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  1. Rocker is a starter, but I believe he could be a shutdown closer.
  2. Hankins has fallen because of shoulder concerns.
  3. Kumar Rocker for the bullpen, the guy is a beast. Still on the board.
  4. Norris who? Hardy is looking a lot better as a starter.
  5. I'm liking what Coleman is bringing to the bullpen, looked good in the spring don't know why they didn't keep him up. Jiminez and Greene are finally getting some help. Tigers making a run at .500 again.
  6. For what it's worth Mr. Buttersworth was not from the mlb forum.
  7. Another fine example from the bullpen today. I think one of six's better comments that I remember was " I think our bullpen is jinxed" and went on to ask another poster what they thought. The Tigers have had a history of putting money into hitters vs. pitching.
  8. Thanks Tigrrfan, glad to see that you made it over.
  9. Just admit it bobrob2004, you've been on the wrong side of the gardy signing all along.
  10. The way things are going maybe they won't and decide to go for the playoffs.
  11. We would be in first place and easily over .500, who would have thought it. Gardenhire has been doing a great job, too bad he wasn't hired five years ago.
  12. I suppose after a while we will see more of the mlb posters.
  13. Looks like this is the new home for Tiger talk, I recognize some of the mlb posters in here. Will check out the format here, not as many users as mlb.
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