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  1. Good win today, the hitters picked up the fielders and pitchers. Manufactured 9 runs without a HR as well (lots of HBP's helped for sure)
  2. and if 2 runs are needed to win i will really take it.
  3. Nice job by Miggy as well. Good to see back to back good situational hitting plate appearances.
  4. Nick did a really nice job of driving the ball, got the run in and got Jones to third
  5. another HBP, that is perfect. A comedy of errors today, Sox hitting batters, Tigers making errors. Bases full nobody out, time for a grand salami to put this one out of reach
  6. Jones gets hit again, 2 on nobody out, this is one time i FULLY ENDORSE the bunt, as Harrison is up
  7. Like i said earlier, FSD ought to run the curly fries promo for when the opposing team hits 3 home runs in a game.
  8. This is what a bad team is all about, once the hitters step up, then the pitchers and/or D don't do their job. That was a terrible 1-2 pitch to Castillo to tie it up
  9. That was a weird play, Anderson almost catches the line drive, then he scrambles to get the force at 2nd, and then they try to get Cabrera at home on a tag play. Anderson probably should have caught it, and then if he had thought about it he could have thrown home for the easy out on Cabrera
  10. I thought they may have actually hit a HR, but that was the first warning track power we have seen in about a week. Time to get add on runs. Lots of doubles today, good to see the good swings and good contact (except for Harrison of course)
  11. That was really nice to see, it is amazing to see the team run the bases and score runs. Miggy and Nick with RBI's, well done. Both managers left their starters in too long
  12. And just like that, the #9 hitter smokes one out to LC. Maybe FSD could make curly fries if the OTHER team gets 3 home runs in a game
  13. This is a slug fest for the Tigers, 4-3, with a runner on 2nd and nobody out. They are getting their hits today
  14. 3-2 Sox, a home run (i know, a novel concept). Trending towards another low scoring loss
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