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  1. Every reviewer I read gave us an A or A+, so at least we did well in a relative sense. We clearly needed more bats, so I'm pleased they grabbed some. Good to get some blue-chippers to promote some competition on the farm. It also shows how they don't expect much now from 3B Quintana, who we picked in the second round last year.
  2. Being injured isn't treading water. If anything, he was treading water when he wasn't working out in the offseason and hitting at an MVP level year after year. And we don't know what injuries he played through when he was playing 150+ games a season. I often wonder how he would be today if he played 145-150 games a year and took better care of himself. I agree - he's a first ballot HOFer. But his level of effort this summer and beyond, and how he relates to his young teammates, will also define how we remember him.
  3. I'd like to think that Miggy finally understands he can't perform as he did relying on his skill set and a body that is now more prone to breaking down. It has to be disheartening to have had serious injuries for three years running (core, back, calf, bicep, hand, did I miss anything?), and to now have to deal with a chronically bad knee. I have no idea what he'll do, but it would be a shame to not put in the effort necessary to finish strong as possibly and show the kids how it's done.
  4. Live in his house, cook his meals, build him a gym if he needs one and work him out, and make him bigger than Miggy to prevent him from getting pushed around . . .
  5. If he gets to 3,000 hits the following year(s) I'll share my Mounds Bar with you.
  6. Agreed, but considering that his willpower is likely weak, having to answer to a trainer/nutritionist would help keep him on the straight and narrow.
  7. Yup. If his right knee is the primary issue going forward, weight is the killer. He's made comments indicating he's willing to get serious on his conditioning. He's got the dough to do so - so does the team. Hope he spends it wisely.
  8. I hope for the best. He'll move positively in the counting stats, but the sabermetric stats aren't going to be kind considering his conditioning and they way they are calculated. Some of these also incorporate team performance, which is not expected to help, either.
  9. 2019 YEAR-END SUMMARY - Shows starting and finishing point on each list. WAR Position Players - 69.6 (T70)/69.6 (T71) Next to pass - Carlos Beltran and Robinson Cano at 69.6. Offensive WAR - 79.1 (39)/79.0 (39) Next to pass - <Roger Connor> at 79.4. Games Played - 2,264 (T123)/2,400 (89) Next to pass - <Mickey Mantle> at 2,401. At Bats - 8,456 (109)/8,949 (80) Next to pass - Gary Gaetti at 8,951. Plate Appearances - 9,687 (107)/10,236 (72) Next to pass - Jimmy Rollins at 10,240. Runs Scored - 1,388 (99)/1,429 (T84) Next to pass - <Harry Hooper> and Dummy Hoy at 1,429. Hits - 2,676 (72)/2,815 (51) Next to pass - <CHARLIE GEHRINGER> AT 2,839. Total Bases - 4,661 (42)/4,857 (26) Next to pass - <Honus Wagner> at 4,870. Singles - 1,638 (141)/1,744 (103) Next to pass - <John Ward> at 1,754. Doubles - 556 (30)/577 (24) Next to pass - <Wade Boggs> at 578. Home Runs - 465 (T35)/477 (T30) Next to pass - Adrian Beltre at 477. Extra Base Hits - 1,038 (31)/1,071 (T27) Next to pass - <Mel Ott> at 1,071. Runs Batted In - 1,635 (33)/1,694 (29) Next to pass - <Cal Ripkin> at 1,695. Walks - 1,087 (T85)/1,135 (T74) Next to pass - Jimmy Sheckard at 1,135. Intentional Walks - 230 (9)/234 (9) Next to pass - <Ted Williams> at 243. Strikeouts - 1,653 (41)/1,761 (25) Next to pass - <Ken Griffey> at 1,779. Runs Created - 1,804 (T39)/1,870 (32) Next to pass - <Paul Molitor> at 1873. Adjusted Batting Runs - 643 (20)/642 (20) Next to pass - <Dan Brouthers> at 644. Adjusted Batting Wins - 61.4 (T22)/61.3 (23) Next to pass - <Cap Anson> at 61.4. Times On Base - 3,823 (64)/4,013 (47) Next to pass - <Rogers Hornsby> at 4016. Hit By Pitch - 60 (T310)/63 (T302) Next to pass - 11 others at 63. Sacrifice Flies - 79 (T98)/84 (T85) Next to pass - Mike Lowell at 84. Double Plays Grounded Into - 300 (10)/318 (7) Next to pass - <Dave Winfield> at 319.
  10. Same here. I walked all over Morris Township, NJ.
  11. I was expecting rain (in CA, in August . . . . )!
  12. Gym doors were open and no one of authority ever spoke to me. Certainly wasn't an issue with me when I was coaching baseball teams of pre-high school kids.
  13. While that's true, some of those moms had sons that played baseball too. They also recognized me at my sons games and quickly understood that I was my kids greatest fan.
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