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  1. Thought I'd check in and count the SOL comments.
  2. Guess it's good they didn't overturn that tying goal. The refs worked hard to help them get it.
  3. I'd also like to see them beat the Twins in their park, after getting swept last week at home.
  4. Obviously they're not going to the post-season, I get it. As far as this fan is concerned, I'm still watching them try to win games. Nobody out, Clark should have done the smart thing and held Stewart at 3rd for an rbi triple.
  5. Idiotic move anytime of the season, if you're trying to win a ball game.
  6. Clark was waving him home. A better throw and it wouldn't have been that close.
  7. Runner was out at 3B. No challenge. Next pitch a 3 run HR. Nice going Gardy.
  8. Reyes breaks his lucky bat, then strikes out. Hope he doesn't start a hitless streak now.
  9. Almost Greeney. Some leads aren't easy to blow in the ninth.
  10. Didn't look like Niko ever touched or impeded the fielder in any way. When in NY, I guess the Yankee fielders get a 10 ft. safe space radius around them.
  11. Victor should strictly concentrate on elevating the ball with a runner on first and less than 2 outs. He's just an extremely high dp liability otherwise.
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