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  1. I hope they're shopping him now. Teams in contention should relish the prospect of winning a few extra games in May, June, and July rather than waiting for the last two months of the season. Of course, I have my doubts that Greene will be much of a contributor to extra wins, because in general a one-inning pitcher -- even a really good one -- rarely makes much difference in his team's record. Such pitchers are more valuable than they used to be, with so many starters not going deep into games, but they're still not nearly as valuable as many people continue to think they are. And analytics have shown that quite clearly. Nevertheless, there are still some GMs who seriously overvalue relief pitchers, and if one of them offers something really good for Greene at any point of the season, the Tigers should take it and run. There's a lot of talk about the Braves and their bullpen woes, but there's a good chance that they'll try for Kimbrel after the draft, when he can be signed without his new team losing a draft pick. Of course, given how relatively cheap Greene is in terms of salary, they can certainly afford to have both him and Kimbrel, and they have some every desirable young pieces. Maybe too desirable for them to part with them for a relief pitcher, but we can hope.
  2. It's official. The Tigers are worse than the Marlins.
  3. Nope. He left the door open. That's some serious fundamental professional baseball right there.
  4. So they need yet another comeback, and there's no Tom Brady on the roster.
  5. What did you expect? They're facing the former World Series champion Miami Marlins.
  6. A lot of people of little faith left early, so I can move to a good seat. Woo hoo!
  7. I'm a mean drunk. Johnny Kane would not fare very well with an intoxicated me.
  8. But they're locked in an epic extra-innings battle. Songs may be written about this game, and accounts of it will be passed on from generation to generation for as long as men care about heroic deeds.
  9. Those are big ifs, because if any team can stop the run and rush the passer, its defense will probably be good. In the NFL, stopping the run is about a quarter of the battle. And I don't foresee the Lions mounting much of a pass rush, unless they convert T.J. Hockenson to "edge."
  10. Brutally bad call on replay. He did not catch that ball
  11. Hey, give ZZ some respect. He's the very poor man's John Riggins, and he's the best white running back to come out of South Dakota State in a long time.
  12. Some shortstops can throw the ball to first base in the air. True story.
  13. Hey, everybody, look on the bright side: Jacoby Jones now has four times as many home runs as Miguel Cabrera.
  14. You're right, he has cut down on his strikeouts in May. So he's even closer to emulating the great Jose Iglesias.
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