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  1. ktpinnacle

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I thought he'd be from Jamaica, but he's from So Cal!
  2. ktpinnacle

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I was surprised that Kingston Liniak was rated as high as he was on some of these lists. Lot of projection there.
  3. ktpinnacle

    9/18 @7:10 Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

    But is he fungible yet?
  4. ktpinnacle

    9/16 @1:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    If Greene can "maintain" his ERA of 5.00+ and get 5 more saves (35 total), he'll only be the third pitcher to accomplish that "feat."
  5. ktpinnacle

    9/15 @3:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    4 errors!??! I'd be getting flashbacks. Are dandelions growing on the field, too?
  6. ktpinnacle

    9/15 @3:10 Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    I just checked the score and thought we forfeited. Welcome to the bigs, Hall.
  7. ktpinnacle

    Fist City: population...Rod and Mario

    Brandon Inge! By himself. And doing all the spots throughout the Park.
  8. ktpinnacle

    Let the Dan Gilbert/Tigers speculation begin

    Isn't there a pizza franchiser left to pick us up?
  9. ktpinnacle

    9/5 @8:10 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox

    It's not looking too good. Rain until October.
  10. ktpinnacle

    8/31 @7:05 Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees

    That was a good game. Blue gave the critical inning to the Yankmes. But Wilson is just a heartbreaker, especially after how the kids had beaten Severino even after giving the Yanks 3 unearned. I enjoyed how Gardy asked the Yankee kid if he swung as he passed by first after being ejected. Just a lot of energy at these Yankee games. They seem to be more of an event.
  11. ktpinnacle

    8/30 @7:05 Detroit Tigers vs New York Yankees

    If you want to have fun (and if you can), scan the background stands in the 8th and 9th after we tied the game. So many older, life-long Yankee fans, jerseys and all, with the life sucked out of them. A wonderful thing. You can almost hear the lineup announcements for Jake Gibbs, Horace Clarke and Jerry Kenney. https://www.nytimes.com/1970/07/03/archives/clarke-foils-bid-on-one0ut-single-breaks-up-nohitter-for-3d-time-in.html
  12. ktpinnacle

    8/29 @2:15 Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals

    I think it means he was at the best Tiger game tonight.
  13. ktpinnacle

    8/7 @10:07 Detroit Tigers vs Los Angeles Angels

    Tough to quit a 50-year habit.