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  1. GAME 45 (Play stopped in the 7th inning due to rain. Finish suspended until next month) Singles - 1,676 (T126) - Passed <DEACON WHITE> at 1,675. James Laurie "Deacon" White was the best catcher in baseball during its infancy. He was also an excellent third baseman in the later half of his career. He won three batting titles and led six teams to national championships. Since baseball was primarily an urban sport and he was raised in rural New York State, he was likely exposed to the game by his older brother, who had learned it from his fellow Union soldiers during his time in the Civil War. He was recognized as one of the best hitters (for average, of course) as well as an excellent receiver. Catchers did not wear gloves at the time, and descriptions of his technique for controlling each pitch were almost zen-like. He was described as "agile in his movements as a cat, and as plucky withal as a bulldog," and his style of catching was more "yielding to the ball in catching it" by using a "spring-like movement." He played in Detroit for three years at the end of his career (1886-1888), but for the Detroit Wolverines. He won his last World Series with the 1887 Wolverine team. The Pre-Integration Era Committee of the Hall of Fame finally admitted him in 2012. His great-grandson accepted on his behalf.
  2. GAME 44 Hits - 2,722 (63) - Passed <Lou Gehrig> at 2,721.
  3. GAME 43 Strikeouts - 1,695 (39) - Passed <Rickey Henderson> at 1,694.
  4. GAME 42 Plate Appearances - 9,856 (92) - Passed <Carlton Fisk> at 9,853. Total Bases - 4,713 (36) - Passed <Rogers Hornsby> at 4,712. Singles - 1,674 (128) - Passed <Joe Sewell> at 1,673.
  5. GAME 41 - Brutal. I keep having to tell myself that these same Astros lost 100 games three seasons in a row. And they're well on their way to winning the third AL West title in a row. I hope that paying the price for watching games like tonight, overmatched by a former Cy Young pitcher that we called our own, will someday be worth it. Nobody passed - night off for Miggy.
  6. GAME 40 Plate Appearances - 9,853 (T92) - Passed <Fred Clarke> at 9,851.
  7. GAME 39 Games Played - 2,303 (113) - Passed Manny Ramirez at 2,302.
  8. GAME 38 Hits - 2,718 (64) - Passed RUSTY STAUB at 2,716. Total Bases - 4,712 (T36) - Passed <Craig Biggio> at 4,711. Singles - 1,673 (T128) - Passed <Chipper Jones> and Steve Finley at 1,671.
  9. GAME 36 At Bats - 8,595 (101) - Passed <Willie Keeler> at 8,591. Plate Appearances - 9,841 (94) - Passed Mickey Vernon at 9,837. GAME 37 - Nobody. Got tossed after first at bat. Is that a new method for ending a slump?
  10. Managers are easier to track - the record being 161 times by Bobby Cox. There is also a location for ejections by each umpire going back to 2005 (the record being Will Little with 26. Joe West has had 24). Chat Whitson, who tossed Miggy today, has only tossed two in the last five years - comparatively very even-tempered. Don't know why historical records for players aren't as available. Records for 2008 to the present are available. Since then, the top four players for getting easy money for the day are Kemp (14), Escobar (13), Kinsler (11) and Harper (10). Miggy is listed 7th with 8 ejections. The data for this year isn't included in those totals. The most I saw in one year was 4 by Milton Bradley. Over that period the player with the lowest number of ejections/162 games is . . . . Albert Pujols with 0.33 (Beltre is second lowest with 0.35). The highest is the late Yordano Ventura with 5.17. Miggy comes in with a rather sedate 0.88. He only gets bounced 1 to 2 times per year if at all.
  11. GAME 35 Games Played - 2,299 (114) - Passed Jeff Kent at 2,298.
  12. I can't tell you how many times I've paid good money to see us play in Anaheim and had nightmares the following evening. Even when we were competitive. I witnessed the extermination of Porcello a few years back. I hadn't even finished my first dog before he was gone. I imagine that this was as much fun to watch - and in the cold wetness. They have my respect for being there.
  13. GAME 34 - Plate Appearances - 9,835 (95) - Passed <Harmon Killebrew> at 9,833. Hits - 2,715 (T64) - Passed Bill Buckner at 2,715.
  14. GAME 33 Games Played - 2,297 (115) - Passed <Gary Carter> at 2,296. At Bats - 8,585 (102) - Passed <Fred Clarke> at 8,581. Plate Appearances - 9,831 (96) - Passed <GOOSE GOSLIN> at 9,829.
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