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  1. The residential facility I work at has both DHS and Juvenile Justice facilities on site. We are anticipating a pretty large influx this summer to all of our programs. Kids not in school and being abused/neglected to one side of campus, kids not in school and committing crimes to the other. And truth be told, that difference tends to come down to who figures out what's happening in the home first - CPS or the police.
  2. 100% agree but that’s kind of my point - where and how are we drawing lines state to state?
  3. It feels to me though that states are largely taking this on as if each is their own country. Short of restricting interstate travel, the restrictions California puts in place are largely going to be for nought for the country on the whole if Nevada doesn’t do anything. Not saying they’re not doing anything, but inconsistency won’t help the country on the whole. I think shutting grocery stores down is not reasonable, but an enforceable shelter in place will help. I work at a residential facility for kids in the foster care system. With their blessing, I’ve chosen to self-isolate on our campus both as a service to the kids (have someone on lockdown with them), the agency (have someone 24/7 on-call through this mess), and myself (two very at-risk parents at my Michigan home). They have a plan in place to quarantine the campus, keeping only a select number of staff on campus and basically closing our doors to everything but deliveries of essential supplies. They won’t do this though until/unless an SIP is ordered. So everyday a large number of people are coming and going, potentially exposing a vulnerable population to it. And if one person gets it here, everyone will get it.
  4. I’m growing increasingly frustrated with Whitmer (and many other governors) dragging their feet on this whole thing. She’s been on every network under the sun defending a choice that she is almost certainly going to change course on by Wednesday. Ohio has 351 cases. Louisiana has 837. Why is SIP a good policy for them but not Michigan? The longer there is complete disconnect between states on how to tackle this the longer the entire fiasco will go on. The federal government should step in, but like a toddler who makes a mess, I can’t expect them to clean it up. It’s on the adults to clean this up, and so far they aren’t even communicating well enough to be on one page.
  5. The only thing the Narcissist-in-Chief cares about is himself. If he got COVID-19 he might actually take it seriously, or at least let the adults take over the mic.
  6. This is what Stanford did earlier this week when Santa Clara county made their ordinance no more than 35 people (but before the shelter-in-place order). It was as much of a clusterf~ as could be expected. I up and filed transfer petitions to just graduate early (this quarter) because it was not going to be worth a 10-week headache (if they even follow through with the full quarter).
  7. Given the timing, the very late press conference, and that both patients are already hospitalized, I do wonder if the powers that be knew of these cases a day or two ago and held off on the announcement until after election day for fear of reducing the vote.
  8. Stanford preparing for the long haul despite nothing in-person now scheduled until March 30th. Note from the Vice Provost last night: “Travel will continue to be uncertain, and a range of factors may make it difficult for you to travel back. We thus suggest that you pack with travel delays in mind, making sure to include all items you might need and packing more heavily than you normally would.”
  9. Cancelled in-person meetings of classes for the rest of our quarter here (until Spring Quarter begins March 30) and moved all exams to take-home format after the cases in our county alone rose to over 20, including a Stanford faculty member. Total cluster- between professors trying not to spread panic, admin panicking, and students stuck in the middle. As students (including myself) book early flights home, lots of wonder when we will actually return.
  10. I'm a fringe Millennial to Gen Z (1995). My point is that the 30-under population not voting is not a new problem. It's not like the United States had massive voter turnout for the under-30 demographic until those born in 1990 stumbled upon Starbucks and iPhones.
  11. Really motivating my generation to have intellectual conversations with yours with sentiments like these. Young persons turnout now is pretty similar now to what it was in the 1970s, but glad to see it's somehow a fault of those who weren't born yet.
  12. It may have been said to be unlikely by many pundits in denial, but Trump came in a close 2nd in Iowa and won New Hampshire running away. Bloomberg hasn't even picked up a delegate.
  13. I think Bernie Sanders is more so targeting even higher than the 1%. The soundbite that I've heard time and time again from him is that the three richest families own more wealth than the bottom half of the country, which is true - Gates, Bezos, and Buffett. As for his targeting Clinton for speeches, I think he was going more on about who the speeches were given to (Wall Street bankers) than that she profited off of appearances. Sanders didn't make a book distributed behind closed doors to only people he then said he would fight against while in office. Likewise, most of his targeted behavior towards Buttigieg (and likely to be Bloomberg if he continues to rise) has been where he is getting his money from, not that he is getting money. Sanders campaign is for better or worse grassroots to its core. Last point, I think there are degrees to wealth even beyond the range that I will ever see. Sanders' net worth is about $2 million now (and was less than $1 million in 2016). Bloomberg is worth $65 billion (32,500x Sanders). I'm not saying Sanders isn't rich, because he is. But on the debate stage, I don't think it's unfair to point out the difference between rich and RICH.
  14. I feel like this would have leaked by now if he had. I think wanting his bonus and the Blackwell allegations combined and he made like Roadrunner.
  15. A friend of mine who is far more invested in his civic duty than I am canvassed in Iowa and actually told me the same thing. I was skeptical, but I'll be very happy if it's true.
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