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  1. So like... are you ever..... happy?
  2. I dug a little deeper into Jeff Rice, the umpire who threw both flags for illegal hands to the face. Including last night, Green Bay is 5-1 since 2014 in games officiated by Rice, with the one loss coming in a 2016 playoff game against Arizona. During that playoff game, a 100-yard interception return by Patrick Peterson was called back because, and this may come as a shock, Rice threw a flag for hands to the face on an Arizona lineman. Someone has a hard-on for Aaron Rodgers. ^Blakeman and Rice
  3. Don't worry everyone, I'm sure the NFL will give us a meaningless apology after the game.
  4. I get bend-don't-break, but to see 1st and 20 and 2nd and 16 on two separate occasions get blown is annoying.
  5. This is fair. I was just coming back to say it's also probably not fair to compare hockey with football, and to make clear that I'm not saying anything against Yzerman's contribution to Detroit, because that's not what I'm trying to do at all. I think this article below is actually a good example of what I was talking about. Jerry Jones will probably get publicly fined, but what we won't see is the league telling the official to swallow that flag next time. And things like that, headlines on ESPN that the league has to answer to, are more likely to hold an official accountable than a player being a dick in a game, or even more literally, Jason Garrett costing his team 15 yards for spiking a challenge flag at an official's feet. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27788271/cowboys-jerry-jones-irked-little-darling-ref-flag-jason-garrett
  6. He wouldn't have been an effective captain if he was constantly being a dick. Doesn't absolve him of being a dick at least in this case (if what is written is true). I'm just saying that being a dick to officials generally isn't going to help you win games.
  7. What does this mean? No player is holding an official accountable, only the league can. If you're being dicks to refs, it shouldn't (in theory) cost you any calls, but I can't imagine it would gain you any. Outside having some celebrity-style owner willing to take a fine to complain publicly and push the league towards action (which Martha is not), I don't see anyone effectively "holding officials accountable". As an aside, telling someone to f- off is disrespectful, virtually regardless of the circumstances. If the ref wanted to leave things on the ice and Stevie didn't, that's fine, but I don't think he needs to tell a man to f- off and storm out. That's childish. The quote from the book the official wrote about the ejection in is, "It (Yzerman berating an official) finally reached a point where I asked to meet with Detroit head coach Scotty Bowman. Bowman told me Yzerman had been difficult to get under control. I asked Scotty to strike a compromise. Bowman had other players like Doug Brown, Viacheslav Fetisov, Igor Larionov, and Chris Chelios, who didn't berate officials and could discuss penalties and calls with me without going over the top in a disrespectful manner." Kinda sounds like Yzerman was a dick, not that his actions were helpful towards "holding officials accountable"
  8. I think a 30- or 60-second time limit should have happened years ago. It's so easy with technology to get down to the minute details on a review that they've gotten away from "indisputable video evidence" to instead analyzing every frame of a 20mph play in real time to try to dissect every movement. Football isn't a game played frame-by-frame and it shouldn't be decided frame-by-frame.
  9. The "PAC-12 refs" chant is real, and I've used it many-a-time.
  10. That's fair. All else being equal, I agree with you. A game shouldn't be decided by a penalty flag. It's just my thought that the owners need to reap what they sow in wanting replay review on PI.
  11. I don't think they get to say that anymore. Just like when they decided to introduce replay to baseball, and call the guy who comes off the base for a millisecond on a steal of second as the lace of his shoe meets the lace of a glove out. That's what we wanted to do, so that's what we got. If this is what people (and by people realistically I mean owners) want - replay looking at every possible angle and frame - then that is what needs to be delivered. I don't care that it's a game-changing call, PI is PI.
  12. Arm barred the rusher. That needs to be called.
  13. Johnson over 100 yards in the 3rd quarter shouldn't be ignored.
  14. Ties are counted as half of a win and half of a loss in computing the percentage. So it would make us 12.5-3.5.
  15. Ugly. But on the road, I'll take ugly every time.
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