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  1. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    This is the kind of stuff that would really tick me off if I were in Eflin's shoes. Maybe I have a tweak in my arm during the playoff race and have to miss a start. This can create bad blood especially when a player isn't making millions upon millions of dollars.
  2. Well, Max came into his own in Detroit. He became a HOFer in Washington. He and Kershaw are the top 2 pitchers of the last decade.
  3. Actually, the fact that you consider Al Avila as just another GM doesn't disturb me at all.
  4. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    Hopefully the Tigers can develop all the light hitting, good fielding Minor League middle infielders they have added through trades in the last few years into light hitting, good fielding Major Leaguers. Because you can never have enough of those guys filling out a roster.
  5. The clock is ticking on Norris. He is scheduled to go on the DL on Nov. 19.
  6. gmoney

    Who Will Be The Next Tigers Field Manager?

    Who will be the dugout manager?
  7. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    The Tigers have not done a very good job of developing players under the Illitch family. Almost all of the Tigers players of note under the Iltich family were acquired through free agency or trade. The first 10 years Mike Ilitch owned the Tigers was probably the lowest valley of the franchise in its history. I think they were under .500 in 13 out of the first 14 years he owned them. And it wasn't like they were 1 or 2 games under .500. most of those years either; they were losing 90 games. They lost 90 games 8 times and 100 games 3 times. 2003 was a total and complete embarrassment. They didn't develop any players of note through that entire time except...Bobby Higginson was their huge success story during that time, and while he was a solid MLBer, he wasn't someone to build a franchise around. If you want to include Brandon Inge as a solid MLBer, then so be it. The only other players that they really developed during the Ilitch years would be Verlander, Porcello, and Castellanos. Maybe I am missing someone. Alex Avila? So yeah, I have difficulty believing the Tigers brass has any idea on how to develop MLB players based on their track record. Nothing spells competence like 4 or 5 solid contributors in 25 years.
  8. Not even the day of the game and it's already 3-0, Twins.
  9. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    Well, is it worse to sit on the bench all day long or get a sense of what he needs to do to become a MLB hitter? If his confidence is destroyed, then so be it...he was just a Rule V pick anyway and he wasn't mentally tough enough anyway. Although, Reyes probably isn't going to complain because he now makes the league minimum of $555,000 instead of $20,000 or whatever amount he would have made in the minors this season. They need to start picking Rule V relief pitchers...that way you can pitch them and no matter how much they suck they aren't going to be much worse (if any) than Stumpf or Saupold.
  10. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    But there were other options if Ilitch and Avila simply wanted to be cheap than getting a rule V player to take up a roster spot and sit on the bench every day. They could have brought up some career minor leaguer from their own organization and sat him on the bench. They could have signed Tim Tebow at the beginning of the year and put him on the major league roster. The whole situation just seems like they really aren't accomplishing anything with Reyes.
  11. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    They may or they may not. Well, with that argument there is no reason to question anything that a person in authority ever does. They get paid to do it...you don't so just sit down and be quiet...sorry but just because someone does it professionally does not mean they are incapable of sucking at their jobs.
  12. gmoney

    Meanwhile .. Former Tigers

    GMs want the trades to work out for both teams. You develop relationships with other GMs and I'm sure you don't want to be known as someone who screws the other guy over...you aren't going to get much cooperation from other GMs with that sort of reputation. I am ambivalent towards Avila. People probably don't like him because the Tigers are going to suck for a long, long time and he is in charge. People hated Herbert Hoover for a long time after the great depression even though he had nothing to do with it happening. And of course, the fact that he got 3 back up minor league middle infielders for JD Martinez hasn't helped matters.
  13. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    I can appreciate that train of thought, but sitting on the bench day after day, pinch running on the oft-chance that VMart actually gets a hit in the later innings, and hitting against batting practice coaches isn't going to help improve his skills much.
  14. gmoney

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    I really don't understand why they just don't throw Reyes out there everyday for the rest of the year. I mean, what is there to really lose? Playing a guy once a week isn't going to help him. We already have found out that Jones sucks, so why not make certain that Reyes sucks too by giving him the last 40 games or whatever is left to go out there and prove it? What is the point of taking up a roster spot with a Rule 5 guy...that you supposedly like a lot, yet you are not going to give him any consistent at-bats on this train wreck of an offense?
  15. gmoney

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    Posey and Mauer both play in parks that are difficult to hit home runs at. Not so much Mauer, but Posey's power numbers would be much more impressive if he played in a home ball park that was more beneficial to hitters. I remember Memorial Stadium in Baltimore was about 290 down the left field line. It was an utter joke, much like Yankees stadium down the right field line now. Parks like Oakland have so much foul territory that players have many more foul outs per year than they would have if they played in a place like Fenway or Wrigley Field. I seem to remember that Oakland produces 35% more foul outs than the average MLB park. Mike Trout plays in a park that does not produce a lot of home runs either. I wonder when new ball parks are planned, if the organization will design them so they are more hitter friendly in order to attract better offensive free agents? St. Louis, for example, has always tried to build teams that work best in their stadium. Colorado has trouble attracting top pitchers in free agency. Who would want to pitch there if they had the option?