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  1. gmoney

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    What about all those great light hitting shortstops that Avila pried loose when he raked those other clubs over the coals in all the trades he's made over the last 2 years? Bring one of them up and watch the fireworks begin.
  2. gmoney

    2019 MLB Hall of Fame

    The Hall of Fame is now a total joke. Harold Baines? I wrote in a thread last year about Eddie Murray simply hanging around 7 or 8 years to rack up some stats to get the numbers to get in the hall of fame. Harold Baines just played a long time and put up average to slightly above average numbers. Just hanging around and racking up numbers. He hit more than 25 homers one time in his career, hit over .315 one time, had 100 rbi's three times, never finished higher than 9th in MVP voting, he only led the league in one category one time slg in 1984. 22 years in the MLB. He was never a bad player, but he was never a top player either. He never received more than 10% on the vote when he was on the ballot. If you play 20 years and you are decent should you just automatically get into the hall of fame? Harold Baines is a hall of famer yet Barry Bonds is not. What a complete joke.
  3. gmoney

    Thanks, Matthew!

    There is no solution. The Lions gave the money to this guy and now they are stuck with him for the next couple years. I think he's am average to below average starter who racks up gaudy statistics in garbage time once the game is out of reach. He seems like a really nice guy though. At least it isn't Jameis Winston signed to that contract.
  4. gmoney

    Now who'll be our slow dog?

    Cabrera is washed up. I doubt if he gets 100 more hits in his career.
  5. Shane Greene reminds me of rotten eggs.
  6. For those who love to get beaten when you are down...the Lions season will still be going.
  7. gmoney

    9/17 @7:10 Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

    Look on the bright side: Greene didn't allow any runs tonight.
  8. gmoney

    9/17 @7:10 Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

    On a different note, what exactly does Shane Greene save when he gets credited with a save after giving up multiple hits and runs in his one inning of work?
  9. gmoney

    9/15 @3:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    Every time I see Fulmer slated to start I don't even watch or pay attention to the game. I just know how it's going to end...well maybe not 15 runs, but it will end with a L.
  10. gmoney

    9/14 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    Didn't watch the game but it's nice to see Shane Greene pitch an inning and match the hits and runs total of the pitchers from the first 8 innings.
  11. gmoney

    Brandstatter out, Lomas Brown in

    I only listen when I am in the car. It's not like baseball where I suspect more people listen on the radio. There is only one game a week and most fans set that time aside to watch every week.
  12. gmoney

    Call Jake Rudock Now!

    The Giants already have a bottom of the barrel QB, why pick up another to help out the Lions?
  13. gmoney

    Matt Stafford vs. Mark Sanchez

    Yes, because QBs have very little hand in who wins the game. I mean they only touch the ball every single offensive snap and decide where the ball goes, but other than that, they have no say in things. I would rather not have to pay a turnover machine 27 million a year and get a cheaper QB that protects the ball and then spend that money on quality players at other positions.
  14. gmoney

    They're not the Same Old Lions

    People are lions fans simply out of geography. The team has always sucked and it seemingly always will.
  15. Following in the footsteps of his dad.