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  1. Edwin Jackson is now the undisputed ace of the Detroit Tigers.
  2. I am actually in Pittsburgh right now. Not a bad town. The roads are a mess but other than that no real complaints. The Pirates are out of town or I would have caught a game. The field looks beautiful from Mount Washington. It's right on the river.
  3. When you are Baltimore or Detroit every team on the schedule is tough.
  4. These were also the guys that didn't understand that a player had a 10 day waiting period after they were designated for assignment before their contract could be purchased by the major league club when they tried doing that with Jacob Turner last season. Does it surprise you they don't know the rules?
  5. Wasn't it Al Avila who was telling everyone that Jeimer Candelaria and Dawel Lugo were stars in the waiting?
  6. Didn't Simon hit someone in the head with his bat?
  7. There is a sucker born every minute. Just like a dog going back to its abusive owner.
  8. Predict the lineup for Tuesday's game 1. Rodriguez 3B 2. Rogers C 3. Hicks 1B 4. Beckham SS 5. Boyd LF 6. Goodrum CF 7. Dixon DH 8 Castro RF 9 Lugo 2B Is there any logic to how Gardenhire puts together a lineup?
  9. Joke of a team, joke of a manager, joke of a franchise.
  10. I don't think Norris is cut out to be a starter.
  11. If he actually gave up baseball it might help his hitting.
  12. What is Gardenhire's thinking about not having guys that actually play one position. Other than catcher, 3rd base, and center field, who in the **** actually has a position that they can get comfortable at? Mercer has a few good games so the next 3 he is on the bench. I guess he is just that much better of a manager than anyone else in world. Why not just put a guy at a position and let him play there for a few weeks instead of this stupid musical position crap that he is intent on doing?
  13. Just put Dixon at first base the rest of the season and see what he is all about. Who else do they have to play there anyway? Let Lugo play 3rd for the rest of the year. Candelario is fine at Toledo. Neither of those guys are going to make it anyway.
  14. I believe the ship has already set sail for Candalario. He shows zero competence at the plate. And for people who want to move him to first base...why? First base is usually the easiest position to fill with a guy who can hit for power. Why have a guy who can't hit at a premium hitter's position? Jones is just a great athlete who can play center field regularly and be respectable at the plate. Stewart really struggled this year.
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