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  1. Does anyone know what Faedo's Fastball velocity was yesterday?
  2. I agree. It's an ugly conversation. Sex is hard wired. If you see 6 year old's as sexual, no matter your age, you have a problem in the brain. Life in jail, or very heavy supervision in the community. It's not something that can be undone. Violence towards an adult female, is also inexcusable but with support a person can be rehabilitated.
  3. Hi everyone. I don't think child molesters, even if they molested as children themselves, can become rehabilitated. I guess I would need more information, and I don't want that information. I think in today's sports world it would be impossible to take him. Who is going to get a jersey of a convicted child molester? It adds way more distraction than any value he could bring. As far as the draft, you have to take the best player available regardless of position. I don't think you can have too much pitching, because trades and stuff.
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