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  1. Lloyd can certainly come up with a plan to defeat any style of pitching that exists.
  2. Darkest hour? With this franchise...it's not even noon yet.
  3. The Tigers don't have anyone that is reliable for going 5 innings on their roster. Other than Boyd, those other starters wouldn't even be pitching in the majors if it weren't for being in the right organization at the right time.
  4. I am surprised the Ilitches don't threaten to leave Detroit unless they get a new ballpark paid completely with tax money. They are always looking for ways to improve the viewing experience for the fans.
  5. It's not that big of a deal about Zimmerman. He is the pitching version of Cabrera...pretty much useless but it's not like he's blocking some stud pitcher from breaking into the rotation.
  6. Boone whines every bit as much as Girardi did. The Yankees have a sense of entitlement; they believe every single call should be in their favor or they complain bitterly. I hope the Astros crush them. But I would definitely rate the Red Sox, Cubs, and Phillies below them.
  7. You would think there aren't 40 guys in the organization that you would need to protect. How many weak hitting position players or pitchers who get lit up do the Tigers need to protect?
  8. The Yankees are just ahead of the Red Sox and North Korea on my list of least favorites.
  9. Your 3rd baseman so fat, when he backs up he goes beep...beep...beep. Someone had to do it.
  10. You want the Yankees to win? Wow. Did you fall on your head?
  11. The only thing I really didn't like was how Gardenhire would have a different guy play a different position every single game. A guy would play SS one day, then CF the next, then 2nd base, etc. Rotating guys around probably doesn't help with the defense and that can affect the pitchers. But by time August rolled around, I was firmly entrenched in the I don't really care and I am probably not going to watch the game mode. They just hired some guy who seems nice, can give a few good soundbytes here and there, and doesn't mind that the team sucks.
  12. Trout has an .083/.267/.333 slash line for his playoff career.
  13. The Tigers are doing the same thing with Jeimer Candelario and Buck Farmer.
  14. Does it even matter who the manager or any of the other coaches are? It's getting harder and harder to even care about this franchise (or baseball in general). I have this feeling that the Tigers are just in the beginning of the Dark Ages part 2 of my life. I can see this team sucking for 12-15 years in a row.
  15. You mean to tell me I am the only one who had a Millard Fillmore poster in my room as a child?
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