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  1. Not sure how "hot" they are, but they called up McBroom (looks like he was just bought from the Yankees for cash considerations, his AAA line looked like this, with a 315/.402/.574 with 26 home runs and 58 walks in 117 games line this year) today and Bubba Starling earlier this year (looks like he definitely was not a super hot prospect, so probably a bad example)
  2. to get off the dead horse comments, DVH has been looking pretty good his past 5-6 appearances. Is there any chance we are just seeing a repeat of previous years when he seemingly turns it around at the end of the season only to yank the football away again at the start of the next season, or is this rebound a real one?
  3. Is there a franchise that is any more boring to watch than the Tigers? They have zero offense, limited speed, very minimal offensive prospects to look forward to seeing up in the Bigs, and have just gone through the motions for going on 3 years now. At least a team like the Royals has a couple of hotter prospects they have called up this year, they have Merrifield, Mondesi, and other guys with speed, plus they have Soler who just set the franchise record for HR's in a season with 39. The Tigers, they call up Greyson Greiner in September. If that doesn't move the needle, I don't know what will. (sarcasm)
  4. It is time, the entire franchise needs a hitting reboot. The guys up in Detroit are for sure overmatched, but they seem to have no skill in putting the ball in play, situational hitting, and even the new fad, launch angle. I heard, of all people, Al Kaline, on the radio pre-game show, and he essentially called out the entire hitting of the franchise. He said it was embarrassing how many times they do not do the little things in terms of getting the runners over, getting them in from third, going the other way, Bunting, and then he railed over and over about how bad their strikeouts have been. I think it is clearly time to clean house on the hitting side. Bring in new coaches up and down the organization, try a new approach. Again, the talent up in Detroit is awful, but other than small improvements from time to time from a few players, it has been a brutally bad year, on top of some of other poor years, on the offensive front. No guarantees that changing the staff makes any difference, but with what he have seen, it is clearly time to go in a different direction.
  5. 13 straight to the Indians, that is hard to do. I think the Tigers are averaging less than 2 runs a game in those 13 losses. Brutal.
  6. Like a lot of games on the recent road trip, the Tigers are actually playing a pretty good game tonight. Some good pitching, good defense, and so far, a couple of runs. May not turn into a win (like many of the games on the road trip did not), but after last nights mail it in game, a nice change. I can;'t believe they can lose 60 games at home this year if they don't go at least 5-15 at home the rest of the way. That is tough and really tough on the home crowd
  7. Nick with another HR for the Cubs tonight. Going into a pennant race sure did energize him.
  8. I actually did, got some sort of survey as I had season tix for about 7 years (27 game package, dropped them last year), I said in it that I would not consider getting tickets again until they changed the overall hitting approach of the entire org. Of course, what one fan thinks should not influence in any way what the organization decides to do, I was able to give at least the ticket office feedback on my thoughts
  9. Zimm (gulp, can't believe I am saying this) looks good tonight and in his past 3 starts. Interesting to see he and DVH start to do better, while Boyd and Turnbull have really fallen off.
  10. I vowed in mid June to not go back to another Tigers game until they replace Lloyd McClendon. Got offered free tix tonight and turned them down. This offseason they need to make some wholesale changes with their hitting approach/coaching, from the top down for the organization.
  11. Was that really Joe's fault? If Mercer is in at SS, the lead off guy is out, then the walk, then that grounder to the hole is made again on a force play, and that ball up the middle makes it 1/3 with two outs. Kiermeyer would not have bunted, but if Joe gets him out, Choi never comes to bat. I put that on the D, and as someone else said, on Gardy for not putting his best D out there, the IF should have been: Lugo, Mercer, Goodrum, Dixon Oh yeah, and maybe the bats get more than 4 runs too
  12. unreal, Tigers are sooooooooooooo bad this year. A total clown show in the 9th, they may lose the rest of the games on this trip.
  13. Clown show on D in the 9th. should be out of the inning and now bases full with one out. It would be a SHAME for Boyd to not get the win today
  14. solid outing for Boyd. Tampa's offense has been somehow worse (so far) then the Tigers this weekend
  15. Good situational hitting this inning, a 2b to knock in a run, and a ground out / sac fly to get Reyes around. Nice to see,
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