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  1. Tigers in the series almost had more GIDP then at bats with runners in scoring position. That is hard to do other than Ramos (and Grossman’s ability to draw a walk so far ), there is not one hitter on the roster that would sniff starting on a contending teams roster (maybe Schoop, I guess)
  2. What in the world is Mazara doing in RF? Two awful throws to allow extra bases. this is going to be an ugly ugly road trip
  3. They are broadcasting from Comerica park for the road games, at least for now
  4. They are broadcasting from Comerica park for the road games, at least for now
  5. This team just can’t hit. Period. That is what the organization needs to figure out. How to identify and develop hitters. it has only been 8 1/2 games but this team looks totally lost at the plate. The Tigers have scored a total of 28 runs thus far, and 7 of those came in the 9th inning when the team was down double digits. Essentially; they have scored 21 runs in 8 1/2 games. Not a recipe for success.
  6. Aren't the Tigers playing the Royals today, and not the Twins?
  7. User error on the empty space. My post was tongue in cheek, Lloyd is playing with a short deck ,as he is missing: Jacoby, Schoop, Cron, now Candy, plus a lot of 4A guys on O and a pitching staff that for the most part does not pitch well at all.
  8. 4 straight one run losses for Tigers, first time since mid 90's, Lloyd not making a mark in his short time as interim manager
  9. Is it me or does it feel like if this was a regular 162 game season that the Tigers would have lost about 105 games or so when it was all said and done? Some injuries have hampered them, and their early season 1 run luck is starting to even out (tonight would be a 4th straight game that could be a 1 run loss). This stretch was when the wheels fell off last year as well
  10. At this point, i say finish behind the Royals and get a better draft pick. Play as many young guys as you can, let them get some more experience, but lose the last 3 (or 5 if they play the Cards). Of course i am watching and hoping they win, but it would be better to lose
  11. I keep wanting to give up on this team, but i will give them credit, they do battle, and tonight was another one that if they can close it out, can save their season, for now.
  12. Gardy did his team no favors today, did not PH, and the easy to predict K GO outcome happened. Other than Candy, this team is a mess offensively all of a sudden
  13. Candy is en fuego, smoking hot. As this inning progresses, Gardy will have to PH for all 3 of the bottom 3 hitters, no way he can let them get 3 more easy outs from that part of the order
  14. Offense is finding its water level. Cabrera looks awful, and a bottom 3 of Daz, Greiner and Alcantara has limited chance to do anything. Not sure why Gardy would throw that lineup out there. Greiner has to go, he cannot hit anything at all, hitting .128 with 6 hits all year (one of which was a BP HR off a position player last week). I would send him down and bring up Rogers, he cannot be any worse. Hopefully the Tigers are starting to weed out their dead weight (Stewart, Greiner, Jiminez) amongst others,
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