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  1. Another night, another pitiful offensive display. It is time to replace the entire hitting staff in the organization. This is approaching some all time futility, especially when comparing to the rest of the American League. And there is not much help coming. They need to overhaul their approach, their teaching, and their mentality when it comes to hitting, from the top down.
  2. A perfect example (this was a write up on Boyd, but you could include most any Tigers SP): has been one of the brightest spots for the Tigers this season. Despite a few bumps in the road in recent games, he is still motoring on and holding down the ace role at the top of the rotation. However, he seems to be struggling against good teams. Why is that?
  3. I was at that game as well, sat up in the bleachers (no tie), i think it may have been a date (a cheap one) for me as well
  4. They may not start Criswell on Tuesday night, but rather they may try to piece it together with a bunch of bullpen arms, and have Criswell in for end of the game if it is close one way or another. Or, like in the UCLA series, they can just roll him out there and let him go until he is gassed, which if they were to lose would leave it all on Kaufman's shoulders on Wednesday. It is going to be interesting regardless
  5. 1/3 nobody out, bases full one out, and of course, no runs. Awful situational hitting. This org needs a revamp from the top down on their hitting approach. Period. EDIT Goodrum just knocked in two with two outs by going the other way, so that was a really good approach there.
  6. Then Jacoby gets picked off by not sliding. A total clown show, and the Tigers had 1/3 nobody out in the first and of course did not get the run in. This team is a debacle, especially against the Tribe.
  7. Just got home, flipped it on, and saw Joe get hammered again. Is he another Bruce Rondon? It seems like he is not going to figure it out. BTW, a whale of a play by Wilson at C to catch and almost tag Kipnis out.
  8. I looked it up, 93 times teams have scored 12 or more so far this year. For 10 or more, it has been 206 times so far (twice by the Tigers, once with 10, and once with 11)
  9. Well, in Colorado last weekend i think both teams got 12 or more 2 times each
  10. The Tigers bats have gone back into sleep mode after the eruption of 7 runs. Most teams erupt for 12-15 runs, the Tigers erupt for 5 (3 of them gift wrapped) to 7 runs.
  11. Nike does have some skills. He is not great, but he can be serviceable at SS, and his versatility is good to be able to play all over the field. He is athletic, he has some speed, and a little power. Now if he could get his swing back he could be a decent player on a decent team
  12. It figures the one night the Tigers offense delivers, the pitching staff gets shellacked
  13. Tigers continuing to get fleeced on the Zimmerman contract
  14. Wow, Lloyd had the boys eating their Wheaties this morning. I think the Tigers may boost themselves back up to 29th after this one.
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