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  1. Christian Stewart lacks the one thing that would be most appreciated on the Tigers ..now and/or in the near future. That one thing is 'athleticism'. Build the new team with 4 & 5 tool athletes instead of one-tool slugs.
  2. Actually ...Most MLB teams (excluding the Tigers) are fully aware that Nick cannot play any possisions.
  3. From what I have seen ..Christian Stewart is a worse defender than Nick Castellanos ..and his arm is waaaaaay worse. Every runner on every team in the majors knows they can take the extra base on him. Batter hits single to left field with runner on first and the runner knows he can still make it to 3rd base. Stewart's arm is the worst I can ever recall for any outfielder I have ever watched in 5 decades! Stewart is not going to be a great hitter at the MLB level. These MLB pitchers (except Tigers) are a far above those in the minors. And as shown last night, Stewart sometimes has a lackadaisical nonchalant attitude out there on the field.
  4. Well, he gave the Tigers 3 2/3rd innings tonight ..and only gave up 6 runs.
  5. Yes ..I'd consider keeping Norris, Rosenthal, ..and even Fulmer. Might also consider keeping Jimenez ..maybe.
  6. Too many of the current players ..who are not all that good anyway ..seem to just go through the motions too often. I'd keep Candelario, Jones, Reyes, Castro, Goodrum, ..Boyd, Turnbull, Greene, and Cisnero. Trade the rest ..pay their entire salaries if necessary to perk trade interest ..or simply dump them .. As a side note .. their catching is terrible. Bobby Wilson is the worst catcher I can recall .. and Hicks is nearly as bad so far this season.
  7. I think I might rather see Christian Stewart in the minors and Victor Reyes in left field.
  8. After seldom watching the first 2 months ..I have been watching quite regularly the past month ..and I have to say that Christian Stewart is the one of the worst left fielders I have ever seen ..and has the absolute worst throwing of any outfielder I have ever seen on any team!
  9. Joe Nathan is my worst Tiger in memory. Juan Gonzalez is 2nd. Jordan Zimmermann is probably top 5.
  10. Jones was initially safe ..but was called out when he came up and off the 3rd base bag. But I did not notice him being tagged. Was he out because he stepped on the glove with the ball in it?
  11. I agree with that assessment. Basically have 3 'starting' veterans on this team in Miggy, Nick, and Zimm ..and (IMHO) they are all having less than acceptable seasons.
  12. Zimmerman says he is "tired of getting punched in the face." Zimm says his confidence is at an all time low right now. Blaine Hardy, of all people ..suggested that the law averages should eventually give Zimm one lucky game that is good enough for Zimm to rebuild his confidence around. Hmmmm? If Zimm wants to have a game or two where he doesn't flat out scuk so that he might regain a little bit of confidence ...then why doesn't he strongly 'volunteer' himself to go to Toledo for a couple of starts?
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