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  1. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Any relation to Duke Sims?
  2. MLB Forum Refugees - Introduce yourselves

    I've been called a lot of things in my time, but"Stan Papi" isn't one of them.
  3. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    I could be wrong about that, but the mere mention seems to have inspired the response I expected. Lady McBeth: "out, out d*mn spots" etc.
  4. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    No, no one has ever called me that.
  5. MLB Forum Refugees - Introduce yourselves

    If I felt that volunteering that information was important I would have already done so. Hope you understand, I'm "rebuilding"
  6. MLB Forum Refugees - Introduce yourselves

    Sorry to disappoint you all, but I've never been here before. Singling people out isn't cliquish at all, is it?
  7. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Yeah, you were wrong about that too. Generally the only people to take exception when the "clique" card is played are those who are actually part of one. Most everybody else just wonders where that idea came from. So, you pretty much confessed.
  8. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    That was because it was a continuation of the theme of comparing scripted plots to the discussion at hand, and pretending there is some relevance. Watch the movie Hoosiers and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  9. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Perhaps it's that lecture you promised me and then never followed through?
  10. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    That post was actually intended for your benefit. You're welcome! Originally I had planned to use the word "xenophobia" in place of "group think", but decided to soften it since I'm new here.
  11. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Agreed, I don't hate Ausmus, I hate the decision to hire him as manager.
  12. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Agree with you there, also. I suspect somebody has decided he needs to face as much pitching at the major league level as possible. Hence they shuffle him around as other priorities come and go.
  13. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    Due diligence. ....Back when I used to hire and fire, I'd have to interview several candidates even if I already had my hire picked out, just to protect myself in case anyone ever came fingerpointing about favoritism.
  14. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    And then there is the movie "Hoosiers", lol they had a good-ol-boy network full of group think just like this place....'clique' anyone?
  15. Gardenhire >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ausmus

    I agree with you that they should have developed Ausmus as a manager before putting him in the big chair. But I think Gardenhire is perfect for the organization's intent right now. Gardenhire has plenty of experience working for an organization that doesn't want to add payroll. They know he'll make-do with no bellyaching. They are a perfect match in that respect.