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  1. 4 game winning streak. I like this team. Magic number: 108
  2. It doesn't always work. I've lost a lot when a dealer drew a 5 on 16.
  3. Just count 2-6 as plus one and 10-A as minus one. If you get to plus the number of decks or greater, play more aggressively and don't hit anything likely to bust. I will let it ride the first time I win a hand on a neutral or favorable deck. Then pull back my original bet if I win again so that I'm now playing with three units of their money. If I win again I pull back one unit and play with five units of their money. The last time I played I started out with $100 and said that was it. It was a $10 table. I got to about $200 ahead and the shoe was way favorable. My wife showed up when I was on five units. I handed her my original hundred and told her the rest was the house's money. I got dealt a pair of threes and the dealer had a six showing. I split them and got another three so I had to split again. I played one hand and got 19 or 20. The next one got a ten count and I stayed with 13. The next one drew a seven so I "had to" double. I had all the money I was up out on the table and have never had that much out on one hand. That was about the time that I noticed there were a lot of people watching. I drew a ten count on the double and the dealer had 15 or 16 and busted. I tipped him $25 and got out of there. I don't think my wife noticed the value of the chips.
  4. Blackjack is fun too. And it has better odds.
  5. I've been to Fort Erie. It's a really pretty track. Those races were tough because the field was so even. It always seemed like the whole field was within ten lengths. I would average the speed ratings + the daily differential for the horse's last five races at that distance or close to it. I'd adjust my pick a little if a horse had won easily or seemed to have gotten hurt. Most of the time I came out pretty close to even for the night and had fun. I lived about 4 miles by road (less than two miles as the crow flies) from where Commodore Downs was. We could hear race calls in our back yard if the weather was right. They had some mismatches where there were only three or four horses with a realistic chance. We used to watch for trainers switching distances on good horses so their odds would go up. They'd run a great 5 furlong horse at 6.5 for a few races and people would think it was hurt unless they looked closely. Once they dropped him back to 5 he would run his best race of the year at higher odds. We spotted one where a horse had won five or six mile races in a row so they moved him up to longer races and he would come in fourth or fifth. When they moved him back to a mile his morning line was around 15-1. I put everything I had in my pocket on him, $20 across the board. He went off at around 8-1 after his owner/trainer dropped a bunch of money on him but that race paid for my gas money for my senior year of high school. (I looked older than I was and they probably didn't care) I think he paid more to place than win after all the late money.
  6. Best game in a long time. I love beating Cleveland. If I had said we would be one game back at this point back in April someone in a white suit would've been chasing me with a huge butterfly net. But we're one game back! Magic number: 124
  7. Good times. I'd go to the thoroughbred track near me with $30 and bet mostly across the boards on whatever horse I picked and stay until I ran out of money or the last race. I'd bet an exacta or two sometimes too. We used to get the racing form and hang out in a neighbor's garage while going over all the speed ratings.
  8. I went to the whole series in Cleveland when they turned it around. I used to be able to get there in an hour and a half, get box seats by the dugout, have a beer and a hotdog or two, and only spend around $20.
  9. I love hearing Cleveland's announcers when they lose. (Other than Rick Manning, he's okay). A quarter of the way through the season we're only 2 games out. Magic number: 126. It could go down one more; the Twins are tied in the fifth.
  10. I haven't had a chance to be on much lately but I think we're ahead of the 1987 team at this point. They were 11-19 to start.
  11. Work has gotten in the way of posting. Great game tonight and it's even better to see Miggy hitting. Magic number: 141
  12. I got called in to work and it looks like I missed a great game. I'm glad MLB archives games. Magic number: 147
  13. Okay, I love this team. Four straight. Magic number: 150.
  14. I like these new guys. Three straight. Magic number: 151
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