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  1. I first decided to go with the stats, trying to jog my memory on when they played for us during their careers and how effective they were, looking at specific skills that might have been reflected in the stats (obviously Victor wasn't stealing bases and Mike Heath wasn't a power hitter). I wasn't very satisfied, and then looked for your clue, which was fairly apparent. My initial and final lists have a few similarities - but I'd be lying if I said my memory was any good. A really fun fan exercise. Thanks again.
  2. GAME 150 Games Played - 2,393 (89) - Passed <Jake Beckley> at 2,392. Plate Appearances - 10,212 (74) - Passed <Roberto Clemente> at 10,211.
  3. Martinez Philips Staub Cash Heath Cabrera Ordonez Whitaker Rodriguez Kinsler Bergman Lemon Bruton Trammell Kaline Very enlightening. Thanks for the effort.
  4. This is fantastic. What a great exercise. Don't spoil it by telling us too soon what the answers are!
  5. GAME 149 Games Played - 2,392 (T89) - Passed <EDDIE MATHEWS> at 2,391.
  6. GAME 147 Games Played - 2,391 (T90) - Passed LOU WHITAKER at 2,390.
  7. GAME 146 Adjusted Batting Runs - 645 (19) - Passed <Dan Brouthers> (again) at 644.
  8. C'mon, I just tuned in and we're already down 2-0? At least the Yankmes have more hits than runs this time.
  9. GAME 144 - Should have had another spoonful of Wheaties, Miggy. He should have been two more HRs this week. Result doesn't really reflect the nice game today. Not even an RBI on the robbed hit would have mattered. Strikeouts - 1,754 (26) - Passed <Craig Biggio> at 1,753.
  10. Arte learned his lesson well. BTW - the kids are NOT alright.
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