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  1. six-hopper

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    Yes, when he retired, Lolich had the Major League record for strikeouts by a lefthanded pitcher. (The next year, the record was broken by Steve Carlton, who then went on to add 1300 more Ks to the record.) Still, until last year, Lolich held the American League record for career strikeouts by a lefthanded pitcher. Of course, it helped that Randy Johnson pitched half of his career in the National League. Last season, C.C. Sabathia passed Lolich in strikeouts.
  2. six-hopper

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    A blind eye at best. There is plenty of evidence that pretty much everyone in baseball management knew that steroid use was rampant, and I am confident that in many cases it was not merely condoned but actively encouraged by the guys in charge. Bud Slug's announcement to the effect that he was "shocked, shocked" to discover that players were juicing -- which he made only after PEDs became a public-relations problem -- was as hollow and insincere as a stripper's smile.
  3. six-hopper

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    Not having the arguably best position player and best pitcher of all time in the Hall of Fame -- not to mention Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, Rafael Palmeiro, and several others excluded pursuant to the stupid sanctimony over steroids, plus Pete Rose -- while guys like Morris and Andre Dawson get in, makes the Hall of Fame irrelevant to me at best, and really deserving of ridicule.
  4. six-hopper

    The Awesome AL Central

    Hey, if Zoilo Versailles can win the MVP award as a Twin, why not Byron Buxton?
  5. six-hopper

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    If being "clutch" in a very small sample, even of the "biggest games," is enough for a guy for a guy to get in even though his overall career falls well short of Hall-of-Fame worthiness, Bucky Dent would have an argument for a plaque in Cooperstown.
  6. six-hopper

    The Awesome AL Central

    In the American League East, three of the five teams are above .500, and the fourth-place team is seven games under. In the AL West, four of the five teams have winning records. In the NL East, two teams are above .500 and one is right at sea level. In the NL Central, three teams are in the black and the fourth-place team is six shy of the Mediocrity Line. In the NL West, four teams are on the plus side. Then there's the AL Central. Just one team has its head above water, the second-place team is eight games short of the break-even point, and the Tigers are pretty safely in third place despite being 15 games to the bad. I once played in a baseball league that had two divisions, an upper and a lower based upon the perceived quality of the teams (and although there were inter-divisional games teams played most of their games against opponents in their own division). Anyway, the last-place team in the upper division would be placed in the lower division the next year, and the first-place team in the lower division would be promoted to the upper. If Major League Baseball did something similar, pretty much the whole AL Central would deserve be sent to a minor league and a group of current minor league clubs would be in the Bigs in 2019. And a lot of the AL Central players sent to the bushes would be a perfect fit there.
  7. six-hopper

    Trivia -- So what have you done for us lately?

    Hint: The third guy figured pretty prominently in Jim Bouton's Ball Four.
  8. six-hopper

    Triple Crown Watch

    I'm taking a class in Appropriate Forum Choice. The instructor says that I am not a natural at it, but he's cautiously optimistic about my chances of getting the hang of it.
  9. six-hopper

    Quick Tigers trivia

    I know that Alan Trammell did it. So that's two. P.S. I just read the whole thread and see that someone beat me to it. Still, better late than never.
  10. six-hopper

    Trivia -- So what have you done for us lately?

    That's two. He's the only player to win a batting title in a season in which he was traded between leagues. (He had enough Plate Appearances with the Cardinals to qualify for the National League title with his .335 BA despite playing the last 29 games of the season with the Athletics.) His title is sometimes described as at least mildly controversial, because he batted just .274 with the A's, which dropped his full-season BA to .324, and there were three NL guys whose full-season BA was higher than that. But rules are rules.
  11. six-hopper

    Trivia -- So what have you done for us lately?

    That's one. And even leaving aside that distinction, he has one of the most interesting baseball-career bios that I can think of.
  12. six-hopper

    Trivia -- So what have you done for us lately?

    I have to revise the trivia question. (Actually, I already did, above.) Seems that there are three players who qualify.
  13. six-hopper

    Trivia -- So what have you done for us lately?

    No and no. One of them never won a batting title, and neither of them was traded during his Major League career. Except for that, good guess.
  14. Three players in Major League history (at least in the so-called Modern Era) won batting titles in seasons in which they were traded during the season. Name them.