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  1. Maybe 337 is ambitious enough to read a book, but that is way too much for me. I'll wait for the movie, and until then I'll stick with my flimsy analysis, uninformed opinions, and biased perspective, thank you very much.
  2. If you ask nicely and slip the right people a few bucks, the Hall of Fame will admit -- off the record -- that he also played for the Tigers.
  3. If Verlander is associated with the Tigers the next time they win a championship, it will be as a gray-haired Jack-Morrisish curmudgeon in the broadcast booth.
  4. Chicks don't dig the gapper that bounces to the fence or the ground ball into the corner.
  5. And I didn't know that 37 RBIs at the 100-game mark matter. Live and learn.
  6. They are in very significant part a function of opportunities. Even lousy hitters at the top of the order get on base more than those at the bottom, unless the manager is dumber than a laundry bin full of dirty jockstraps. So someone who bats third or fourth will usually get more opportunities with men on base and in scoring position than those at other spots in the lineup, and should be at or near the top of the team's RBI list, even if he is a below-average hitter like Cabrera.
  7. "Clutch" Castellanos Causes Cats to Collect Colossally from Cubs!
  8. Maybe if Miggy was providing better protection in the lineup, the other guys would be hitting . . .
  9. Maybe someone will still want Greene as a situational righty. As long as the situation doesn't involve the game's being on the line.
  10. Shane Greene just lost whatever trade value he might have had, but maybe we can get something for Tyler Alexander.
  11. Orioles' Winning Percentage: .3093 Tigers': .3085 We're Number 30!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The Tigers now have the worst record in Major League Baseball. Woo hoo!
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