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  1. Sources vary on this, but I think it's through his Age 38 season. Some reports say that they reworked 2019-2020, for which he was already under contract, and added another ten years. At least that's how most of the outlets I've come across are reporting it.
  2. 376 innings in 1971. An average of 8.36 innings per start over 45 starts. I've never figured out how he had "only" 29 complete games. One of these days I'll look through his Game Logs for that season. Wilbur Wood pitched 376 2/3 innings in 1972, with 49 starts. But, of course, he was a knuckleballer, while Lolich threw hard.
  3. Not directly relevant, as it didn't involve a perfect game or a no-hitter or facing the minimum, but the subject of facing the minimum made me think of Red Barrett's famous feat in which he threw the fewest pitches in a complete game. In August 1944, he threw a complete-game two-hitter and didn't walk anyone or strike anyone out, and threw just 58 pitches -- an average of just 6.4 pitches per inning. He won 2-0, and the game took only an hour and 15 minutes to play. (Apparently that is still the record for the shortest night game. The shortest nine-inning Major League game ever was in 1919 -- 51 minutes.)
  4. With, supposedly, only one million guaranteed. The Rams were going to pay him more than two million for 2019 alone, so it seems odd that he signed the Lions' offer sheet. Maybe something's going on that I haven't read in any reports, like the Rams' contract carried no guarantees and he feared being cut by them or something.
  5. The Lions just added a huge weapon to their passing-game arsenal. They signed "receiver" Tommylee Lewis, late of the Saints. Lewis caught three passes last year and 20 in his three seasons in New Orleans, so he is obviously a big-time playmaker. And he managed that output with substandard quarterback Drew Brees throwing to him, so we should be able to expect even more production now that he'll be on the field with the great Matthew Stafford. If anyone was thinking that the Lions might target D.K. Metcalf or Marquise Brown in next month's draft, this major acquisition should put that thought to rest.
  6. I read a piece a while back in which the writer examined the tendency of many old-school (a euphemism for senile or clueless) managers to decide certain spots in the batting order -- especially leadoff -- by the player's defensive position, regardless of whether the guy's offensive characteristics fit the spot in the order. If I remember correctly, those managers had a strong tendency to bat their second-basemen leadoff, with center fielders being the next most likely position players to bat first. If Illadvisedhire uses Harrison to lead off, despite the fact that he doesn't get on base much and is no dynamo on the basepaths on the rare occasions when he does get there, that would seem to put our manager very much in the "old-school" category.
  7. We don't need Mize, anyway. We have our ace in Michael Fulmer.
  8. So we might as well get a bunch of top prospects for Miggy and Zimmermann right now. And make a really big splash by moving Jordy Mercer.
  9. You're both right. He's too slow, and he can't make reads and has poor technique. He's the complete package!
  10. On June 23, 1917, Babe Ruth walked the first batter and was removed or thrown out of the game for arguing with the umpire. Ernie Shore came in in relief, the baserunner was caught stealing, and Shore retired all 26 batters that he faced.
  11. I see one pretty actress and Felicity Huffman.
  12. If his arm is dead already, how can we expect to count on him in October?
  13. Try to be like me: be polite and mild-mannered, and stay away from controversial subjects and ones that people tend to feel strongly about.
  14. Me, too. He has never received the recognition that he deserved. He was much better than his more-heralded teammates like Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, and Herb Adderley.
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