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  1. I just noticed that Detroit's team leader for RBI's is Miguel Cabrera,.....with 36 RBI total,. Some of you have argued that the RBI is an obsolete statistic, because, as a team dependent figure, it's possible for a very good hitter to not get very many RBI opportunities. This clearly is not the case with our Tigers, there are no current great Tigers hitters who are just "more unlucky than bad" missing out on golden opportunities. The RBI is a great indicator of (team) offensive prowess, after all. The Tigers really suck by the way, I just thought I might need to mention that for anyone who is sick of hearing it.
  2. We are paying the Houston Astros to roster Justin Verlander...Justin freaking Verlander! Avila is NOT a shrewd dude. What more needs to be proven?
  3. Perennial wildcard wannabes......that's about as far as I think they will be willing to "invest"
  4. Yes, the analytics help us understand just how bad this team truly is, ...mark for Avila sr.
  5. This is because the Tigers are gonna stink for years to come, and Avila will shelter C.I. from the blame.
  6. We've gone from playing meaningful baseball in September to playing meaningless games in June. My blood pressure is much lower, so I'll live longer to see them lose for years to come. Oh Joy!
  7. Well, we'll just see if we can persuade Tipper Gore to boycott Belle Tire, and we should be all set.
  8. He will stay in uniform until he reaches 3000 hits and 500 HR, then the Tigers will negotiate a deal with him where he will retire, and become a salaried front office employee earning essentially the same money...become some kind of special scout in Latin America or some such.
  9. Kinda makes you happy for the players who got away.
  10. I'd also speculate that just based upon the number of commercial slots that are devoted to self promotion, is a good indicator that they are not selling ad time for all the slots that are available.
  11. I'd like to add that on the feed dubbed over to Fox Sports Midwest, there are no commercials for Bernstein Law, so there is a whole other universe of sponsors that can be appealed to. I guess that since Fox sports is committed to pay for the rights regardless, they are using the games just to fill programming blocks ( as opposed to when the Tigers were better, and the FSD feed was sold as a premium) So, I guess Beth Bernstein will be spared my wrath.
  12. Here's what I expect will happen.....they will fire a bunch of marketing and promotion people for their failure to build attendance. Yes, I know....but that doesn't matter
  13. You see, it isn't Beth Bernstein who I want making the call in the first place... Eric Shanks might get more attention.
  14. Ideally, they might decide that Tigers games are not the exposure that their company is looking for. Empty seats, unsold air time...warehouses full of unsold licensed merchandise......it all ads up. VIVA Bandwagoneros!!!
  15. You asked "revolt how?' I was just giving examples. You check out the stands in Tigers home games recently? Looks like we "bandwagoners" outnumber the kool-aid drinkers by a significant margin...lmao!! I think I might start writing letters to sponsors of the game broadcasts telling them I hope their products don't suck as much as the Tigers...just for fun...never know,.... somebody might be listening
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