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  1. If Goodell says "With the 7th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select Kyle Pitts. Wide Receiver. Florida." everyone loves it. If Goodell says "With the 7th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions select Kyle Pitts. Tight End. Florida." everyone hates it.
  2. I pulled the trigger this past week and put in a deposit on season tickets. Been on my mind since I moved back to the area and finally just told myself to do it now while there is no misses to tell me no. I'm hoping not to be one of those lifetime STHs that is around for 50 years to see a single playoff game but also know this move comes to with the formal title of "hapless". Hopefully there can be fans too LOL
  3. I think the offense was better than bottom third when firing on all cylinders with a healthy Stafford and Golladay. But if for argument's sake you go by the numbers and say they are bottom third, I also don't see how a slight improvement in WR (rookie WRs aren't often instant playmakers) and a downgrade of unknown amounts in QB gets you to the top third.
  4. Are we really going round two on a "fight" montage???
  5. He just claimed that Trump said "fight" 20 times (not just the two that the House Managers showed) after using the mere word "fight" as evidence that Dems are just as bad?? Huh.
  6. Who had Ellen on your defense video bingo sheet?
  7. I'm not as confident as you are, but in the NFL, where you only play 16 games and a handful every year are decided by a possession or less, I don't think 8-8 is out of the question. I do think somewhere between 3-13 and 6-10 is more likely though. I think though the defense almost has to take something of a step forward (their backs are against the wall), but the offense could very well take a step back without Stafford.
  8. Dallas should play the Mexican National Anthem. That should satisfy the FOX viewers, right?
  9. Do elementary schools still recite the Pledge of Allegiance? We did in public school as late as 2005. It's something I've looked back on at a later age and said - that's weird, why did we do that. If schools just stopped doing that but didn't make a big deal out of it would it create a similar kind of outrage?
  10. I wonder if you picked a random Tigers/Wings/Lions/Pistons game, and just didn't play the anthem beforehand - no announcement that you wouldn't be, but just didn't play it - how many people would even notice. Enough to make the news? I'm not even sure. But with how charged, partisan, and stupid* the country is right now, to say you won't do it will create absurd amounts of eye rolling faux rage. *I'm not necessarily calling people who want the anthem played before sporting events stupid, I'm calling people who would subsequently watch Tucker Carlson claim that not playing the anthem is somehow communist stupid
  11. Personally, I think the national narrative caught me. If you look back on my posts when we first acquired him, I didn't like the idea of it. I'm lukewarm to it now, though I still hope they at least consider the three QBs available in the top ten this year. I'm a-okay with Goff being the starter for at least two years though anyway. Goff being in LA, entering the playoffs with McVay, put a spotlight on him in a way that wasn't the case for Stafford middling around 6-10 with Schwartz/Caldwell/Patricia. When Stafford would underperform in a year, it was seen as whatever because the team around him wasn't good anyway, and who cares what's happening in Detroit (to ESPN et al. at least)... For Goff, when he underperformed, the team was still entering the playoffs, the team around him was good to great, and he was seen as a fault, the problem with the Rams, by the national narrative, even if his stats and performance really wasn't that bad. If the roles were reversed and Stafford's down years were occurring with an LA team that was still winning a playoff game, you have to wonder if the trade partners could also be reversed.
  12. That's damn good drafting on the Titans part. Hope we can mimic that success.
  13. A lot of that grabbing, pulling, and jostling for position happens on every single play though, for both sides. The film gets analyzed by millions when a flag gets thrown and ignored when it isn’t (particularly when the ball doesn’t go there). Analyze enough routes on film and you’d see a lot of very similar plays without a flag.
  14. A lot of those fouls are ticky tack at best
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