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  1. I see that Casty is dreaming of bandboxes. Then he wakes up back in Comerica. After reading his recent comment, I'm beginning to hope he has nightmares of having to play LF there from 2000 to 2002. Sign Brian Moehler!
  2. But we'll still be able to get another 17 year old, 140 pound shortstop.
  3. GAME 95 Miggy did not play - but an awfully nice win. How long before Casty finds himself in a new home?
  4. I'm liking Castro. He reminds me of Chone Figgins. You can see how Jones has improved in the past season. Goodrum is inconsistent on defense but he's game every night, where ever he plays. Yet how many times did we see Miggy leading off before Gardy changed the lineup due to Casty making the last out. And how many center-cut fastballs can we see Miggy miss before we consider that there is a lot more going on than a bum knee?
  5. I wonder if Miggy's eyesight is failing. The guy looks like an overmatched farm hand on far too many nights. This is how we end up with double-digit hits, 83 people left on base and one run scored.
  6. Cleveland was always his happy place. Not so this year. These days, we take each game as it comes. But I'm enjoying Castro doing a pretty good Polonco imitation the last couple of weeks, and I'm following Riley Greene and some of the other kids that seem hungry and talented.
  7. GAME 92 Games Played - 2,350 (102) - Passed Paul Konerko at 2,349. Times on Base - 3,944 (53) - Passed <Harold Baines> at 3,942.
  8. GAME 91 At Bats - 8,760 (88) - Passed <AL SIMMONS> at 8,759, Fred McGriff at 8,757 and <Carlton Fisk> at 8,756. Extra Base Hits - 1,056 (28) - Passed <Chipper Jones> at 1,055.
  9. Carpenter is the classic AAAA starter. Health and the game always decide your ceiling.
  10. Tell me about it . . . Perhaps Miggy can get a few tips on launch angle from Jordy tonight.
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