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  1. The 'ultimate' professional will honor his contract ..and will suit up and play whenever his club asks him too. It is not Victor's fault he is playing. Nobody in their right mind would honestly retire early and give up millions of dollars. Blame the Detroit Tiger organization for continuing to march Victor out there as often as they do. Feel free to disagree.
  2. Tigrrfan

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    Impressive that even after JV allowed 5 Earned Runs in 6 innings yesterday .. He still leads the majors with 0.84 WHIP .. tied at 2nd in the majors with .184 BAA .. and is 5th in the majors with 2.29 ERA. However .. June was not vintage JV .. as it was his incredible April & May (plus 1st two starts in July) this year that he can credit for being among the top leaders in those categories.
  3. Tigrrfan

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    Way too many HOF'ers .. aren't.
  4. Tigrrfan

    Lowering the bar for the Hall of Fame

    Bert Blyleven was inducted into the HOF in 2011. Lolich pitched among some of baseball's all-time best pitchers. He was good .. but other than the '68 WS .. he was never great. Never had a 'no-no' ..never CY ..always pitched in somebody else's shadow. Even his 376 IP's in '71 were matched by Wilber Wood in '72. Mickey was one of those so-called 'tough-luck' pitchers who often lost games he could have ..and probably should have ..won.
  5. Tigrrfan

    Justin Verlander Traded to Astros

    VMart might not hit 2 more HR's total the rest of his career.
  6. Truthfully ..that time passed by before this season even started. Unfortunately ..the Tigers are terrible enough that a totally washed up player remains on-board as a full-time starting player. And sadly ..it is difficult to preserve the 'good' memories of a former terrific player while he continues to create a bad memory.
  7. Tigrrfan

    6/17 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    Tigers win ..Tigers Win ..Tigers WIN !!!!!
  8. Tigrrfan

    After 72 games

    Ausmus will be remembered by me as the worst Tiger manager in my lifetime. As a manager ..Ausmustard.
  9. Tigrrfan

    HOF for pitchers now.

    He probably will be when his playing career is over.
  10. Tigrrfan

    The Tigers Hitting Thread

    Or ..they are quite inept.
  11. A very nice win! Got home in time to watch from 6th inning onward .. and watching that Walk-off no-doubter was worth every second.
  12. I do not agree. He managed his pitchers like he didn't know how. In fact, he managed the entire team like he didn't know how ..and sometimes gave me the impression that he acted as if he should be 'entitled' to have had a better record than he did. Have said before ..several times ..that Brad may have been the worst manager in my baseball memory spanning the past 51 years. IMO ..he was a terrible hire ..and for the benefit of the franchise he should have been fired 2 years before his contract ran out.
  13. Tigrrfan

    How will the Tigers do in their next 11?

    3-8 .. at best. Tigers are really not a very good a team that is finally playing some of the AL's best teams.