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  1. You forgot that Zimmerman is hot garbage and is doing his best to let the Orioles back into the game. Good to see your $20+mill opening day starter with an ERA over 7.50 after 4 starts, with no realistic shot of seeing it come down much as he pitches further into the season.
  2. How bad are the Orioles? They seem very disinterested today. No pitching, some awful D, poor base running that cost them a run. The Tigers definitely took advantage.
  3. I was just going to say that. He loafed on the bases, and this inning he has two errors, and a bobbled DP that would have ended the inning off of Nicholas's bat.
  4. Not often when you have two blown saves in the same game, and yet still win the game. Another nice win, the Orioles are really scuffling.
  5. 0-13 with RISP, 4 LOB in two innings. Lloyd McClendon special baseball continues
  6. Another wasted threat. 0-12 with RISP thus far this series
  7. Good to see Miggy turn and drive one into the LF corner. Hopefully today they can get a hit with RISP, or at the very least, get the guy in from third with less than two outs
  8. I never expected to see this thread again this year. Let's hope they get it down to something reasonable by the end of the year
  9. Nice win tonight to end the 5 game skid. Heroes of the game are Victor, Liriano, and the entire bullpen.
  10. This team cannot get hits with guys in scoring position. 0-9 tonight, twice a runner at third with less than 2 outs, and both times they came up with zilch.
  11. Exactly, when the rest of the team is pretty much lousy, the bullpen will step up to be a strong part of the team. If nothing else, they can flip some or at least one of those guys for some more prospects. They did well for Justin Wilson (and Alex Avila) last year
  12. Jimnez looking good so far this year. Hopefully he makes us all forget about Rondon
  13. Looks like DVH or Jiminez, Wilson was not up and throwing.
  14. and then he burns the basepaths up as he saunters into 2nd on McCann's base hit to left.
  15. Only a whip of 1.00 that inning for the bearded farmer. Nice DP to end the inning by Candalerio and Machado. It was tailor made.
  16. Time for Miggy to start getting some extra base hits.
  17. Just stumbled across this site, looks like there are a few refugees from the old MLB message boards. Will be good to start interacting with those of you who have found this site once again.
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