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  1. I seriously doubt it. One of the goals driving the change is to reduce travel at the minor league level. If you look at where most of the AA teams are located, I believe there is where you'll see a new location. I think Erie was kind of "out of the nucleus" for what they have in mind. That may have factored in their selection for elimination
  2. I don't see what all the fuss is about. The Tigers fans have been mastering social distancing at Comerica Park for years Bring on the regular season, we got this one!!
  3. The Tigers couldn't win 100 games in 2020 even if they were in AA ball.
  4. Thanks Six, much as always...your support is greatly appreciated .? Any suspicion that I may have had duplicitous motive all along, would be hysterical exaggeration.
  5. Mostly because they are/were Cubs shortstops who sukked ...I know that Neifi had + defense, but still the over riding qualities of former milquetoast* Cubs shortstop are, IMO, enough to flag "mistake". I don't care for Russell's extracurricular exploits either, but as someone else has already pointed out, The I's have built a bad enough reputation in Detroit on their own, that Russell's woes would be a fly on the elephant. Afterall, since winning and attendance do not matter, how could negative PR do any more damage than has been done? The Tigers are already the laughing stock of national sports media.... * no offense intended to the lactose intolerant
  6. Sincere thanks for that pointer. I had this section of MTS bookmarked in my browser, and really didn't realize there was an Erie forum here. However, I've tied to post to it three times in the past half hour and keep getting error messages
  7. BTW, I can't believe that some members here would actually see signing Addison Russell as a positive. I think thatdoing so would be Neifi Perez v2
  8. I appreciate your willingness to pursue a sensible closure to this exchange. I ask that you contemplate that it is especially challenging to determine what 'the community would not have complained about" I might just as well have expected snarky observations of "HAVEN'T WE ALREADY COVERED THIS?" and the like. (tolerance being the obviously moving entity that it is here) But you know what? I believe that I'll choose to focus on the positive aspect of your message, so in the future when I'd like to cover a sufficiently narrow topic that I believe it deserves it's own thread, I'll just start my own thread, and to **** with all the sidewalk superintendents with their sarcasm....and instead I'll just assume that if a thread doesn't belong here, the moderators will delete it .
  9. You are the most capable of determining how you should feel, I won't debate that.
  10. There is another facet to this problem that I'm going to take the liberty to expand on. If you want a closed community, then perhaps that is what you should make of this place? I'm sure there must be controls in the software that permit this. By being an open community with easily accessible controls to join, you give off the impression that participation by new members is welcome here. But, not all Tiger fans have the time to come here and rot 6+ hours per day just to follow the ever-growing "off season discussion thread" where myriad topics are addressed in serial fashion, nor should they be subjected to the kangaroo court that assembles over the dread of a new thread created. I think it is totally unreasonable to expect casual users to have to sort through a 96 page monstrosity such as this thread just to make certain that the topic of their interest wasn't already covered on page 66 (as I had to do with my curiosity about the fate of Erie) of 96, or run the risk of ridicule from the good ol boy network. Had there been a thread specific to the discussion that had already transpired on the subject of shrinking the minor leagues, I never would have found that obsolete post by Oblong in the first place. So, in a way, the policies some of you so covet, give rise to these situations that others of you so loathe. But by all means, let's just write it all off as another opportunity to pile up on the newcomer. That's not "adolescent" AT ALL, IS IT?
  11. I was responding to a question posed to me, sorry if you feel burdened having to skip past my responses
  12. Notwithstanding the feelings of a youth misspent, You have some members here who's stock in trade is being abrasive, My guess is that it must amuse them to do so, But the only real challenge I perceive from them is trying to not respond to such abuse in a manner that might irritate the moderators here. I suspect they are a great deal more tolerant of abuse coming from long term members than they are from a newcomer. Which my guess .....is at least half the motivation to the original offenders.
  13. I'm curious to your rationale, if you care to elaborate? In the same vein, do you have any objections to the metaphor "When those birds come home to roost"?
  14. Perhaps "intimidate" was not the best choice of words that I might have made. I think that there are several intelligent posters here that I would enjoy trading thoughts with. At the same time, I think there is a handful of members (I'll bet you could name them with little real effort) who seem to be stuck in the 1990's with their belief that sarcasm = intelligence. Enduring such close proximity to the monkey* cage without feeling splattered, and responding in a manner they deserve...can grow tedious very quickly. The word choice of "intimidated" was just my attempt to be concise. * no racial connotation intended
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