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  1. I'm here to talk about the past. In my day, sonny, everything was better. Even the things that were worse were better. And stay off of my lawn!
  2. In Career OPS+, 23 of the top 40 (57.5 percent) were or are righthanded hitters. Including guys like Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Rogers Hornsby, Jimmie Foxx, Joe Dimaggio, Frank Robinson, Frank Thomas, Manny Ramirez, Mark McGwire, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Trout, and Miguel Cabrera. Also 52 of the top 103 (50.4 percent; 103 in the sample because there is an eleven-way tie for 93rd). In Career OPS, 48 of the top 100 (48 percent, obviously) were or are righties. And except for Hank Greenberg, none of them ever hit 25 home runs and 55 doubles in a season. (Joe Medwick was a great player, but he's not in the Top 100 in OPS or OPS+.)
  3. It could be if Dombrowski comes back and gives Miguel Cabrera another big, well-thought-out extension.
  4. Loved your work against Arizona State today. And especially the Lions-like finish. Can't wait to hear Mike Valenti singing your praises for it.
  5. I'm okay with having him in the clubhouse. As long as he stays there, picking up towels and such. It's his being on the field that I don't like, especially if it goes on for the next four years.
  6. Well, they have some cheap-tickets (some with extras) promotions for undesirable seat locations going to try to get people in the park, but there's no point in buying those tickets, because you can get the best seats from fed-up season-ticket holders who are just about giving them away in the secondary market.
  7. Or at least not lose a record number of games at home. With their 19-53 record at Comerica this year, the Tigers are just five home losses away from the 1962 Mets' record of 58 losses in their own ballpark, with nine home games still to play. When I go to a baseball game in Detroit, I'd like my team to have considerably more than a one in four chance of winning.
  8. I watched my Patriots humiliate the Steelers tonight. Wearing silver helmets is the only thing that the Pats and the Lions have in common.
  9. Yeah. An incomplete pass on that fourth down with five seconds to go would probably have left time on the clock for the Cardinals to kick a field goal. Only the Lions would have run that play. Rocket science in action.
  10. A tie is like kissing your fur-faced rocket scientist.
  11. I am e I sure hope it happens. Great throw, great catch by Fitzgerald. I am eating this up with a spoon.
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