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  1. Was that really Joe's fault? If Mercer is in at SS, the lead off guy is out, then the walk, then that grounder to the hole is made again on a force play, and that ball up the middle makes it 1/3 with two outs. Kiermeyer would not have bunted, but if Joe gets him out, Choi never comes to bat. I put that on the D, and as someone else said, on Gardy for not putting his best D out there, the IF should have been: Lugo, Mercer, Goodrum, Dixon Oh yeah, and maybe the bats get more than 4 runs too
  2. unreal, Tigers are sooooooooooooo bad this year. A total clown show in the 9th, they may lose the rest of the games on this trip.
  3. Clown show on D in the 9th. should be out of the inning and now bases full with one out. It would be a SHAME for Boyd to not get the win today
  4. solid outing for Boyd. Tampa's offense has been somehow worse (so far) then the Tigers this weekend
  5. Good situational hitting this inning, a 2b to knock in a run, and a ground out / sac fly to get Reyes around. Nice to see,
  6. Can the Tigers hold on and win 2-1 today? The hitters are most likely done scoring. I cannot recall a year, even 2003, when the overall hitting was so bad for the Tigers
  7. I was just going to say he was not sharp at all Also, what in the wide wide world of sports was Castro thinking on that shallow fly ball? He for sure had a chance to throw the runner out at the plate, yet he nonchalantly just jogged in, caught it and casually tossed it to 2nd.
  8. Wait someone else posted about the Tigers and RISP other than me?
  9. Cant dispute any of those. I will take it a bit further: The Tigers draw a walk The Tigers make at least one error The Tigers score 2 runs Boyd pitches well, but gets the ND Bullpen gives it up late in a 5-2 loss
  10. Some interesting moves today by the Tigers: 1. Josh Harrison DFA’d 2. Sandy Leon DFA’d 3. Blaine Hardy sent down to Toledo 4. Edwin Jackson put on the 40 man roster and will start for the Tigers tonight 5. John Schreiber added to 40 man roster and called up to Detroit
  11. Chicago looks like an athletic team. They turn a lot of tough DP's and I have seen some other really nice plays throughout the field. As compared to the Tigers clown show out in the field …..
  12. Mercer bounces into a 5-4-3 DP with the bases loaded, then he commits an error that already has led to one run. The Tigers still only have 1 home run with 2 or 3 guys on in the last 58 games.
  13. there is literally one little cell, right over the park, according to the radar. This could be a quick delay. Hopefully DVH can go back out there, he looks pretty good today
  14. Beckham 3 run home run in the 9th to make it 9-1 against the Angels. The one before that was a Jacoby Jones 3 run HR in early June, and about a week before that was the Miggy grand slam,
  15. Interesting stat, in the Tigers last 49 games, they have a total of one home run with 2 or more on the bases. One. That is in almost a third of the season.
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