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  1. None of these guys really deserve it. But since it is the "Hall of Good Players and Players that had a Long Career," a bunch of these guys will probably get in. I can almost see Don Mattingly getting elected. They will say it's his time or something lame like that. It's not that I don't think Lou is on a par with some of the other 2nd basemen in the HOF. I just don't think those guys deserve to be in the HOF either. It should be for the great players, not guys like Phil Niekro or Jack Morris who just hung around for 20 years and were average to slightly above average for most of their career. I don't get the whole process. You can't vote for a guy because you don't believe he is a HOFer for the first 14 years but suddenly 15 years later and after a PR campaign to get Edgar Martinez in, the voters now decide he is a Hall of Famer. If he's not a first ballot HOFer then he shouldn't be in the HOF ever. And the unanimous selection stuff? If you didn't vote for a guy like Greg Maddux, you should lose your voting privileges. It's a joke. Harold Baines is a HOFer yet Barry Bonds is not. Yea, he used steroids but he still accomplished what he did on the field. MLB embraced steroids and looked the other way while they were being used. How can you blame the players for taking them when MLB did nothing about it; in order to keep up with the Sosa's or McGwire's of the world, a player had to take them. If a guy didn't use them then his career was pretty much over.
  2. Anyway, I am probably done posting on here until next season. I just wanted to say that it is a good group of very knowledgeable posters. I enjoy reading the different perspectives. Have a great offseason.
  3. I stopped going to games and haven't watched more than a few innings of baseball since the All Star Game break. Baseball is on the same level as the NBA for me, where players don't care, stars don't even travel to play road games, there are tons of teams tanking every year, and there are about 3 or 4 teams that have a legit chance of winning the championship. In the NFL, there are 32 teams and all but 4 have made the playoffs within the last 3 years. Other than fan bases of teams like the Browns and Bucs, there is hope that a team could make a playoff run. Do fans of the Reds, Tigers, Royals, Pirates, Padres, Marlins, etc. have much hope for the next few years? Sure, you'll have a model like the Royals, who will stumble upon a group of good young players and ride them out for 2 or 3 years until they leave via free agency, but then they go back to sucking for 10 years. Does anyone think the bungling Al Avila is going to do anything close to putting a winner out on the field in the next 5 years? I think it would be interesting if MLB had a clause that if a team doesn't have at least one winning season in 5 straight years, the owner is forced to sell and the front office is automatically fired. There are reasons why it would be troublesome but it would be fun anyway.
  4. I don't have the solution, but take a look at attendance in the areas where teams tank. When Mike Ilitch first owned the Tigers, they were awful for 15 years. I was a teenager at that time and totally lost interest in the game. Why would I want to follow a team that sucked so bad? A whole generation of young people paid no interest in the game and MLB lost its chance to convert those kids into fans of the game. And I am on the verge of not following the Tigers and the game again, because I know the Tigers are going to be awful for the next 5 years, minimum. And some owners hold the city's feet over the fire and demand a new stadium, at tax payer's expense, or they will relocate the team.
  5. Unless you are a member of the 2019 Detroit Tigers. i.e. Jake Rogers/G Greiner.,
  6. I watched none of the playoffs...not even 1 second. Baseball just doesn't seem very interesting to me. During the 90s and early 2000s when the Tigers were putrid, I don't even remember watching any of the playoffs or World Series games. MLB is really hurting themselves by allowing such trash as the Tigers to pass as major league baseball.
  7. Lloyd can certainly come up with a plan to defeat any style of pitching that exists.
  8. Darkest hour? With this franchise...it's not even noon yet.
  9. The Tigers don't have anyone that is reliable for going 5 innings on their roster. Other than Boyd, those other starters wouldn't even be pitching in the majors if it weren't for being in the right organization at the right time.
  10. I am surprised the Ilitches don't threaten to leave Detroit unless they get a new ballpark paid completely with tax money. They are always looking for ways to improve the viewing experience for the fans.
  11. It's not that big of a deal about Zimmerman. He is the pitching version of Cabrera...pretty much useless but it's not like he's blocking some stud pitcher from breaking into the rotation.
  12. Boone whines every bit as much as Girardi did. The Yankees have a sense of entitlement; they believe every single call should be in their favor or they complain bitterly. I hope the Astros crush them. But I would definitely rate the Red Sox, Cubs, and Phillies below them.
  13. You would think there aren't 40 guys in the organization that you would need to protect. How many weak hitting position players or pitchers who get lit up do the Tigers need to protect?
  14. The Yankees are just ahead of the Red Sox and North Korea on my list of least favorites.
  15. Your 3rd baseman so fat, when he backs up he goes beep...beep...beep. Someone had to do it.
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