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  1. Not really awkward. Even when Michigan is a dumpster fire, I can still enjoy bad things happening to Michigan State. And at least the Lions salvaged the rest of the weekend for me. Well, them and the Hallmark Christmas movies. Unlike Michigan's games, every one of those movies is better than the one before. And as for Saturday's debacle, if it was enough to get Harbaugh and Don Brown s***canned, I'd be okay with it. Alas, it almost certainly wasn't. At least Coach Wacky Khaki has only one more year on his contract, and I hope the AD and the Regents aren't stupid enough to extend him. I'm just hoping that some genuinely top-shelf football coach gets himself in trouble and gets fired, so we can pick him up off the scandal pile like the Tigers did with A.J. Hinch. Anyone have any serious dirt on Dabo Swinney?
  2. Buccaneers: 5-2 and in first place in their division with an NFL-leading 222 Points Scored. Patriots: 2-4 with a next-to-worst-in-the-NFL 115 Points Scored, ahead of only the woeful Jets. Also, Brady is second in the NFL in Touchdown Passes and sixth in Passing Yards. So far, Advantage Brady. Make that Big Advantage Brady.
  3. I loved All Star Baseball. Still have it. How about that Matty Alou's big singles arcs! Extra-base hits, not so much. And the spinner landed where I said it did, you cheater.
  4. The Secretary of State offices worked vastly better and more efficiently under the Republican Secretaries of State that followed Richard Austin than it did in the many years when he "ran" the department. Not well enough to rival private businesses in terms of customer service, but still vastly better. And now, with a Democratic Governor and SOS, they hardly work at all. And I never waited hours, because I got there before the office opened and was in and out very quickly. Or I took advantage of the appointment system that actually worked.
  5. Oh, my God! Rutgers? At home? RUTGERS? The only bad thing about this is that I have to wait two days to hear Mike Valenti weigh in on it.
  6. I guess all the places in my area that have people sitting shoulder to shoulder at the bar and at full tables are the outliers.
  7. I guess Well, I lost patience when I went online night after night to make a "same-day appointment" at every SOS office within a reasonable radius, only to be told that there were none available. But if I don't mind making an advance appointment months from now, some of them were apparently available. Even restaurants that take reservations don't serve just one or two people at a time, and not let anyone else in until those people leave. Which is what the SOS office that I did get into when they first "opened" was doing. But I've bought two vehicles since then, and haven't been able to do the paperwork on either of them. Maybe I can get an appointment within a reasonable time in Iron Mountain. If everything else is open -- really open -- there is no reasonable excuse for state offices not to be.
  8. But at least it isn't happening in Secretary of State offices, because despite the fact that stores, bars, restaurants, and many other businesses have been pretty much fully open for months, the Secretary of State offices are still effectively closed. I guess the "science" shows that standing in line at a cider mill is safe but getting a vehicle title or license plate puts people at especially high risk of contracting the virus. Thanks for protecting us from the dreaded titletransferitis, General Secretary Benson.
  9. Got it. Colder weather equals warmer climate. Still, I don't understand why people are so worked up about the climate thing when we are facing the much greater existential threat of gluten.
  10. Nothing says Global Warming like 8 inches of snow in Minneapolis -- on October 20.
  11. Apparently smart or at least non-stupid baserunning is out of style now, too, if the Braves' Little League fiasco last night is any guide. Making the first out at the plate is pretty much inexcusable. And compounding it with another runner dumbing himself into s double play -- wow. May well have cost them the pennant. As a player, a manager, and a coach, I have always hated bad baserunning more than any other baseball blunders. And that was some really bad baserunning.
  12. Come on, don't rain on the parade. One of the ten worst teams in the NFL beat one of the three worst teams in the NFL. If that isn't an enthralling event for sports fans, I don't know what is.
  13. But the new improved Supreme Court is going to rule that climate change is unconstitutional, so it won't be a problem anymore.
  14. Messing around with it is our purpose, isn't it? Why would Mother Nature give us fossil fuels if she didn't want us to play with them?
  15. So we aren't actually destroying the planet? It's still going to exist and keep spinning and flying around the sun regardless of its climate, just as it has for the last 6000 years or more? What a relief!
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