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  1. MichiganCardinal

    Honk if Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted you.

    I don't post often, and I'm sure my opinion doesn't carry much weight, but this thread title seriously perturbs me. It makes light and mockery of a serious accusation and a significant trauma that many experience in their life, no matter who you believe or what side of the aisle you align with. It's late at this point, but would a mod consider changing it to something a little less re-traumatizing for those who may have been sexually assaulted in their life?
  2. MichiganCardinal

    Jets and Lions Gameday thread

    In the end, the defense was about what was expected. Take away the pick six and the punt return, and they surrendered 34, and that's not considering the field position disadvantage from three other picks. We knew going in that we'd need to be scoring around 30-40+ to be winning games. Not a hot take, but 17 was never going to cut it.
  3. MichiganCardinal

    2018 Michigan Football

    Having been an official (umpire) for independent professional and collegiate baseball, this is something that is done widely. I have officiated games where you could count on both hands the number of people in the seats, and they announce a crowd of 300+.
  4. MichiganCardinal

    2018 Michigan Football

    Decent demonstration why scheduling a quality non-conference opponent makes no sense as a Power 5 contender. Schedule and destroy Nobody State like Wisconsin does every year and you get three preseason games before your conference slate.
  5. MichiganCardinal

    2018 Michigan Football

    This. The people calling for him to be fired are being ridiculous, but the amount of hype he received had people thinking we'd be going 14-0 every year.
  6. MichiganCardinal

    2018 Michigan Football

    Between the missed FG, the loss of 16 on a 3rd down that took them out of FG range, and the bone-headed roughing the passer penalty, this game could easily be tied - which is absurd given how terribly they've played today.
  7. MichiganCardinal

    2018 Michigan Football

    McCaffery has looked decent.
  8. MichiganCardinal

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    Maybe the ceilings this time. They should have emergency exits like school busses.
  9. MichiganCardinal

    Lions’ Patricia indicted, not tried in ’96 sex assault

    I haven't seen anything on it in over a week. Nowhere to be found on SI.com front page anymore, and even a Google search of his name shows nothing newer than May 12th on this story.
  10. MichiganCardinal

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    This thread needs less calls to action, and more thoughts and prayers. Let's not forget the cycle now!! We *almost* forgot to let the crickets chirp between Parkland and this one, but there might have been one in there.
  11. MichiganCardinal

    Get Well Soon, Matt Millen

  12. MichiganCardinal

    Lions’ Patricia indicted, not tried in ’96 sex assault

    If we are still using SI.com as our representation of the spotlight, it takes quite a scroll to find any mention of this story now, and it's the same story that's been up for a couple days.
  13. MichiganCardinal

    Lions’ Patricia indicted, not tried in ’96 sex assault

    Just got a chance to fully delve into this story after hearing it yesterday. I have a serious problem with this quote from the article, "The woman who identified Patricia and Dietrich to police as the perpetrators did not respond to multiple attempts to contact her over several weeks." That is not #MeToo. That is #YouToo. The #MeToo movement was and has been fantastic in many, many regards. It was long overdue, and is a great step in the direction of actual empowerment and equality in a country that has been putting on a false façade for over 100 years. But it isn't right for reporters to go knocking on doors and entering the email accounts of women 22 years later. Patricia is in the news. If she wanted her story known, she would tell you. Is Patricia a creep? The only people who really truly know that are the three people who were in that room. When you have to list six people who have no recollection of an indictment that occurred 22 years ago, you're grasping for straws. I hope my comments are not misconstrued, because I am behind every woman that comes forward, and I am an ardent supporter of the free press. If a woman came forward with accusations against Patricia, that is something that simply goes beyond football, and I would want the claims investigated, to whatever degree is possible. If Patricia then attempted to silence the reporters who told her story, I would want them to work twice as hard and twice as long towards the truth. But that's not what's here. What's here is a 22-year old story that is forcibly opening 22-year old scabs for a woman, whether that's in a false accusation, a rape, or anything in between. What's here is a 22-year old story damaging the professional reputation of what otherwise appears to be a standup husband and father.
  14. MichiganCardinal

    2018 draft: Statement to JBC?

    If they wanted to “call out” JBC, they would have fired him. They recognized they didn’t have the personnel necessary to utilize any sort of effective run game, and have attempted to remedy that.