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  1. I heard that Mike Trout signed the contract extension because he was excited about Ausmus being hired as the new Angels manager.
  2. Late to the party but... Jody Mercer will be the single greatest FA signing in the history of the Tigers until he is released right before the All Star break Daniel Norris will be lauded as turning a corner as he only makes 2 trips to the DL this season including a season ending hammy problem at the beginning of August. Grayson Greiner will make people forget all about James McCann as he finishes the season hitting .187 with 2 HRs Niko Goodrum, the Tigers top hitter, narrowly misses winning the batting title, only .088 points behind the eventual winner. Victor Alcantara will be the sole representative on the AL All Star team.
  3. I would wager my house and life savings on that bet...but since that isn't a reasonable bet, I will wager at least 1 Snickers bar on that. I don't think the Tigers will replace him in the next few years simply because of his contract and they have nothing in the minors. He'll have his shot to get to those numbers, but it will have to be in Detroit because no other team is going to take on that contract with his production. So I guess it depends on what else the Tigers have in the future at 1B.
  4. The Tigers don't need all those weak hitting middle infielders that Avila traded for in the last few seasons. The Tigers already have the market cornered with weak hitting middle infielders in the majors.
  5. It's a huge outside shot for him to get 500 HR and 3000 hits. I don't see him getting 320 more hits and 35 more HR in his career. His bat looks extremely slow and he hasn't hit the ball with any authority this season. A DH or 1st baseman that can't hit, hit for power, and is below average with the glove isn't going to be much good for anything. Plus, he has never appeared to be someone that cared about staying in shape, and he is likely to spend most of the season on the DL. I don't think it was much of a surprise that he fell off so fast and so steep. He had a 8 or 9 year stretch which measured with the best of all time, but he is simply a shell of his former self.
  6. I remember I had just filled up my gas tank when I turned the radio over to the tiger game in my car. There was one out left and Dickerson was talking about the first perfect game in Tigers history and then he got excited but yelled out "He called him safe!"
  7. I'm hoping the bullpen can at least be respectable. VerHagen and Farmer really need to "find" it this year. Who knows how many more chances those guys are going to get.
  8. I remember when Ivan Rodriguez showed up in the best shape of his life. Then I read somewhere he was on Jose Canseco's list of roiders.
  9. Harper has finished under .250 BA 2 out of the last 3 seasons. Can't wait until he is batting .245 with 27 home runs in mid-September and the Phillies are 13.5 games out of first place. I'm sure those fans are going to be throwing flowers to him when he strolls to the plate.
  10. I also predict that Cabrera gets injured running out a weak ground ball to second base sometime in the middle of May and will miss the majority of the season. Daniel Norris will be on the DL at least 50% of the season. Shane Greene will lose the closer role at the beginning of June.
  11. I predict that all those light hitting, minor league middle infielders that Avila traded for in the previous few years will continue to be light hitting, minor league middle infielders in 2019 unless the Tigers release them. I also predict that Avila will trade Castellanos for 2 more light hitting, minor league middle infielder types that will reach their ceiling of being light hitting, minor league middle infielders in the years to come until they are released or not resigned by the Tigers
  12. Well, they better put Joe Mauer in then, because that guy had a 3 or 4 year stretch when he was just dynamite at the plate.
  13. The entire voting process is just silly. I mean, suddenly Edgar Martinez is a Hall of Famer this year although he wasn't 15 years ago (or however long guys are on the ballot)? In 2010, Martinez received 36% of the vote. So over 10 years he suddenly became that much better without playing a single game and gets 85%? He either is or isn't. I would also wonder how any voter could give a legit baseball reason to not vote for a guy like Greg Maddux or Ken Griffey, Jr. I would like to see the reason those voters declined to vote for those type of players.
  14. Harold Baines didn't even suggest that Harold Baines should be in the Hall of Fame.
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