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  1. Now that the entire season has run it's course, I can see that the Tigers' organization was just being bluntly honest with their tagline of "The future is now". Much in the same spirit of that old Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man". I expect we can look forward to many seasons where the top priorities in shaping our roster will be "cheap and controllable", all the while they continue to blow smoke up our asses that a wildcard slot is nearly within our grasp. aka The new normal. It's a cookbook!
  2. I believe they said early on that "younger and leaner" was the direction they wanted to go, and they in fact are leaner in the payroll dept. Weighed in a context of which goal is more important, building for future success or reducing payroll....they have succeeded in the latter, while the former may have been little more than a convenient ruse. There is no indication that little Itch is unhappy with AA's performance, so it might be safe to conclude that he's doing the job they expect of him, which may be entirely different from the priorities we fans think he should have.
  3. I think we all knew early on that Maybin, being the 5 tool untouchable that he was, would eventually win a ring. We just failed to anticipate that we'd have to trade him away twice just to get him there
  4. Not from JD and JV's perspective. Maybe that's what AA and little Itch had in mind all along? Giving those two swell guys, and the other talent that we pizzed away, a legitimate chance to win a ring? Sure, that's gotta be it. Trading them away was purely an act of selfless generosity.
  5. Hey, you could give me a boost to my approval rating, and save yourself the stamp? 🙃
  6. I just knew that eventually patience with you would be rewarded. 💡
  7. SO long as we continue behaving like trained seals clapping with approval, what incentive do they have to get better?
  8. I suspect there is a conceptual similarity to religion, in the sense that people see what they want to see. Those who want to have "faith" tend to cherry pick and overlook the inconvenient aspects, while others see glaring deficiencies which they refuse to reconcile. Personally I "fault" Avila, mostly because he is the front man. The smoke, and spin are coming out of his mouth, so I credit him with the overall dysfunction. But in fairness to him...I believe he is probably doing exactly the job he's been told to do. My approval is not necessary (to them) nor is my acquiescence available. I've watched them trade away all the genuine talent that could be traded away, while allowing other contracts to simply expire. . An additional indicator came through when they decided to trade Castellanos instead of pay him the dollars he likely would soon justify. Behavior combined, revealing a trend that is difficult to ignore The spin and the smoke was always "sacrifices now, towards a better future"...but I just don't see how a $15 million/ yr extension for Nick would destroy our future. ..... another indicator that thrift is more important than fielding a team worth watching. A trend that has become overly recognizable.....THAT is the general "idea" that I've taken away, as an observer. How the organization follows through when Mize, Skubal, Torkelson, Paredes, and Candelario have managed to get 4 1/2 years under their belts, should be very revealing. Of course that is predicated upon them ascending to a level of desirability. I also don't believe that the portion of Verlander's contract that we agreed to eat, was any indication of Ilitch's generosity, what so ever. Merely a sweetener to close the deal and make the bulk of his salary someone else's responsibility.
  9. Hey, maybe that will be Avila's next spiel? "We're so bad that not even spending money can help. so why bother?" or "we'll spend some money after the core of the team is good enough to warrant it".....they could get a couple decades out of that one. Somehow I'd find that more believable than "the future is now".
  10. Perhaps it's wisest to tank again this year and get another round of good draft picks? (assuming there even is a draft next year). At least suffering through an embarrassing 60 game season is less painful than suffering through 162 games of embarrassment. Skubal, despite the strikeouts, really doesn't look like he's fooling anyone with most pitches. Mize, otho, looks pretty encouraging. The Cubs bats appear to be cooling off right now, so here's hoping he has a good outing tomorrow. Right now my decision to buy a boat instead of season tickets two years ago ...seems to be paying off. The boat will be paid off in one more year. If by then Avila has changed his tune, then great, but if he's still playing the same ol song and dance.....I can't say I'd be surprised.
  11. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your willingness to discuss subject matter, rather than the circling of the wagons and lobbing barrages of sarcasm and insults that seem to predominate with others here. As far as "what would I do differently?"...Well, I believe my frustration with the team is a product of several years of watching a substandard team while being fed a spiel of "be patient". I believe they allowed the level of talent to deteriorate further than what we deserved, over a period of years. I think they should have held on to a couple productive players to at least make games worth watching, instead of dealing away anyone having trade value, just to shed payroll. So, it is that attitude, that "filter" through which I evaluate the current moves. In short they shouldn't be as sorry as they were coming in the gate this season,. Perhaps that reality is what magnifies the current loss of Cron and the total failure of Nova? I believe that if the current "spiel" that they hope to be competitive had relevance, they could go out and find some team seeking payroll relief to get a serviceable replacement for both. I don't mean to be totally negative, I see a few upsides. I absolutely love watching Niko Goodrum run the bases...the man can fly. I just wish there was some improvement in the OBP dept, so I'd have more opportunity to enjoy his basepath exploits. The pitcher Soto? I think he is very promising. And, when Jacoby Jones comes to the plate with runners on base...I actually feel a tinge of optimism, more often than not. And I even find myself cursing fate, hoping Miggy will find some sort of groove. So, it's not like I'm obsessed with negativity. I just feel like too large a share of our roster is made up with "innings eaters" who can provide AA et al cheap filler, and call it "baseball" As far as this thread goes? Well perhaps it's my warped way of calling out what I perceive as the organizations "bluff". They want to say "the future is now"...fine, lets see where the rubber hits the road. Show me that my last few years of patience are due for a reward. As far as what they are doing right this second? It may actually be the smart thing to do. Call up Mize and Skuball, give them a couple outings before the August 31 deadline to show what promise they have....and if they pan out? GREAT!! the skipper looks like a genius, and a good time can be had by all. But, if they fail.....not the end of the world, but be prepared to go out on the market and get some decent filler, if for no other reason then to prevent each game the rest of the year to be an embarrassment. So, I guess I'll be holding my breath to see if the kiddies pan out (crossed fingers), or if they don''t, will the money bags be willing to "step up" and give us a product on the field worth watching? If we fail in both aspects, well, ....that will just confirm my suspicions that we are being played. How about Kyle Funkhouser and and Christin Stewart for JD Martinez and $10 million?
  12. I've got a pretty good idea, that you don't go to work regularly shirtless, and wearing that mask. I can't prove it, and frankly don't care to expend the effort necessary to confirm it either way, but the IDEA still seems ridiculous enough to me that I'm confident I am right. Her use of the term "idea" was flawed.
  13. The only contract that I openly complained about overspending was that absurd extension we gave Inge. There were other deals we made that flopped, but it was the caliber of play we got in return on those deals that was the problem, not the contract amount
  14. Well, if you read the following link, scrolling down to the heading "Avila talks Trade Deadline", the gist is pretty consistent with the line he's been preaching the last few years. "Don't expect trade acquisitions, .... nix on high salaries, ....maybe if we can find a guy who is not a long term commitment,.... We'd love to be in the playoffs, BUT.....future...future....future" https://www.mlb.com/tigers/news/tarik-skubal-ready-to-join-big-league-club I see a discernible pattern, to which any willingness to spend for star caliber talent would constitute a dramatic reversal. Admittedly not a commitment.....but certainly an indication where their head is at. The boys prefer thrift to a pennant. I believe that is an IDEA that must be disproved through action, not hype. I expect we might see more contracts in the range of what we are paying Schoop, or Cron.....but I personally doubt we will get anywhere near "qualifying offer" dollar levels for ANY contract outside of Cabrera's for some time to come. And "the future" will continue to be scapegoated as the reason.
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