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  1. LOL .. Lloyd must have wanted to rest Miggy .. for next year!
  2. Other than .310 BA .. seems impossible at this point in time that Miggy would miss those other milestones.
  3. People who work for me are expected to succeed at the job that they are assigned to do ..which not only makes them successful, but also helps make me successful ..which in turn, helps our customers be successful. Thus, in effort to determine whether Al Avila is doing a good job or not ..one can reasonably conclude that his boss Chris Ilitch is the ultimate barometer as to whether his (Chris's) goals have been met and/or exceeded, as well as whether he (Chris) feels Al has increased his (Chris's) success.. As for my opinion of Al Avila ..I can only base it from a fan's perspective, including whether I personally believe he (Al) has been successful at improving the team, or not. And in order to do that, I must first determine how I might measure (or evaluate) the degree of his (Al's) success, or lack thereof. Toward that endeavor .. one question that quickly comes to mind is: "Are the Tigers better now under Al's guidance over the past 5 years than they were at the beginning of those 5 years? My initial reaction is that their farm system has certainly improved. But, is that enough? My immediate thought is that "'No', that is probably not enough" .. and one reason is because any current MLB organization's farm system should logically be expected to improve if they lose as much and as often as the Tigers have under Al Avila's leadership. So, another question might be; "Is the organization as a whole better equipped to build and sustain long-term success?" To which the fast answer that comes to mind is: "Too early to know for certain." And this ""Too early to know" answer seems to be shared by many other hopeful Tiger fans among several various Tiger discussion forums on the web. I honestly cannot say the Tiger's organization as a whole is better under Al than before Al. I believe it remains to be seen whether the entire organization's coaching systems and development systems have improved (or not.) This suggests to me that perhaps Al Avila has not succeeded at all .. and that perhaps the only improvement (farm system) was to the variable (perceived) value of their still MLB-unproven prospects which were primarily gained via failure (losing) under Al's leadership. My (Tiger heart) hope is that Al Avila will be considered a success within the next couple years. But for now, at this current specific point in time, my opinion is that Al Avila has not succeeded at all except by default due to failure (losing, which gained top drafts picks). ..... With all that said, seems to me that offering to trade any valuable player should be undertaken with a view toward desired (expected) actual return. The best way to explain what I mean is to say that no player should be traded solely for what he can 'fetch' .. but rather, should be traded for what the trading team actually expects to acquire in return ..and if expected return on value is not offered, then pull the player off the market and keep him! Yes, as a fan, instead of trading JV and/or JD for less than desired .. I would rather have kept JV and JD and enjoyed their extended time playing for the Tigers. Now, if Salary Dump was Al's primary motive (via Chris Ilitch directive) .. then perhaps Al Avila has been an outstanding success! A contract extension lends credibility toward this view..
  4. If I were to suggest "Days of Future Passed" .. would it age me prior to my years?
  5. We may ever know whether Illitch might be willing to pay the price for owning a dominant team ..because IMHO, Al Avila likely lacks the GM skills to ever give Illitch that opportunity.
  6. Unless it was yesteryear's future!
  7. Or $720 based upon $30,000,000 salary.
  8. I did notice his 'hard hit' % was among the leaders. Didn't he do the same last year? And does it not seem like he hits more than his fair share of soft infield ground balls?
  9. I reckon the 2020 season to be a bust .. a lost season that will add a few numbers to a player's career during a shortened season that probably ought not have been played at all. Looking forward to 2021 thru 2023 .. based upon Miggy's 2020 stat lines through August 16 .. with 4 HR's and 11 RBI's in 19 games. Over the course of a full season .. if Miggy averages 125 games per season .. equates to average of 26 HR's and 72 RBI's per season. I think I would gladly accept those numbers per season through 2023. However, ...188 BA & .377 SLG are an insult to Miggy's former greatness. Ray Oyler comes to mind. .... FWIW: Albert Pujols in 15 games this year: .186 BA, .356 SLG, 3 HR's, 8 RBI's. In generations past, prior to multi-million $ contracts .. Miggy and Albert both probably would have already retired.
  10. .. I posted that just 5-days ago. As of right now (Sunday Aug 2 @ 12:40pm) per MLB standings & overall schedule, 17 of 132 games (13%) have been postponed due to covid so far. Additionally, about 20 MLB players have already opted out of playing this year including David Price, Ryan Zimmerman, Lorenzo Cain, & Buster Posey. So while it may or may not be within the 10-day window I suggested 5-days ago .. it is still very relevant to ask how much longer MLB will continue this 2020 season before shutting it down for good? LOL .. imagine .. someone complaining about the originator of this discussion for posting about Covid-19 in the only thread with Covid-19 in its title! Fact is, without Tiger games to watch, I had not been sitting in front of TV with my laptop on & open to this site. Thus, had not been regularly following all discussions here. .. .. .. .. .. .. Weird, huh? It was not my intent to confuse. I'd like to see the 60-game season play out to completion too. Unfortunately, I just do not think that will be happening.
  11. In this year 2020 .. I could see 20-20 as a fair opportunity toward a potential playoff spot.
  12. Realistic scenario: Suppose this shortened 60-game season somehow manages to play out and the season actually gets to the playoffs. Then, suppose one of the better teams in the playoffs quickly-by-chance experiences what the Marlins are currently experiencing? What then?
  13. The shortened season was a great attempt by MLB .. but already appears doomed. Considering the current situation with the Marlins ..am thinking the planned 60-game season will be called off within the next 10 days. Simply put, I believe there is a very high likelihood that too many positive cases involving several teams will heighten the fears among all those personally involved in the sport. Moreover, IMHO ..some of the players/teams appear to be not taking the virus serious enough .. not practicing social distancing seriously enough .. including the TIGERS!
  14. The Tigers will have fewer than 60 losses this year!
  15. Game on .. finally! Sure did miss it!!! Hate this piped-in crap though. In January 2020 and/or February 2020.. who would have ever believed the Tigers would have only 1 loss at the July 24 mark of the season??? Oh .. wondering .. ... .... ... ..... Will their be a magic number thread this year?
  16. JT Watkins .. named as the big Big BIG Red Sox "sign-stealing" cheater during their 2018 World Championship season .. and NOBODY else named as a 'cheater'. Makes me think JT Watkins is getting paid big Big BIG money 'under-the-table' to take the sole rap for this. Because incidently, IIRC, JT Watkins was also named one of the big Big BIG cheaters in the Red Sox Apple Watch cheating scandal during their 2017 season. The Red Sox certainly have their scapegoat.
  17. If there are parents who brought their children .. why are they not being charged with child endangerment? Because the 'authorities' have neither the capability nor the courage to charge the masses with it. So ..ignorant people will endanger others.
  18. Batters get most of the blame for 'extending' the time of games .. but IMHO .. pitchers share the same amount of blame. Most of them no longer 'get the ball and throw it'. Even if games were being played right now and if the Tigers were a highly competitive team ..I know I would not watch as often as I used to in times past because I find it a bit irritating to see either batter or pitcher wasting my time.
  19. Just posted in other thread that I purchased the previous version .. OOTP-20. It is fun to play. Very time consuming though.
  20. I bought the previous season version yesterday .. and have been in front of my computer ever since. I played one entire season. Miguel Cabrera and Spencer Turnbull had very good seasons, while both Jacoby Jones and Jordan Zimmerman had his best season as Tigers. Probably not going to get into it too deeply after today. Way WAY too time consuming to get deep into it. It brings back memories of staying up nearly all night many years ago playing various versions of different virtual baseball simulation games / seasons. I will probably create myself as a player .. and my brother too .. and may three virtual sons to follow in my footsteps. Will probably become the greatest baseball family ever. That's what I like about the 'edit' features of virtual games like these.
  21. Yes .. knew it was a HR .. also knew Miggy did not get walked at all. Was just curious why it did that. I may actually go an buy the game now .. thanks to your answers to my questions earlier.
  22. It says ..immediately below the chart ..that In the top of the 4th, MIguel Cabrera drew a walk driving in 2 runs. ???
  23. Hey chasfh .. .. .. .. Can you create players in that game? How about change 'ratings' for any / all players? Can you have multiple owner .. able to start a league with different real-life owners for different teams?
  24. I think that College baseball might flourish if not for so many minor league teams. The fans that typically might attend MiLB would likely attend local college games if available. Also, fans would show up simply out of loyalty toward their favorite college. Thus, I highly doubt attendance would be an issue ..even in summer. I think plenty of fans would still show up. I also think that if there were fewer MiLB teams ..and college baseball became a bit more popular for local populations .. the bigger problem might be to get enough players at every college to play well into the summer. But .. I think that issue could be resolved via some creative forms of academic requirements the players might fulfill in summer classes instead of fall/winter classes. I also believe that if MiLB was greatly reduced ..and college baseball were to gain greater appeal ..that the NCAA could increase the quantity and quality of scholarships each college could extend to lure players. ...... On a lighter note .. I do not believe that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. There may be many other sports skills that are more difficult. Right off the top of my head ..seems being a successful NFL quarterback may be much more difficult, because there are far more successful baseball hitters than successful pro quarterbacks.
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