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  1. Yes ..they could even suck so bad so as to win another World Series.
  2. This latest injury to Michael Fulmer comes as no surprise. I figured it was more than the 'knee' ..but that the Tigers were still trying to figure out what. Now it is just another injury disaster the Tigers have on their hands. I have now written Fulmer off as a potential Tigers star at any time in the future.
  3. Imagine if Joe Dimaggio were playing today! Oh wait ..he'd be 104 years old.
  4. vs 36 walks. In fact ..accumulated more walks than KO's in his 14 year career.
  5. I would not hold my breath waiting for the Tiger staff to get Fulmer 100% healthy. How often did they keep playing Miggy over the past few years knowing full well that he was playing with different injuries through those years. And didn't they do the same to Justin Verlander ..in fact ..did not even correctly diagnose his core injury until it almost ruined his career? How many other Tigers have suffered through various injuries the past few years that may have either been misdiagnosed or mistreated? Narrow it down to just core muscle injuries and Tigers might lead all of MLB since 2015.
  6. Nothing is your fault ..except they play the Orioles on Monday May 27 ..then have only the next 6 Monday's off before playing the Indians.
  7. I read Freehan's Behind the Mask way back in the 70's .. I recall it being well worth the time. I still have it. And now that you have mentioned it ..I just might start reading it again tonight!
  8. Back Row = Don Pepper (Tigers), Johnny Bench (Reds), Alan Foster (Dodgers) Front Row = Mike Torrez (Cards), Cisco Carlos (White Sox) https://www.si.com/vault/2002/06/17/325323/don-pepper-and-cisco-carlos-hot-prospects-march-11-1968
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