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  1. 6 HR allowed tonight, 11 in the past two days, yikes.
  2. Seeing as the tigers strike out so much, would a heavier ball impact the catcher as he has to catch more pitches throughout the game?
  3. Man, some of the Tigers hitters leave the zone way too often, they need to develop some patience and plate discipline. OTOH, it was cool to see Paredes get his first hit, and in a clutch situation.
  4. I thought it was Joe's Pizza over Red's Corner Tavern in slow pitch softball
  5. Good thing he was fast, most guys would have been out on that play
  6. Extra inning baseball, which means the Tigers start the 10th with a runner on 2nd, which i believe will be Jacoby as he made the last out in the 9th.
  7. unreal, 2 out, nobody on and head case Jiminez blows it. He is reminding me of Bruce Rondon, a guy with a lot of talent who is not mentally strong and never puts it all together
  8. The Tigers wouldn't blow this one, would they? Farmer was no bueno there, his command was not good, now the tying run is at the plate
  9. Boy, once Kuhl got out of there the Tigers hitters have lit them up. It helps that the Pirates BP is awful, and walks what seems like every other hitter. Good job tonight to keep battling after they were down 4-1.
  10. Jones is still hitting very well, would anyone put him up in the leadoff spot (and drop Goodrum down to 9th)? Interesting stat, the Tigers first hitter of the game is now 0-10 this year, with one walk.
  11. What a novel concept, drawing some walks and getting some hits with RISP. Boyd is not looking good at all this year.
  12. Impressive start in the top of the 1st, 11 pitches, 3 K's.
  13. That was a whale of a play by Demeritte, saved the game for now if the Tigers can find any semblance of an offense.
  14. Agreed, they have seemed to score a lot late in games (including game 1 tonight). Their O has been so HR dependent thus far, and they have gotten a lot of late game HR;s which has been nice. They need to figure out a way to start games with more offense. I read that the leadoff hitter of the game is now 0-9, with a walk, so they are generally starting every 1st inning with one out and nobody on. And now it is 2-0 Reds, as they are getting hits with RISP., and running wild on Norris.
  15. Jiminez back to his old ways, getting knocked around here in the 7th. Too bad, the Tigers caught a huge break to tie it.
  16. Nick taketh, then Nick Giveth. a 3 run error to tie it up. That has to be an error
  17. I guess Gardy said screw this game as he puts in Carson Fulmer, who immediately gives up a hit and uncorks a WP
  18. Ugh, another runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs and they don't score. They have had a couple of chances to get a run or two on the board. Unfortunately, only 2 innings to go here instead of 4.
  19. 9 straight strikeouts, that is pretty damn impressive for Alexander.
  20. Tigers are now hitting .137 with Runners in Scoring Position and .095 with 2 outs and RISP this year. Thanks to all their home runs, they have been able to score a few runs this year, but if they continue to hit like that, they are not going to score many runs this year.
  21. Not sure how "hot" they are, but they called up McBroom (looks like he was just bought from the Yankees for cash considerations, his AAA line looked like this, with a 315/.402/.574 with 26 home runs and 58 walks in 117 games line this year) today and Bubba Starling earlier this year (looks like he definitely was not a super hot prospect, so probably a bad example)
  22. to get off the dead horse comments, DVH has been looking pretty good his past 5-6 appearances. Is there any chance we are just seeing a repeat of previous years when he seemingly turns it around at the end of the season only to yank the football away again at the start of the next season, or is this rebound a real one?
  23. Is there a franchise that is any more boring to watch than the Tigers? They have zero offense, limited speed, very minimal offensive prospects to look forward to seeing up in the Bigs, and have just gone through the motions for going on 3 years now. At least a team like the Royals has a couple of hotter prospects they have called up this year, they have Merrifield, Mondesi, and other guys with speed, plus they have Soler who just set the franchise record for HR's in a season with 39. The Tigers, they call up Greyson Greiner in September. If that doesn't move the needle, I don't know what will. (sarcasm)
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