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  1. Generally I would be okay with picking a Jimmy Garoppolo type at 35, but I don't think Quintricia are in the position to make that move being under win-now orders. Also, Stafford will be five years younger than Brady was when the Patriots selected Garappolo, so I don't think it will happen unless they do worry his career will be cut short.
  2. While Young seems to be a no-brainer if Washington gets stupid, beyond that I like Jeudy and Okudah, followed by Brown in a bit of a distant 3rd. None would necessarily upset me, but I think Jeudy could be a phenomenal talent and Okudah could turn our secondary from middling to great across from Slay. Brown is great, and I think could be an impact-maker for years to come, but as others have said I am looking for the players that will change a game at #3. In looking at free agency also, there seems to be more names (and bigger names) available on the defensive side. Makes me lean Jeudy even more.
  3. The '13 Tigers were the best team in baseball that year and just totally blew it on the big stage. The '06 team was far more magical, but '13 definitely had more talent.
  4. Disappointing to see the wildcard game between the Vikings and Saints end in OT without Brees getting to touch the ball in OT. I understand wanting to stay away from how college does it, but a coin flip playing an arguably sizable part in a team being eliminated leaves a bitter taste.
  5. I feel like I used to care about bowl games because it was a culmination - a destination you aim for. Particularly the NY6 (and especially the Rose Bowl). As of late though, the playoffs has become that destination and anything short has been lessened. Along with the joke that bowl season has become between the TaxSlayer.com Bowl and Cheez-It Bowl and Who Gives An F Bowl. Ultimately, I think declining interest in the rest of the bowls is what will lead to the expansion of the playoffs to 8 or 16 teams.
  6. I just like the idea of him behind center in Chicago honestly. Didn't think on it too much.
  7. Best news I've seen today is that Chicago is committed to Mitchell Trubisky. Most mediocre QB in the division and I have a hard time seeing him leading them to success anytime soon.
  8. I think the wealth of surrounding suburbs means very little to where any given free agent will sign. While it matters to some (Suh), I don't think it's worth the two-page breakdown it's gotten in this thread. But hey, it's the offseason.
  9. Maybe I'm too far removed from the area to fully understand, but I tend to agree with bringing back both Quinn and Patricia on a short leash for next season (*ducks*) Seriously though, they could have very easily started this season 6-2 or 7-1. One poor quarter against the Cardinals, really tough breaks against the Chiefs, **** officiating against the Packers, and one yard away against the Raiders. The Vikings are the only game that stands out as a clear-cut loss for sake of being the worse team before Stafford went out. If you had told this board that by the end of the season 11 of our starters would be on the IR, including Stafford (and then his backup) I don't think anyone would have expected success. I'm not excusing 3-9-1, nor the defense. Both are unacceptable. But I'm also not convinced that another turn of the revolving door that is coaches and management in this franchise is the answer. If we start 3-5 or worse next year though, I'll admit I was wrong.
  10. So like... are you ever..... happy?
  11. I dug a little deeper into Jeff Rice, the umpire who threw both flags for illegal hands to the face. Including last night, Green Bay is 5-1 since 2014 in games officiated by Rice, with the one loss coming in a 2016 playoff game against Arizona. During that playoff game, a 100-yard interception return by Patrick Peterson was called back because, and this may come as a shock, Rice threw a flag for hands to the face on an Arizona lineman. Someone has a hard-on for Aaron Rodgers. ^Blakeman and Rice
  12. Don't worry everyone, I'm sure the NFL will give us a meaningless apology after the game.
  13. I get bend-don't-break, but to see 1st and 20 and 2nd and 16 on two separate occasions get blown is annoying.
  14. This is fair. I was just coming back to say it's also probably not fair to compare hockey with football, and to make clear that I'm not saying anything against Yzerman's contribution to Detroit, because that's not what I'm trying to do at all. I think this article below is actually a good example of what I was talking about. Jerry Jones will probably get publicly fined, but what we won't see is the league telling the official to swallow that flag next time. And things like that, headlines on ESPN that the league has to answer to, are more likely to hold an official accountable than a player being a dick in a game, or even more literally, Jason Garrett costing his team 15 yards for spiking a challenge flag at an official's feet. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27788271/cowboys-jerry-jones-irked-little-darling-ref-flag-jason-garrett
  15. He wouldn't have been an effective captain if he was constantly being a dick. Doesn't absolve him of being a dick at least in this case (if what is written is true). I'm just saying that being a dick to officials generally isn't going to help you win games.
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