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  1. The site obviously puts a lot of stock in longevity and big career counting stats. Hank Greenberg's counting stats are fairly small, in large part because right after an MVP season he went into military service and lost four and a half years. So despite his 1.017 OPS (sixth all-time) and 158 OPS+ (tied for 16th all-time), the HOS has him down at a ridiculous 152. Still, I think that overall the site's 232 is better than the Hall of Fame's 232.
  2. The Hall of Stats has Jim Edmonds at 142. (There are 232 players in the Hall of Fame.) Lou Whitaker is at 76, which puts him in the top third of players that the HOS considers deserving to be in a Hall of Fame of 232 players.
  3. I think that it would be hard to find someone who would not be an upgrade over Proper Posture and Pad-Level Patricia. So I hope the Lions keep him for a long time. As for Quinn, keep him, too. I want to see the Lions draft all of the Teezes and Tavais and first-round tight ends he can get his hands on.
  4. I hope he refused to apologize. That would be refreshing. Because he suggested that immigrants should be grateful for the life they have in Canada -- the life that presumably is what they immigrated for -- he is an unemployed "racist." Ridiculous.
  5. How do you know what I assume? Oh, wait. Get your fingers off of my face, Mr. Spock!
  6. Isn't science the thing that used to think that you could tell a person's gender by his or her DNA -- or just by looking -- instead of waiting for the person to decide and declare what it is? Silly science.
  7. Nothing says Global Warming like record low temperatures and a blizzard on November 11. "I'm dreaming of a white Veterans Day Just like the ones I never knew before we warmed the globe . . . "
  8. Obviously, you can. Welcome to the Sparty party.
  9. He does have championship experience, at least if you count the World Bowl.
  10. Matt Millen is still only 61.
  11. I enjoy any Lions loss, but this one was shaping up to be curiously unsatisfying, like taking candy from a baby (although when I do that, I still get the candy). But it got interesting enough for the finish to be fun.
  12. Yeah. The Lions have never fired any white coaches or front-office people. Oh, wait . . .
  13. So how many career fourth-quarter NFL comeback wins does Jeff Whatshisname have?
  14. I can't say anything nice about the Lions. Or any Lion, for that matter. It's in my contract.
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