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  1. I'll add to that, if he sincerely wants to play 1B, after nearly a year riding the pine, a little "in-situ" fielding practice won't do him much harm. Which was why I asked in the first place.
  2. A lot of people felt that V-mart was the main barrier to putting Miggy in the DH slot.....I had my doubts then, suspecting that Miggy might object to such a plan. Of course I was derided as clueless for having such a suspicion, It's just the way of the net to belittle those who fail to share their vision. It's not so much that they disagree with you, they just need a platform to try and display that they "know stuff too".
  3. So I take it that you are "in" for season tickets then?
  4. I guess there is a lot to be said for trying to keep him injury-free until the trade deadline, assuming he performs well enough to even be a trade candidate?
  5. So with that insight, do you believe Miggy will get more at bats this season as a DH, or as a first baseman?
  6. Do you think it is normal to give a player who missed most of last season an extended break so early in ST?
  7. This is like the third or fourth spring training game in a row that he hasn't started. Is he already all-tuned-up or has he got physical issues?
  8. I see Fiers has become the latest player to significantly improve his level of play immediately after escaping the D.
  9. Let's just say that I'm about as impressed with this organization's ruse of hiding their commitment to "cheap and controllable" behind the pretext of a rebuild as the next guy. But then, I've never really been fond of Kool-aid...ymmv
  10. The point carries over from another thread where Bigglesworth was using A-Rod's contract experience as a proof of sorts to claim that the players union would never support a player's pay being reduced via contract .....Since he was being uncharacteristically charitable in this thread,...I thought I'd point out the folly of absolutes with a little anecdotal example. I'm sure there are a number of ways that an existing contract could be cooked, if the right creative minds are determined to find a way. They allow teams to extend and amend contracts all the time so long as the player is ostensibly getting a raise. You'd just have to be clever in the way you structured the "secret sauce". Disclaimer: The player would have to be a willing party to the ruse....but based on the earlier thread, that was a given.
  11. I see where Kershaw signed a new contract where his yearly salary actually went down. And the MLBPA didn't have a hernia. Perhaps there are sharper tacks out there than A-Rod?
  12. B-b-bbut, Jason Beck says we NEED a veteran SS to replace Iggy! Offering him $17.9M would be cheaper than Machado, so that way regardless if he stayed or went elsewhere, it's win/win. We either avoid a monster contract with Machado, OR we get a juicy comp pick. It's called "leverage"...☠️
  13. If the organization is serious about acquiring young prospects, they should have tendered qualifying offers to our departing free agents, in order to get the draft picks. Of course, they would be too afraid that the guys might accept the offers....so much for said sincere desire.
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