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  1. No, your just prejudiced baby Shelton. Go get your smelling salts. My God we are raising a generation of wimps.
  2. No I didn't. But I caution the rush to judgment and trying someone in the court of public opinion. And I also believe that we have become hyper sensitive.
  3. There are two types of coaches in this world. One that has been fired and another that is going to get fired. There are several reason to fire a coach. He has been around professional baseball for about 40 years. If he were a racist he wouldn't of lasted this long.
  4. Really? Now do you feel a little stupid? This reminds me a bit of the Duke Lacrosse rape case. There was a rush to judgment and the boys were tried in the court of public opinion. Meanwhile, someone get Shelton some smelling salts in case he has to hear a word like Spider Monkey. As a kid, I can remember running home to tell mom about someone calling me a name. This is what she said to me. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. We have come a long way as a society and I am glad. However, there are far too many people walking around with a chip on their shoulder. We are teaching our youth to be perpetually offended by seemingly harmless words. Add spider monkey to the list of words that cannot be said. We should start a thread and model it after the Christmas Pageant episode of Southpark. Someone can post a word and if anyone registered on this board is offended by the word we can eliminate it from this forum.
  5. Ageism. Prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person's age. And also when I played baseball im not talking about online gaming.
  6. Maybe he called someone an "uncouth tabacco spittin'redneck?" Everyone is a victim today. That's the problem.
  7. Yep Randy. And maybe the trade gave both players new life? The chemistry was going south here anyway. It is hard to imagine that anyone could excel in this environment like those two did once they were cut loose.
  8. We got a lot of warm bodies. We draft about 40 warm bodies a year. That's why I would of just assumed watch JD hit those 29 dingers as a Tiger. We could have witnessed him do something truly special which was to tie for the third highest single season HR total in Tiger's history.
  9. We have no idea what he said or did. This is all speculation. That kind of bothers me.
  10. It is hard to imagine that a coach that has been around as long and has been as successful as Bosio or any coach of a professional sport would use the N word or make a racial comment at a Latino player, especially in the PC environment of today.
  11. Make Vmart the new pitching coach. Then someone else would have to DH so he could focus on the new position. The pitching couldn't get any worse.
  12. I loved that. This game would be tough. We had goats on both sides of the ball. Hicks hit well tonight but the easy error on the double play cost three runs. He also double clutched on a DP ball and so did Niko on the same play and no double play which also cost some runs. Reyes play as terrible. Victor could be the first DH to get pinch hit for and we need a closer for our closer. There are are at least 4 goats there.
  13. If the A's get ahead, one strategy is to put in Saupold. The A's will be so tired of running around the bases that they will be exhausted for tomorrow's ballgame. We will be practically guaranteed a victory.
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