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  1. gmoney

    6/20 @12:35 Detroit Tigers vs Cincinnati Reds

    I miss Suarez.
  2. gmoney

    6/17 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    I guess I don't understand the reference to Deuce? Is it supposed to be Adduci? Is this an attempt to be funny or is it based on reality?
  3. gmoney

    After 72 games

    I don't believe Iglesias has much trade value at all. A poor hitting SS surely won't have teams beating down the door to trade for him. He may be packaged with another player though.
  4. Obviously those guys were more concerned about building a winning organization than their personal appearance.
  5. gmoney

    Miggy out for season

    35 more homers and 334 hits. He needs to average 7 hrs and 67 hits over the last 5 years of his contract. I don't know if he plays enough games to reach those numbers. His bat looked as if it had slowed down from previous years, and he showed very little power.
  6. gmoney

    Miggy out for season

    I'll edit it so it says everyone but Shelton.
  7. gmoney

    Miggy out for season

    The worst part is that he will take up a roster spot all those years. Think about how everyone on here dislikes VMart being on the roster. That is what Miggy will be...at least until his annual trip to the DL.
  8. gmoney

    HOF for pitchers now.

    I was wondering with the decrease in starts per year and decreased workload for starters, what kind of career will pitchers need to make it in the HOF now? Obviously there will always be the case for dominant pitchers to make it, but in the past guys like Don Sutton, Phil Neikro, Bert Blyleven have made it. They just hung around a long time and racked up a bunch of wins and other stats. They were good but never really dominant pitchers like Tom Seaver or Roger Clemens( I know...he's not in there). Is 220 wins comparable to 300 wins in the past? I have trouble believing there will be ever be another 300 winner as things stand now. Take Chris Sale and Rick Porcello for example, Chris Sale might have trouble getting to 200 wins in his career. He's 29 and has 96 wins. Rick Porcello is the same age and has 126 wins. Across the board, except in wins, Sale has been a much better pitcher statistically than Porcello, but Porcello has 30 more wins. Even this year Porcello has 3 more wins than Sale. Voters have always rewarded pitchers that have a large amount of wins (except for Mike Mussina). Sale has finished in the top 6 in Cy Young voting the last 6 years. Porcello has only received votes once when he won the award in 2016. No one remembers who finishes 2nd. There is no way Rick Porcello is a HOF pitcher, but Sale certainly has the dominance when he pitches to be in that discussion. Verlander, Scherzer, Hernandez, and Kershaw would seem to be near locks to make the HOF. What about some of the other pitchers...Chris Sale, CC Sabathia, Strasburg, Lester, Greinke, and Bumgarner? Others?
  9. gmoney

    Miggy out for season

    His body isn't meant to last long. He was never in good shape as a Tiger. Some people are built like Cabrera...some people are built like Mike Trout. One body can last longer than the other. It's just the way he is built. 5 more years of this? He is going to look worse than VMart in a few years. I'm guessing he plays less than 200 games in what is left of his MLB career. He had a great run for 6 or 7 years as a Tiger, won 4 batting titles, but it's tough to see how he comes back being the player he was for those years.
  10. shane greene doing what shane greene does best
  11. gmoney

    Who Did Miguel Pass Today?

    We need a Jacoby Jones...who did he pass today thread.
  12. gmoney

    6/7 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox

    The JD trade was basically for a bunch of backup minor league infielders. It was quantity and not quality.
  13. gmoney

    6/6 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox

    Cabrera has turned into a punch and judy hitter.
  14. gmoney

    6/6 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox

    Victor is completely worthless. Can't hit...no power...can't play the field...takes up a roster spot... Think they will tell him to retire during the middle of the year?
  15. I agree with Jones, but they are going to give him the whole year to prove it.