because Iowa's offense is a joke.
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