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  1. I probably won't watch. I've started my winter reading program and just don't have enough interest in these 2 teams. I lost all interest when the brewers went down. Waiting for Hot Stove to start on MLB TV.
  2. Your game threads have been awesome. I have a terrible time just trying to keep up while every day you are ahead of the game. Great job.
  3. This was issued to me at Navy Electronics School in 1970
  4. July 10, 2018. I picked up a friend at DTW, on the way back to Indiana he wanted to stop for something to eat. We're crusing down US 24 at Nepoleon Ohio and he sees the Big Boy sign. The rest is history. The place is almost empty, that's good, faster service. Not so fast my friend. They're not busy so they have a skeleton crew (not really, one looked like a skeleton the other was more like Shrek). It takes a few minutes to get drinks and we wait to order and to get drink refills (I will admit the coffee was not too bad). My friend is not the healthiest guy so he orders a bland sandwich with a salad and fruit, I go full Big Boy with onion rings and exrta tartar sauce. We wait patiently, we have not seen each other for 2 years so we have a lot to catch up on. After a while Shrek comes up and says, "I'm sorry, our salad is not very good. I'll get one for you if you wish but I'd recommend getting a different side. The fruit isn't OK". My friend say no thank you I'll pass on the different side just the sandwich and fruit. The "Food" Finally arrives and I commence to scarffing and he picks at the fruit and nibbles the sandwich. The skeleton keeps the coffee flowing and Shrek keeps talking about the bad salad. When we are finally readyto leave they ask if everything was OK, sorry about the salad. My friend picks up the tab and I head for the restroom to unload some of that good coffee. I was fearful of washing my hands when I was finished I did not want to touch anything, I mean we wer in Ohio. We finally leave and I'm ready for a nap but I've gotta drive and my friend says "sorry I picked that place, do you think we can find a Subway"?
  5. The "Flying Boats" weree used for coastal patrol and convoy escort as sub hunters and air/sea rescue. While in the navy I saw a few US amphibious patrol boats land and take off, it was quite a sight.
  6. After being unceremoniously dumped by MLB Forums this was a minor glitch. I worked in the garden, read two books and checked for in here every five minutes.
  7. Look at the schedule down the stretch. If we have done well versus the contending teams maybe we take a shot, if not they will put us away in August and September.
  8. If I watch or listen to agame today it would be Cards at Reds, but it could be called as well.
  9. I'm a little surprised there hasn't been more immigration from the MLB Forum, however, if memory serves me correctly more than a few of the regular posters over there gave MotownWebGuy a hard time when he visited. I certainly don't miss the non baseball crapola.
  10. Today we bemoan the cold weather in March and April, what will we be saying in October and November? The season just keeps getting longer. It has happened in every sport. Not a problem for indoor sports (bball, hockey, bowling) or sports that don't have a set venue (golf) or sports that just don't care (football, soccer). Maybe MLB just doesn't care as long as they make $$$$.
  11. Through April 5. I'm watching Twins at Os right now, watched Indians at Mariners earlier. Baseball heaven while it lasts.
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