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  1. The main ace in the hole for Coleman is the reality that juries tend to not be made up of wealthy people. The Tigers organization no doubt realizes this, and will likely try to settle to avoid a "robbinghood" type award.
  2. This is (mostly) a case where well intentioned laws designed to protect from real threats are being exploited for personal gain. "Permanent" disability? if you can defend that claim in your head, then I can't imagine what else will come out of it.
  3. Sorry that I do not share the perspective that liberal dogma prescribes for these types of things. But let me assure you that I am equally critical of frivolous lawsuits regardless of who files them. You cannot claim to truly have equality in any system where dual standards are a norm. And that really is the bottom line here.
  4. Well, certainly got a reaction from you and Keepleyland2 in under 5 minutes....so mine was not completely a wasted effort.
  5. Earlier you claimed that "JV Doesn't care at all", Walewander followed that with the assertion "I don't think Verlander gives a ****" SportsFreak followed that up by stating he cares about the team first and Leflore did in fact state that JV wants to win (and consequently) Care less if Houston gives up more for Grienke My mention that "payroll jealousy" exists and the likelihood that it could become a factor in the future merely points out that the assumptions all of you have made as to what JV's believes, (if in fact completely true to begin with) might not be permanent. So there is your context,... I supplemented what was being discussed. Surprised you never caught on to that.
  6. Moreover, if Lloyd McClendon had made the initial remark to Coleman, I suspect they would have been laughing and high fiving each other,... etc. This case is blatant opportunism reaching into a deep pocket by exploiting Bosio due to the color of his skin.
  7. One line of thinking advanced in this thread stated that the desire to win would out weigh any resentment that might come from a disparity in compensation. That may be true now, but I believe that could change. Drama queens can be fickle.
  8. Actually, I'm fairly confident that "payroll jealousy" is widespread throughout baseball. It likely doesn't not exist right now between Verlander and Greinke, because the Astros did not make the deal with either player. Both are riding deals they made earlier, with other organizations. But let the 'stros offer a generous extension to one but not the other, and I strongly suspect there will be a little resentment creeping into the picture.
  9. Well, you are the one drifting out of context here, perhaps I should be asking you if you personally have a horse in Derrell Colemans race? (nice double entendre, eh?) But to answer your question, I personally believe that Donald Trump is a poor excuse for a politician and has no business being the leader of our country, or any other. The only thing I can imagine that would be any worse would be if Hillary had won.
  10. Perhaps you should be a little more direct with your question, I don't want to go off on a tangent and answer a question that you are not actually asking.
  11. Try to look at the bright side, with the Tiger's currently lean payroll, they should be more than able to afford to cure poor Derrel Colman's 'permanent' injury.
  12. I think that the "abuse in the workplace" aspect to the story qualifies, and the nature of the suit solicits redress for alleged civil rights deprivation. I wonder if Coleman will ask Scott Boras to negotiate a settlement for him, Boras and the Ilitchs seem to speak the same language...lol!
  13. Oh,so then you must be one of those people who believe that anyone not sharing your priorities, must be misguided? I believe that the subject matter is relevant, The story made big news when it first broke, and the side then reported had somewhat of a "click-bait" taint to it. Perhaps for some fans this organization's current lack of direction might emphasize the importance of these side stories. But personally I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and just being completely frank, in following the general deportment of the suit as filed, I can't say I was a bit surprised. Most likely he'll accept a settlement, I doubt anyone involved actually wants to go to court.
  14. I am happy to provide access to the many extra details contained in the .pdf that we previously did not have available to us. As with most stories reported in the media, certain facts have a knack for being filtered out based upon the story the reporter is trying to tell. Consider my submission a public service.
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