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  1. Lloyd must have hypnotized Christian, and now Christian thinks an Earl Weaver Special is a fly out to center field. Maybe somebody needs to hypnotize Lloyd .. .. .. ..into resigning.
  2. Well .. everybody knows Christian Stewart is going to hit an Earl Weaver Special here ..
  3. Now would be a most opportune time for Nick to hit a Home Run.
  4. Justin Verlander's no-hit bid ends with one out in 7th inning when Jose Abreu homers.
  5. Meanwhile .. JV is working on a no-hit bid ..bottom of the 6th in Houston. JV's pitch count in decent shape too .. 76 pitches through 6 innings pitched.
  6. The few times this year I have watched Miggy at bat .. seems he does not use his back leg to push off in order to generate power. He uses his upperbody ..mostly his arms. Moreover, he seems to have 'slow' bat speed that aims for the pitch instead of a powerful overswing. And, as he seems to have always had ..he still has an mixed approach to lifting/setting front leg when stepping into the pitch. Sometimes no step at all. But then again, ..hasn't Miggy almost always used his upper body more than his leg push while swinging?
  7. Lots of reasons to be negative about the Tiger team ..as well as negative about the entire Tiger's MLB organizational staff. But there is hope. It has only been since late 2017 (less than 2 years) that JD, JUp, JV, and JWilson (with Alex A) were traded. No organization is going to complete a full total rebuild in only 2 years. My guess is 5 to 7 years from August 2017 ..which takes the team to a minimum of 2022 or 2023. Therefore, ..best bet is not to look for the team to seriously compete for a World Series until after Miggy is retired. As for negativity itself ..if you ever want to see excess negativity about the team, then try taking a moment and check out the Totally Tigers blog. Within a few days ..you'll have negativity spewing out of your ears. https://totallytigers.wordpress.com/
  8. Not sure where the 5-games over PT came from. In all 40 games through yesterday ..they have scored 139 and allowed 202. PT projection is 13-17. (EDIT: ..Oh - OK, I see now. Their current 18-22 is 5 games better than 13-17. Sometimes the mind just works slower than the fingers these days and/or plays tricks on me.) Their wins have been much closer than their losses. They have won only 5 games by 3 or more runs so far ..and only 1 game by 4 or more runs. Conversely, they have lost 15 games by 3 or more runs ..lost 13 by 4 or more runs ..lost 9 by 5 or more runs ..lost 8 by 6 or more runs. The tend to squeak by in their wins (pitching success) ..and blown away in their losses (pitching failure.) In their 18 wins ..they have scored 84 and allowed 46. PT projection would be 14-4. In their 22 losses ..they have scored 53 and allowed 156. PT projection would be 2-20.
  9. The were also 18-22 last year after 40 games ..and then at various other points they were 28-30 (which projects to 78-84) ..and 31-35 (projects to 76-86) ..and 36-37 (projects to 80-82.) As we all know, they finished 64-98. I would not bet against them losing 100 this year.
  10. "They" tend to be overly optimistic when explaining the truth to the fans. I knew better! I think Zimm will require TJ surgery and will never pitch for the Tigers again. IF true, ..then perhaps his MLB career may be over as well since I cannot imagine any team signing him as a FA after 2020 with his injury history.
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