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  1. Any chance that if he has two or three more miserable years like this year that he hits himself out of the hall of fame? He is having a brutally bad year
  2. Jeimer with a great at bat as he grounded out. Now 0-6 with 5 K's. Miserable
  3. yep, a sterling 0-4 with 4 K's to start tonight. Big time fear in the opposing pitchers for that 3/4 combo
  4. Great to see Rogers get his first hit (and RBI and an unfortunate error). Two hard hit balls for him tonight
  5. Typical Tigers special tonight, a guy who if he did not pitch against the Tigers this year would have an ERA over 6. And they are 0-7 with RISP, as per usual
  6. That last inning his D (Mercer) failed him, but he did give up 10 hits in 4 2/3, and there were a couple of DP's on rockets to save him from getting lit up worse.
  7. Ver Hagen can join Carpenter as pitchers who should never pitch for the Tigers again. Not sure what they see in him, as he is getting tagged again tonight. Tank on!
  8. This was on the game summary on Bless You Boys, I thought it was very spot on. This offense is historically inept, and no cries of “rebuilding” excuse it. They give away multiple bases day after day, despite the mouth service to fundamental baseball by the coaches and organization generally. They play people out of position in deference to veterans who shouldn’t be in the major leagues anymore. It’s a clown show
  9. Now 4-44, with 12K. too bad he has no protection in the lineup to help him. His last 1-8 with a single helped boost his avg and ops a couple of points
  10. Or, is that because he got away from Lloyd and the Tigers franchise and got a new approach to hitting? Not saying that is the case, but it could be a part of it
  11. Jim was just ripping the Tigers hitters and their approach on the radio. Saying that they should be doing whatever they can to get on base, bunt, go the other way, take a walk. But then Castro just made an easy out on a pitch out of the zone. He said things have to change
  12. Stewart is not good, and I will go to my grave on this, I think he does not get much if any help from the hitting staff. The Tigers are now 3 for the past 46 with RISP.
  13. What is worse? The Tigers offense, or Zimmerman's pitching?
  14. Patrick OKennedy‏ @Tigerdog_1 Follow Follow @Tigerdog_1 More Phillies' broadcast crew talking about Nick's comments. Showed an overlay of his hits on Citizens' Bank park in Philly. He'd have 11 more home runs in Philly.
  15. Miggy with 5 Home Run's is in a massive tie for 272 in MLB Miggy with 37 RBI is in a tie for 157th in MLB Miggy is in a tie with -0.3 WAR Miggy with a .709 OPS is in 129th in MLB for qualified hitters (enough PA to qualify for the batting title) Miggy with a .367 SLG is 145th for qualified hitters Note, there are only 151 qualified hitters at this time
  16. Cabrera post AS break: 3-36, 1 2b, 1 RS, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 10 K .083 Batting .131 OBP .111 SLG .242 OPS Yuck
  17. I will give it to Nick, he is playing hard most every night. He just whined about Comerica, but he is giving max effort.
  18. Morris just made a good comment, that the hitter who knocked in the go ahead run did so by not trying to pull the ball and by going the other way. A novel concept, as opposed to the strike out, or pull it into the shift Tigers approach.
  19. Stumpf is hot garbage, and this team can't hit its way out of a paper bag. Tonight is the epitome of the season, 2 errors, multiple chances to win the game with one hit, Miggy looking awful, and in the end, a loss (very likely at this point)
  20. He has turned into a weak hitting DH who can't play day games after a night game, and the drop was just amazing this year. He was raking in the pre-season (granted, it was spring training), but this has been a miserable year for Miggy. Even Pujols still hits HR's and drives in runs, even if he does not hit very well any longer (.772 ops, with 15 HR and 58 RBI)
  21. Tigers now 2 for their last 40 with RISP. That is simply ridiculous. Anytime they want to broom their hitting staff and approach is fine by me.
  22. Really? I think he had turned into the only leader on the team and he is by far their best hitter. I used to be his biggest basher, but I have appreciated his game the past few years. Just me. I still hope they can get something of value for him
  23. I think that Nick hits it to the deepest part of the park quite often, his placement in other parks are probably 5-6 more home runs if not more this year. He is whining, but he is not wrong. If he played in let’s say Cleveland, he probably has 5 - 7 more hits, most of which are home runs. He is a gap hitter, and the gaps at Comerica are huge. I have gotten to respect his game. He plays hard most every day (as opposed to the DH), and he used to be Joe Cool, but now he is a pro who can hit pretty well.
  24. They have a better chance of winning if nobody gets on base and they get a HR. Anybody gets on base and they choke up, as evidenced by the 1-30 this series (and 5-59) with RISP
  25. FYI, Tigers are 1-30 with RISP this series. That is hard to do
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