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  1. Lei Pong, .. .. .. I appreciate you explaining that. It is a good lesson for me to meditate upon this morning. In the 3 quotes immediately above yours in this post .. I posted the urban-slang term "****tard" as an example of a word that I might have used in place of the word 'weasel'. Reflecting upon the subsequent replies that stemmed from my use of that word, I am now disappointed in myself for posting it .. and I apologize to all that I posted it.
  2. Excellent point .. which may be of more significance than it seems at first. If the intent of the so-called 'transgressor' is less than derogatory ..is it at all possible that a reactionary response from the 'offended' may be much more judgemental in nature?
  3. ^^^ 👍👌 And may blessings be with your son and yourself! I applaud you for being level and honest.
  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Makes sense to me. However, ..does it not seem overly dramatic for another person (not you) to take a comment totally out of context in order to emphasize their own POV against something that was never intended in the first place?
  5. There .. fixed that for you. But why limit it to ''tard''? Why not plain old ''ard''?
  6. Al Avila and Miguel Cabrera might consider having a 'weight loss' contest. The one who loses the highest percentage of current weight between now and 1st day of Spring Training is the winner.
  7. They are hoarding all those vacanted votes for GM of the year!
  8. Relaying opponent signs via electronic signals in real time is illegal in MLB. I suspect the Astros are going to get a record fine by MLB ..and may have to give up draft picks. The Astros sure have had a whole lot of negative publicity the past 3 months ..beginning with the JV/Reporter incident. But then again ..football's New England Patriots seem to perennially have negative incidents ..and yet, they keep right on winning.
  9. btw: I enjoy promoting her talent. Her intelligent insight is incredibly invaluable! 😏 <dws>
  10. Apparently Holly Horning believes that Daz Cameron played terribly after being called up to the MLB Detroit Tigers at some point in 2019! Uh .. what you been drinking Holly?
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