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  1. I think Biden’s Ford moment will be instructing the DOJ to not pursue federal charges against Trump. It will get heat from the left, but at the end of the day, Trump would drag that through litigation for YEARS to come. It’d be an absolute cluster, and would become a staple of the 2022 and 2024 races. I think Biden will stay out of the NY State stuff though, and I think that could get really interesting, especially when a lot of Trump’s delay tactics have already been exhausted in the last few years.
  2. Whitmer is much more popular than Peters I believe, though it may be more name recognition than anything.
  3. New York State prosecutors may have something to say in that regard.
  4. This is fair. I think back to the primaries this cycle, the message here seemed to be that anyone who voted for / supported Sanders was just helping Trump and that Sanders needed to roll over and die because he was entirely unelectable and didn't help "enough" in 16. Which is a ton to unpack and not for this thread in the here-and-now, but... I agree with you.
  5. I voted for Sanders in the 16 and 20 primaries (not that I have ever admitted that here to this point, I would have been crucified). Ideologically, I am more aligned with the Sanders/Warren side. I think they need someone who can drive people to the polls and align themselves with the general populous. Neither Hillary nor Biden did that. If Biden pulls it out at this point it's because Trump managed to simultaneously do so both with his supporters and his opponents (who aligned as a populous in their hatred of him). The latter just seems to narrowly outnumber the former in the areas where it matters. That person could be centrist or leftist, so long as they can convince people that it's the right direction to go despite the lies and fear mongering coming from the other side.
  6. I don't disagree, but it's not like FOX news is ever going to just disappear. The party has to learn to coexist.
  7. The 2024 primary will still be a **** show. Likely on both sides, but I don't see the old guard stepping aside to simply allow a Trump to take the throne.
  8. Biden's job (if he finishes here, I'm counting no chickens) should really be to band-aid and bridge. He won't be able to advance an ultra-liberal agenda, and we won't have an Obamacare legislative milestone, but that may prove beneficial to 2022 and 2024. If Trump is yapping away and Biden manages to come across as a sane and respectable leader who doesn't barge in taking away everyone's guns, gutting Medicare, raising taxes, and all the bull that Rs have been spewing, it may win back a lot of those lost votes in 2016. Not to mention the timing of a COVID vaccine is helpful to Biden, with the world likely returning to some semblance of normal before the 2022 midterms.
  9. Should he come out and declare that they should stop counting in those states but continue in PA and GA? /s
  10. NYT has it actually in Biden's favor at the moment.
  11. Nevada announced they won't announce any more results until tomorrow morning, but that the majority of the remainder of what they have to announce is mail-in, not in-person. Cautiously good news for Biden.
  12. Biden expanding his lead in Wisconsin as well, to 0.8% or about 20,000 votes.
  13. Wayne County clerk just reported on CNN that only about 55% of their results are in. When asked by Cuomo when results should be expected, "This morning? Today?", she goes "... sometime!" ... at least some things can be counted on to never change.
  14. Trump lead in MI down to less than a point.
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