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  1. Very unfortunate, especially about the daughter and the other people on board. But the world may be safer for 19-year-old female hotel employees.
  2. Still, would you buy used crazy eyes from that man?
  3. One vote short of unanimity. So I guess someone actually saw The Captain play defense.
  4. I've been on a lot of teams, mostly baseball teams -- some of which bent the rules on occasion -- and the idea that the hitters (and the spotters and bangers and others directly involved) knew about this but at least some of the rest of the players did not strikes me as ludicrous. Everybody knows that the game was fixed The rest stay poor, the Sox and Stros get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows. (With apologies to Leonard Cohen)
  5. The chances that only the hitters knew about it and the pitchers were in the dark are about the same as the chances of Michael Moore getting down to one chin. The players practice together, travel together, and spend a lot of time in the dugout and the clubhouse (which are not very big places) together. Plus the trash-can symphony had to be loud enough for the batters to hear it over all the "other noise," which means that everyone in the vicinity had to hear it. Therefore, I have very high confidence that everybody on the team knew about it. So if Justin "The Dean of Baseball Integrity" Verlander says that he didn't know about it, I will be disinclined to believe him.
  6. It's about time. None of his contemporaries like Deacon Jones or Dick Butkus ever knocked out a horse.
  7. About time. Deacon Jones and Dick Butkus never knocked out a horse.
  8. Because that's seven guys the Tigers don't have to pay?
  9. How could they not? If someone is repeatedly beating on a trash can in your dugout just before the opposing pitcher delivers, that would be pretty hard to miss.
  10. As I understand it, Luhnow denies knowing anything about the cheating, and there is no evidence that he did. And God knows we can use a smart GM with a track record of success. Also, I'll gladly take Hinch over Illadvisedhire or any new manager that Al Avila might scrape off the bottom of a dumpster. No manager of Gaylord Perry ever got fired because GP threw spitters, and no manager of Whitey Ford ever got fired because WF cut baseballs. I don't see why Hinch's career should be over as a result of this.
  11. I was far more concerned about Obama's election than his erection. But that's fluid under the bridge.
  12. No, but Bernie's probably old enough for it to be soft-serve.
  13. Elizabeth Warren say paleface Bernie Sanders speak with forked tongue. He say she must be full of firewater. In any event, his peepee not welcome in her teepee. I am eating this up with a spoon.
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