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  1. I was a little concerned yesterday in the first quarter, when the Packers were apparently letting Matt Patricia coach their defense. But then the fun began, and all's well that ends well.
  2. Hinch won't come here. Chris Ilitch's austerity budget has no room in it for buying garbage cans, much less fancy electric buzzers.
  3. Not unless he publicly clarifies how his last name is pronounced. And if it really is Lovello, he should change the spelling. Same with Kenny Golladay. He used to be Kenny Gahl-a-day, but now probably 80 percent of announcers and sports media people call him Gal-a-day, which again doesn't fit the spelling.. Pick one, people.
  4. I'd say "Get well soon," but there's no point, given that he says he feels fine. Like so many other victims of this terrible plague.
  5. He does have valuable championship experience. Who can forget his eight key hits for the 84 Tigers?
  6. I never wanted him here, hence my calling him Illadvisedhire. But I do wish him a long and happy retirement. Now Astute Al gets another opportunity to make the wrong pick for manager. I'm confident that he'll take full advantage of it.
  7. I got the sarcasm, and appreciated it. I was just trying to add some of my own while I had a chance.. I mean, how many opportunities will I get to engage in Georgia State smack?
  8. Not a very bold statement, given that until this nothing whatsoever had ever happened at Georgia State.
  9. As you probably already know, Michigan has had only two quarterbacks drafted in the first round -- and one of them, Forest Evashevski, wasn't a QB in the modern sense, but rather a single-wing "quarterback." And he also never played pro football. The other first-round quarterback was, of course, Jim Harbaugh in 1987. Michigan did produce a pretty good quarterback who went in the sixth round in 2000, though.
  10. I edited my post right after I first wrote it to add that having more teams in at least theoretical contention is not necessarily bad thing, but only up to a point -- and 16 postseason berths is just too danm many. Also, I agree that considering a fourth- or fifth-place team to be in contention after a significant part of the season has been played is generally an illusion or delusion. (Although the Nationals' comeback after their horrible start last year shows that there can be an exception to that general proposition.) And, of course, putting faith in illusions and delusions is frequently part of being a sports fan. That is the only explanation for the fact that some people still have hope for the Detroit Lions.
  11. The divisions serve a lot of purposes that are good for the owners, and some that are good for the fans. Baseball doesn't want to have teams that are in 15th place and thus are obviously hopelessly out of contention (and have lost the interest of their fans) by the beginning of May. Keeping more teams in at least theoretical contention for the postseason doesn't strike me as necessarily a bad thing. (At least up to a point . Having 16 postseason spots is a bad thing.) Also, having geographically-based divisions means not only having some natural rivalries, but assures more games against teams in the same time zones, and thus better TV audiences. The owners don't want Eastern Time Zone teams having more 9 and 10 o'clock games out west, and the Pacific Zone teams don't want more games starting at 4 o'clock on the West Coast. If they have more such games, I'm sure that would adversely affect how much broadcasters are willing to pay to show the games. I'm generally okay with the division system. What I really want to go away is interleague play. And Comerica Park.
  12. The Lions are still pretty good at fourth-quarter comebacks. Sunday's Bears game was a perfect example.
  13. Facing Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay with no pass rush and no cornerbacks. If Danica Patrick was still in town and playing quarterback for the Packers, the Lions would probably still be underdogs. I sure hope this game goes the way I expect it to. I need the laughs.
  14. Maybe for a dime, like an empty beer can.
  15. Yes, I know they're doing it for the money. But screwing with the game in a way that dilutes the regular season and p***** off the most dedicated fans as much as I think this will seems pretty stupid and shortsighted. Still, I'll watch, anyway, because I love baseball. Enough to have played it, coached it, umpired it, studied it, and watched it for . . . well, several decades. But 16 teams making the postseason is just too danm many
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