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  1. You know, I really had to fight hard to keep from using that word to describe the type of people who object to having to sift through other people's "clutter" in order to find the threads they are interested in. I didn't want to be insulting...unnecessarily, so I refrained. I touched on this earlier but there seems to be an obsession of sorts among a group of people at this site to simply insult anyone they disagree with. Pretty adolescent actually. Goes a long way towards revealing that sarcasm and snark are NOT indicative of intellect.
  2. Brandon Dixons home run production this season is twice that of Miguel Cabrera, and I don't think he even drinks
  3. No, that really is a misguided assessment. Go back and look at my start date in this forum and compare it to the total number of threads I have started since. I don't think that my rate of "new thread creation" exceeds most of the membership here. But I do "get it" ....some here simply do not want to have to sort through any threads that they personally have no interest in. So any and all threads that do not pr.ick their interest. is one thread too many. And the insulting graphics and passive/aggressive bullying techniques are just their M.O. So sorry if they have to turn to page two to find that thread that they were following.....etc Controlling personality disorder, in other words. I guess that I'd better brace myself for another visit from "John Wick" huh? LOL
  4. As long as I think is necessary, .....got it?
  5. It was enjoyable watching Cabrera and Pujols chat it up at first base during the 6th inning. Pujols seemed particularly at ease. I guess he finds comfort in knowing that many of his milestones are no longer under imminent threat?
  6. Well see? If he had started a Christen Stewart thread, I could have put this post in it and not upset anyone. 👺
  7. I recall that when I first started posting here, SEVERAL regulars convinced themselves that I was some villain reincarnated from this boards past, come back to torment you. SO obviously the concept of "subterfuge" is not all that foreign to the local mindset? I guess there are many who are willing to drink the kool aid and accept everything at face value. I've never been that way, never underestimate anyone's will to deceive
  8. I always thought that your player projections were some of the best material anyone posted. And you really stopped doing that just out of concern that someone might get butt-hurt over bandwidth? That's a shame. I just suspected you were not going to bother because the organization currently has no focus on winning, so measuring mediocrity would seem anticlimactic.
  9. As far as "FISHY", I suppose there are some out there who still believe that the Verlander trade was not a salary dump?
  10. a..His injury was worse than initially reported b. The initial 10 day IL assignment did not provide adequate time for his injury to heal, so a second stint is in order c. The IL is being used to expand the active roster d. His drinking problem is worse than Miguel's e. other? All were possibilities that I would have been interested to hear. The only thing I knew for sure is that he had been placed on the 10 day IL 16 days prior, and had just been placed on the 10 day IL once again. That might suggest something out of the ordinary might be going on.
  11. True, I start collecting my social security this November, but I'm depending on you guys to make me "cranky"...
  12. I suppose that I'll put up with it as long as I can, and then I'll either have to move on or become one of the cranks...LOL, so much to look forward to.
  13. I think that the "hey having to scroll down with this tiny screen is more trouble than I think I should have to endure" explanation is the most likely explanation. Otherwise simply ignoring threads that do not interest you is quite easy.
  14. Or more likely, some people here have a low tolerance to thought not in tune with their personal preferences?. It's that "does not interact well with others" aspect that's been with them like forever and is not getting any better?
  15. Thanks to you, however, for at least making sense of an aspect of this board that made very little sense (to me) prior. Your explanation is plausible. I had started to wonder if there was an "independent thought envy" thing going on here..
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