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  1. It has been my understanding that MLB players have been under a "gag order" direct from the commissioners office regarding. And since there are still ongoing investigations ..players have no choice but to remain silent. If, or when, JV eventually speaks out ..I am confident he will deny any knowledge of the scandal. Or, would it surprise anyone if he eventually shares credit (or partial credit) for the cheating having ceased early 2018?
  2. Astros, Red Sox, Mets .. all needing a manager. If Brad does not get one of these jobs .. maybe he will never manage again. Also, ..Doug Mientkiewicz is still available. According to Totally Tigers (repeatedly) ..Doug was on the fast track toward becoming a successful MLB manager before Tigers stupidly fired him from Toledo.
  3. What are you .. a pin ball ... bouncing from one bumper to another bumper ... making noise? I knew full well that they would have to 'want to come here' ..and that most (maybe all) will never be very good again. I was not serious about signing them all. Just seemed as good an idea as the one that suggested we sign Walker. Be that as it may .. because I did bring it up (primarily in jest) .. am still going to be slightly interested in who actually signs somewhere .. and who doesn't sign anywhere!
  4. Good one .. but you may also have missed the point!
  5. Apparently you took it literally ..which signals to me that you totally missed the point!
  6. I will remain patient enough between now and April and then see how many of those 7 pitchers end up signed for minimum$ ..or not signed at all. Then what? Ron Gardenhire tells his players that their goal for the upcoming season must be to reach the World Series .. because setting realistic goals for the players is something that will motivate them to maximize their potential !!!
  7. The issue is not actually 'stealing' signs. The issue is whether or not they are using electronic methods during the actual game ..which is forbidden.
  8. According to Sportrac, ..these starting pitchers, all age 31 or younger, are still available via Free Agency: Taijuan Walker, Jared Eickhoff, Danny Salazar, Shelby Miller, Erasmo Ramirez, Drew Smyly, Dan Straily. 7 pitchers at league minimum $563,500 each = slightly less than $4m. Why not attempt to sign all at minimum ..and invite all to Spring Training?
  9. True .. but neither does being called one. I am not fond of the signing .. but I still see it as a decent acquisition for the money ..and believe it was better than signing Walker. And who knows that they didn't already offer Walker the same money and he turned it down? Do you know? As for signing Nova ..& Truth be known .. I'd rather they signed Garritt Cole and Stephan Strasburg. Unfortunately, both of them wanted more than 1yr/$1.5m!
  10. Whew! That is much better! Thanks for the clarification! I initially thought you were suggesting that JZ was 7th best in IP's/9. He Bad .. very bad!
  11. What is the relavence of that? He still has averaged only 102 IP's the last 4 years ..and nothing that I am aware of exists to suggest his injury woes have abated!
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